The Rain

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Submitted: September 29, 2006

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Submitted: September 29, 2006



I was in luck I had gotten off early, but not in time to beat the rain. I ran quickly from my car to your place and you met me at the door barely dressed as if fresh from the shower. At first I was anxious to go in, but my thoughts were quickly altered as you grabbed my purse and jacket and threw them inside.

You began to kiss me, hard and deep. I could feel the raindrops trickle down my face, over my lips and down my neck. The smell of my perfume seemed to cloud the air. My white silk blouse had become so wet, that it now clung to my skin, outlining the lace of my bra and the shape of my breasts.

You closed the door and pushed me against it. At first I was afraid that someone might see, but in the same breath the thought excited me. It was almost as if I would be performing so that everyone could feel the chemistry between us, and see how good we were together. You slid your hand slowly up my thigh and between my legs, teasing me.

I took a moment to look at your body, and ran my fingertips down your chest and around to your back. Then I placed my fingers on your lips, caressing them gently as I proceeded to tease you with my tongue. Then I pushed you against the door and allowed my tongue to play. Play down your stomach, down around your thighs, down to taste you and make your body grow weak. I wanted to taste every inch of you as you grew in my mouth – and continued to do just that until you begged to be inside of me.

You brought your body around and behind me, and began to slide your hands underneath my blouse and firmly caressed my breasts. I felt my skirt being lifted, and again felt the rain as it playfully ran down my thighs only to add to my excitement. Then I felt you. You were inside of me and I stood breathless.

I closed my eyes and bit down softly on my lip as your motions pushed my body into the door. I felt my wet hair cover my face, and your hands explore my body – rubbing and touching me everywhere. Within a moment my thighs became weak, and I began to shake and dig my nails into the door.

The satisfaction ran throughout my entire body, and I sighed from the intensity of my release. “Did you like that baby”, you whispered to me, but I was unable to speak a word. I wanted more; in fact I needed and ached for it. To have you only once was not enough, and I could feel myself becoming wetter with anticipation. I spoke no words, but kissed you deeply while seductively pulling you inside.

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