What Happened To Us?

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Sad Love

Submitted: September 29, 2006

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Submitted: September 29, 2006



I remember your look as you walked out the door, it was as if you truly were sorry and didn’t really want to leave. You had decided that it would never work between us, and I agreed – merely to appease you.

We were supposed to last forever – a pair who perfectly transitioned from friends into lovers. I remember talking until dawn, the laughter, the tickling, and the playfulness of wrestling on the floor. I recall a look across the table so intense that neither of us had to speak, we knew what the other was thinking. We had come to a point where we were no longer “you” or “I”, we had grown together into simply “Us”. You knew me through and through, and each time we made love I knew that another could never touch me and make me feel the way you did.

I would have done anything for you, even given my life. But it wasn’t enough, or you didn’t want it. You began to drift away from me, find reasons not to see me, cut conversations short and make even the simplest of touches seem like an unwanted effort. I was never stupid no matter how much I loved you, I knew that you wanted me no longer.

We had the talk and I cried. And as you gathered your things, I could feel my heart explode. I wanted to fall to my knees and beg you to stay, but I knew inside I had neither the right nor the strength, and nothing I could have said or done would have ever changed your mind.

So you picked up your bags, touched my face gently and whispered “I never meant for this to happen”. And as you walked out the door I realized I had nothing left. Nothing but my memories of the good times, my regrets for all the bad times and my unanswered question of “what happened to us”?

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