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Submitted: September 29, 2006

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Submitted: September 29, 2006



Where is the passion? The strong bond which held us together through all of life’s evil tricks? I used to get nervous when you’d ring the bell, but then quickly run to your arms.

You were everything I’d always wished for... thoughtful, passionate, smart and sincere.

I felt like a queen when in your presence, like I was the only woman in the world who even mattered. You’d listen to me ramble about all of my dreams. The ones I wasliving, the ones I was planning, and all of the ones that I had lost along the way.

We used to laugh like crazy at nothing in particular, and find romance in the oddest of places.

Time passed and it all began to fade. Love became scheduled and boring – and the only trace of romance left was found only in an apology after one of us had started and argument.

I looked at us yesterday in our normal routine. In our hello’s and goodbyes’ and all that fell in between. Then I wondered where it went. All of the passion we once shared. Had some violent wind come and swept it away? Or, had we let it slip through our fingers by allowing efforts to slip, taking each other for granted and becoming too comfortable with the belief that it would always “just be there?

I began to miss you, even though it was right there in front of me you sat. I looked at old pictures and letters and wondered where we both had gone. I wanted to find us, but had no clue where to begin the search.

Where had the woman gone? The one in the picture who laughed and felt, who needed, understood and loved. And where had the man gone? The extraordinary man who had effortlessly stolen my heart. I long for him to be holding me again. Loving me, listening to me, but he’s not.

So I throw everything back into the shoe box, forget what love used to be and hate what it’s become. I tell myself to leave it as a memory, and only allow myself to remember it in my dreams. A perfect vision of all I’d ever wanted, all I received and everything I’d watched us destroy.

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