Carnival Caroline

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Caroline listens to the sugarcoated promises of the carnival.

Submitted: January 13, 2009

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Submitted: January 13, 2009



She tilted her head to gaze at a sky of fallen twilight,

Her rose-tinted cheek pressed against the chilled windowpane

And she watched with her amber moon eyes

The Farris wheel in all its luminous glory,

With its rainbow of electric radiance

In its constant cycle of endlessness,

With enormous machines of steel rotating at its base

Rendered harmless by dazzling lights and glitter brightness

Whispering only of laughing children and painted horses.

She gripped her ruffled petticoat, crumpling the flower-printed fabric

Between delicate, spider-like fingers so rosy and small and thin

As a sigh of overwhelming ecstasy shuttered from her fragile, child-like frame.

“Lovely, lovely,” she uttered softly to the sky, to the wheel

A stray strand of charcoal burned hair fell before the eyes

So intoxicated by this loveliness that has charmed her with its empty promises

And sweet nothings uttered much too softly to truly comprehend their meanings.

“Come away from the window Caroline,” the carnival whispers

“Come dress in your ribbons, lace bonnets and gloves.

Come spin on our carousels and Farris wheels,

Dizzy your vision with dancing and lights,

Charm the children with honey-sweet songs,

Enchant a lover with your fire-bright gaze,

Dream, Caroline, dream.

Come seek beauty in this circus-labyrinth laid out before you.

Please come away from the window, Caroline.”

And sweet Caroline obeyed,

As daughter of the carnival,

And yielded to its sugarcoated promises

As easily as a doll on strings.

And she tied the ribbons of her bonnet at the base of her neck

As she made her way through her little house of mirrors,

Finally emerging from her secret hiding place.

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