As I Witness You Cheat On Me.

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This is how heartbreak feels.

Submitted: November 03, 2013

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Submitted: November 03, 2013



As I stand amongst the shadows that the gloomy walls provide. I watch you.

My hood covers my head. My hands in my pockets.

I lean against the wall and sigh in pain as I see you hug the girl I hate.

The girl who has done everything to destroy what’s left of us.

How dare you hug her?

How dare you even go near her?

She’s smiling at you. That’s not a real smile.

Her eyes aren’t filled with glowing life.

But with glowing evil and hatred.

She looks my way, and I press myself against the wall, hoping the shadows will hide me.

She hasn’t seen me. And neither have you.

Your laughing. Flirting.

So is she.

My heart is racing. Pounding. Banging on my chest, screaming to get out and stop the person who keeps hurting it.


She’s clinging onto you now. Her eyes locked with yours.

Your gazing at her.


My heart feels a sharp stabbing pain.

I hold my chest and my knees drop.


You gaze that way at me.

Just me,.

Tears blind my eyes.

I let out a sob as I see you press your lips on hers.

No no no!

I cover my mouth as I silently scream.

Tears are streaming down my face.

How could you do this to me?

All I’ve ever done is make you happy.

Love you.

Tolerate the lies being spread about me.

The lies that she spread.

Because she was jealous.

She’s only there because she wants to steal you.

She thinks she owns you. Because you’re her ex.

No one else is allowed.

And so she’s taken you back.

And you’ve forgotten about me.

About how much I adore you.

I would never hurt you like she did.

I would never hurt you like you hurt me.

All I ever did was love you.

And you are cheating on me this moment.

With the girl who cheated on you.

I fall to the ground.



Crying my heart out.

How can my heart ache so much?

It’s really, physically painful.

I scream out your name and you look my way.

You look guilty, concerned, angry and confused all at once.

You take a step towards me.

But she pulls your arm and you


No your not.

Your not possibly walking away.

Oh but you are.

Your leaving me.

The girl who loved you with all her heart.

Who made you laugh. Who made you blush.

Who made you feel like the you’re the most precious thing in the world.

Who stood by your side, even when I was getting hurt.

Who stood by your side, even when people were lying and putting me down.

Who stood by you, even when you never protected me. Never stood up for me.

Because I adored you more then anything.

How could you?

How dare you break my heart!

How can you just leave me here? When I would never let you cry.

Don’t you have a heart?

Or has she broken it so you just don’t care?

Come back. Please.

I love you.

Through the teary blur the last thing I see is you walking away with her.

Then I lie on the ground and let the shadows take me as their own.

My heart is racing.

Am I dying?

Can I really die of heartbreak?

I choke on my tears.

As I let the darkness claim me I whisper without my lips moving.

I love you.


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