Jacob, My Love, Come Back To Me.

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London has to say goodbye to her soulmate, Jacob. As he leaves for war.

Submitted: November 03, 2013

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Submitted: November 03, 2013



Jacob,’ I say softly, barely audible. I take deep breaths as I try to control myself, to stop myself from bursting into tears. I stare at the ground as he turns around and takes a few steps towards me. If I look at him now, I’m going to cry. He’s right in front of me now, and I swallow my sobs down.

London’ He whispers and wraps his strong arms around me. That’s all I need to stop worrying and I sob into his arms. I clench onto him, I don’t want to have to let go. Suddenly I have flashbacks of our moments together…


I was sitting in a café alone, sipping on my strawberry milkshake. My best friend Grace had ditched me because on the last minute her mum had grounded her for finding cigarette buds in her room. They were her bad-ass boyfriends of course. Not Graces. Sweet Grace who no one would ever harm was going out with Brad, one of the hottest guys in town, but an asshole who was known to do drugs and been to jail. She seems to be his weak spot though. If he hurts her he’s gonna have big trouble with a lot of people who care so much for her. She loves him more than anything, tells me she knows the side of him no one has ever seen. That he’s delicate just like she is. She feels like she has to look after him, and he looks after her. For now, anyway. As I think of them I wonder if I will find someone who would change my world like Brad has changed Graces. I’ve never been in love before. I don’t know what it feels like. Do I want to be loved? Yes. Yes I do. The young couple sitting two tables in front of me are giggling and kissing each other’s necks. It irritates me. I stare out the window onto the busy street now, miserable that I’ve been ditched and that everyone’s in love except me. That’s when I saw him.

A tall man dressed in a white t-shirt, black jeans and a red scarf is walking up the street, looking at the café signs. He’s walked past the first window, now he’s walking past the door, now he’s at my window, and shit! He’s looking at me.

I’m staring at him like an idiot, so I sip on my milkshake and have a quick look around the café. Nothing interesting happening. I look back outside and literally jump a little. He’s still standing there, looking at me. He chuckles at my jump. Rubs his nose and turns around and walks through the door. I wipe my mouth and stare at this gorgeous guy walking towards me.

‘Ehm, is this seat free?’

I see his lips move. Oh his teeth are so white. How are they so white? His lips look so soft, I’d love to kiss them. Wait, what did he say?

He’s laughing now and I realise I’ve just been staring at him blankly.

‘Oh, um what was that?’ I ask with a smile.

‘May I?’ He gestures towards the seat.

‘Oh, yeah.’ I shake my head. Wake up, idiot.

Now he’s sitting in front of me, and staring at me like I am at him. He’s so beautiful. Handsome just isn’t a good enough word for him. His short brown hair looks amazing with the short facial hair he has around his mouth and lining his jaw line. It looks so hot. His dark brown eyes are digging into me. Putting sharp needles into my skin, prickling at my heart. He’s so sexy, yet he doesn’t seem like the other hot guys. They have so much confidence, they know how to act sexy and flirt with their eyes. They move with sexiness. They know how to carry themselves. But this guy…

He’s different. He seems shy, and nervous, and so, so innocent. He looks caring. He looks sexy but he doesn’t seem to realise. He’s staring at me like I’m something as stunning as he is. But, but I’m not.

‘My name’s Jacob.’ He reaches out a hand.

‘I’m London.’ I smile and shake his hand.

‘So very nice to meet you.’ He grins.

Oh I’m in love.


Tears stream through my eyes as I remember that day we met. The day my life really started. He’s my life. I can’t lose him now..


‘London!’ Jacob yells out when he sees me walking down the beach towards him.

What? Jacobs here!

‘Jake!’ I laugh back and I run towards him and jump into his arms. He catches me and twirls me round in circles.

‘What are you doing here?!’ I exclaim, so happy.

‘I heard you might be here today.’ He grins cheekily.

I squeal happily as I wrap my arms round his neck and pull him down towards me. Place my lips on his. Gosh I love his kisses. I melt every time.

Hours later we sit on the beach, watching the sun go down.

‘I love you.’ He says, while looking out onto the sea.

I turn my head left, to look at him. He just said me loved me. His face is full of emotion as he turns his head towards me and repeats himself.

‘I love you, London.’

I gaze at him. Emotion rising up in me. I love you too Jacob. Say it. Say it.

I smile. ‘I love you too Jake..’

The sun goes down with us in each others arms. Kissing. Sharing hearts.


I grab Jacobs face and look into his eyes.

‘Don’t go. Please. Don’t go.’ I plead.

I can see the tears in his eyes.

‘London. Remember the day we first met? When I stopped and stared at you?. You were so beautiful I could not take my eyes off you. That day, I feel in love.’

Tears blind my eyes as I hear him speak.

‘I couldn’t take my eyes off your gorgeous green eyes, and brown hair…Your cutest freckles.’

I half laugh, half sob.

‘You are my whole world London. The love of my life. You’re the only thing that keeps me alive.’ A tear streams down his face. His face is so kind. It’s the face of a doctor. Yes, he’s a doctor. And he’s going to war in Europe to save the injured.

He might be gone for months, it could be years. He might not come back at all.

‘Please come back to me.’ I beg.

I’d go with him if I could. Of course I would. But he wouldn’t let me, it’s too dangerous.. It’s dangerous for me to be without him though, he doesn’t realise how much I need him.

No. Stop being selfish. People dying need him more.

‘I will. I promise. I love you so much.’ He says and hugs me one more time before he turns around and jumps into the car that will take him away from me.

I gasp as sobs push past my throat. No! Don’t leave me. Please!

I start running after the car.

‘Jaaake!’ I scream.

The car stops, Jacob gets out and runs towards me. We run into each other’s arms and have one last, long kiss. His lips are warm and wet. Wait. He’s crying. He’s crying too. He’s crying because he has to leave me.

One last look says what we need without speaking it.

I love you.

And then he hops into the car and drives off.

My fiancé is gone.

He's gone.



He never came back.


The End

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