A poem about a mothers loss of her child and how god is there even if we can't see or understand. Hope it's ok! :)

A mother heartache

A mother loses her child and one night cries to God, 

"why did you do this, what did I do?" God replies, 

"My poor sweet child, you have done nothing wrong, if only you knew how much I love you." 

Crying she whispers, 

"Why did you take him?" 

God strokes her tear filled wet hair, 

"My dear I did not do this to you,it was just a natural tragedy which out of it I want you to learn, to love and forgive and to know that he is still here" 

she sobs into the pillow and then cries out, 

"I hate you for this, i want him back" 

God wipes the tear from his own eye, 

"poor child you are so sad, but know that each time you cry it brings me closer to you, this earth is only a playground to experience, anger, sadness,hate and grief so that out of it you may learn love, forgiveness,kindness and belief, for without hate you would not know love. freewill is my gift to you, you planned your life with me before you were born" 

Screaming she shouts, 

smiling sadly God answers, 

"not yet but you will, you also forget i lost a child too, my sweet jesus beaten and whipped, tortured on the cross for all you who were lost, i did not save him anymore then your child, simply because he did not need it, if anything he was saved from the world, full of rage and hate and now he lives in my kingdom full of blissfulness" 

the mother cries and screams and finally falls to sleep never hearing any of Gods answers. 

smiling sadly he looks to the baby in his arms and whispers, 

"one day your mummy will understand, this was not a punishment by me, she will hold you tight again very soon just you wait little one, for now lets take you back to play with the angels".

Submitted: April 03, 2015

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