Time, time, time (Has anybody told you?)

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Midnight musings on that mistress of us all... Time.

Submitted: October 06, 2011

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Submitted: October 06, 2011



Have you ever thought about how you use your time?
Wasting your seconds thinking about how you're wasting your seconds.
Don't look, but you're doing it now. 
Tomorrow and tomorrow.
If she is to take us all, will you only fall?
To succumb is to go numb - 
I shall fight only to continue to run.
Tomorrow and tomorrow.
Like the darkness on the other side of sunset, 
your mind trawls through agonising possibilities.
I shall be the sun to your moon; borrow my light.
Tomorrow and tomorrow.
Hasten, now, dearest. To go slow is to wait to die
and the no new is bad new;
It just will not do.
Rip up your roots and thread it through, 
Love, if you are to live, this will not do.
Is there to be...
Tomorrow and tomorrow.

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