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Dating Online

Submitted: August 11, 2011

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Submitted: August 11, 2011




Dating at an Ungodly Age


Let’s see, “Single White Female”…oh, Good God isn’t that a horror film?  What horrible fate is it that at fifty years old, I have to start dating again?  Is it possible there are men out there that have their own teeth and hair and aren’t damaged beyond redemption?  


I’m looking for jobs online, going to school online, now I guess I’m looking to date online.  The last year was so brutal, my divorce was final one day, and the next day I got laid off.I know life is a journey and not a destination, and my life sure has taken me on some different paths.  The good news is that I do know, when a chapter ends, its’ up to me to make a new chapter in my life.  I know I have the ability to make it an even better one. I have to know what I want before I can get it.  So what do I want?


We met over 11 years ago with what was a great friendship, both of us were starting over, and helping each other learn to live again.  He had a truck that was missing paint and he was renting an apartment.  I was starting yet another job that barely paid the mortgage. 


The first date was fun, we told each other all the bad and the good of our lives, what we did wrong and what our previous boyfriends and girlfriends had done wrong.  The waitress ignored our table for thirty minutes, so I used the cell phone to call the restaurant and ask if they could send a server to table fourteen to take our order.  He remodeled my house in lighting quick speed, and I showed him the joys and heartache of balancing a checkbook.  We both adored his grandchildren, and they were there every weekend to go to the plays at Heritage Square and to help plant flowers in the front yard.


“Looking for the right man, he must have passion and compassion for all he does, a sense of humor and sense of adventure”


I loved his smile and his quick wit, he had an uncanny ability to help people when they needed a hand, to buy a round of drinks when someone was sad.He really wasn’t a contractor, but an artist and he had the ability to change an avocado kitchen to a gourmet kitchen within a few days.


“He must see value in people and be engaged in life, not just a spectator!”


The years marched on, we seemed to have grown apart, did we miss the red flags on the first date, or did they come later?  Oh that’s right, he had gotten out of rehab, never paid child support. He did spend time with his children, but only as a Disneyland dad. His early years were about having fun and spending his paycheck, never saving for a future.  He wasn’t proud of the way he lived, but thought with the right woman he would be a better grandfather than a father.

“Looking for a man who is responsible for himself as well as his children, someone who enjoys Disneyland, but doesn’t want to live there forever.  A fully grown man, not one I have to train”.


The last three years, there was so little laughter, I had grown. I wanted more in life.  I bought rental homes as retirement income, so that we could travel the world someday.Once the grandchildren moved away his only interests were camping and drinking with the boys.  We lived our separate lives, only coming together at dinner time to eat quickly and get back to our own individual interests.  What was once a partnership became two different roads traveled by two different people.


“At the time in my life I want to travel with my best friend and lover, I want to be with someone that wants to see the world outside of America.I want to be with someone that has the same goals and dreams as I do, someone who continues to learn about life, has a curious nature and wants to grow together.


Wow, how many chapters do I need to go through before I find the man I want to keep for a lifetime?  Does that really happen, am I asking for too much? 


To hell with it, “Like sunsets, walking on the beach, a red glass of wine and lots of laughter.  Interested?”

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