By the time you read this by Lola Jaye (Book Review)

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A book review of By the time you read this by Lola Jaye?

By the time you read this is about Lois and her life.
When she was five years old, her father died. He left a manual, though, to guide her through her life. She feels like her father raised from the dead.
Every birthday she gets to read a new entry and there's a middle part with stuff like "First date", "First kiss" and "First job". The manual entries are from the age of twelve to thirty.
I'm not sure why I liked it so much... I just did... I kind of hated Lois to begin with... And the end was PRETTY obvious. I was annoyed at her and sooo, soo happy when one of her boyfriends finally tells her the thruth.
The beginning was so boring... The only reason I kept on reading was because her best friend had the same name as me. I'm happy to have read it though, it was really good.
I recommend this book for girls... maybe a few years older than me... Cuz they'll probably understand more...

Submitted: August 09, 2009

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