My Angel, here to save my life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Life can be hard sometimes but there's someone there to help u always

Life has kicked me when I am down, so many times...I can help to think I'm always in the way, I don't like to feel my cold icy tears run down my cheeks as I cry myself to sleep each night

no one loves me, the only thing that can break the numbness of this dull life is the presser of my blade against my soft baby-like skin I admit hit hurts a bit but its the only thing that keeps me grounded...

Life isnt fair to most of us, war, killing, and love, only the lucky people get it, I can't seem to find anyone who dosnt think I'm a freak, if people only felt what I do, many boys have told me I am beautiful, I guess, long black hair and a slender figure is cute

I'm not very tall though, maybe that's it, but help only came when I was about ready to end it all, at school, a new boy, that's exactly what we need a new boy, to look at me with fear like I'm a animal, Gabriel, that was his name

He's beautiful, tall, probably 6 ''1' or so, he so tall, his blue eyes sparkle like crystal clear water, and his long fingers there so pretty

His black hair, oh my god long and thick he flips it and I snap back into the real world, \"Haley!\" my teacher yells \"yes\" I reply a little confused, she tells me our new student is going to sit by me!

Maybe life just got a little better...maybe he is my only hope, she also tells me to show him around and keep him company, my heart stops he asks my name, my name! What is my name!!! Haley Samatha Good, but it's either Haley Or Sam, I think he likes Sam better.

He is simply beautiful, I could say it a million times Gabriel Evans tall black hair and then I see it, the cuts on his arms, but he's so perfect why would he do that!

When class ends I take him around school \"Gabriel?\"

\"Yeah\" he answers

\"Why…why do u have cuts on your arms?\" I ask

\"Have you ever heard or seen emo?\" he looks at me with a sort of force in his eyes

\"yeah...I am too, but I was wondering why you? I don't understand you look like you have it all\"

\"but it's not nice to judge a book by its cover Sam, I do it because I am always depressed, my life has gone to sh** this last couple years\" I hear his voice shaking the tears well up in my eyes and he wipes them away, I smile softly and he ask me \"what makes you cut?\"

\"Well, my parents are getting a divorced and I just can't deal with it\"

\"If you help me I'll help you\" he says to me walking slower to kill time before class

\"help me what?\"

\"Stop cutting, your arms are to pretty to be hurt\" I giggle a little making a sound I didn't know I could make

\"If you think you can, please, I hate it\" he smiles and tells me to meet him at his house tonight at 10:00 his parents will be out, he leans down and kisses me on the cheek his lips are warm and soft, my face turns blood red and he walks off to his next class, my god, and I in love? Can he really help me? Better yet can I help him?

My heart races 9:00, then 9:30, he waited by the door for me, he pulls me inside and pushed me up against the wall, and pulls up my sleeve, he counts my scars, \"13,14,15...18\" he runs out of scars to count 23...that many? I guess I don't keep count, I follow him up the long winding (sp lol) stairs and at the very top he opens the huge doors to a pale gray room with black veil brides, avenged sevenfold, all time low, and so many more band poster of which whom I have no idea who they are...

\"So what now?\" I ask

\"Well it depends, we probably got 4 hours to ourselfs and all kinds of homework to do or-\" I stop him mid-sentence with a light kiss

\"That was the other option\" I giggle and make that sound again.

Laying on his bed is a disbelief of its own, he's so nice and sweet, why would he want me, I am the skinny New York girl with long black hair and a slinder figure, it's pretty to him though, I don't worry about the time, my parents wouldn't even notice I'm gone, I have been in heaven for about 2 hours now

He looks at me with those sparking blue eyes and I can't help but to melt to his mold \"Sam?\" he draws a sharp breath

\"What?\" I feel like I did something wrong, in the background I hear blink-182 I miss you the moment is perfect

\"I was just making sure you were awake...\" he breaths a little easier now Even after only kissing him once I feel like I could find my way across his lips like I have kissed them for years, there still warm like fresh bread, and his breath is minty, I can't help myself I slide on his chest and lean down to kiss him, he pushes my hair behind my ear and I feel the warmth of his hand on my arm...I put my hand in his chest and push myself up to catch a breath

If I wanted sex any in my life, right now would be that time, but I can't…not yet, I hardly know him. I slide my fingers down his chest, making sure to feel all of his muscles. He's perfect my angel here to save me…

Submitted: April 04, 2012

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Please comment and tell me what you think!!! I hope you guys like it btw 1st story on here :)

Wed, April 4th, 2012 7:25am

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