Summer Vs. The Black Wolf

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Summary: Summer Luna Uley is, Sam Uley half sister from their father side of the family. She’s been going to an all girl boarding girls, some of the girls don’t like her, some of them think I’m different and weird, but I know one friend who likes her for who she is, and that’s her best friend, roommate, name Katheryn. Summer, goes home for summer break, and stays with her brother and his fiancee Emily, she later had to go to a camp fire, and Jacob Black father tells them a story, and that’s when they told Summer, and how she may turn like them when the times comes. She also find out about the word imprinting, and that Seth imprinted on her when she was just a baby. Will Summer have to live her life like this? Will she accept the whole family secret and Seth imprinting? Read it if you want to find out more. BTW This is a spankfic and it’s in script form, don’t like don’t read.

|Chapter One| I’m Back!

Summer was working on her final exam test, she really wanted to finish, because she wants to be able to go home to see her dad and brother and everyone else because she hasn’t seen them since forever.

She gave her test up to her Professor, after she was the last one to be done, and her professor let her go after she hand in her test, and she see was off to meet Katheryn.

Katheryn: man those final exams were horrible

Summer: I know right, I can’t believe that cost of 50 percent of our grade

Katheryn: I know so what are you doing for the summer, Summer, ha ha that never gets old

Summer: *roll eyes* I just glad I get to see my family this summer, it’s been 3 years already, I sure hope they remember what I look like

Katheryn: you barely talk about your family how come

Summer: remember when I first came here and I told you I never wanted to go to an all girl boarding school

Katheryn: yeah

Summer: well that someone was my dad who was the one who put me in it, and they never visited because they're always busy

Katheryn: so that doesn't give them an excuse, my parents are always busy but they still have time to visit me

Summer: I knew it but I never understood why?

Katheryn: maybe you should ask them

Summer: *sighs* maybe I should

Summer was packing in her room when she receive a phone call from her brother Sam.

Summer: hey Sam

Sam: hey Summer are you on our way to the train yet

Summer: nope I’m not taking the train, I’m getting a ride from a friend

Sam: who?

Summer: Katheryn, she lives around Port Angeles in Forks, Washington. She said she’ll ask her sister to dropped her off at LA Push

Sam: whose Katheryn?

Summer: remember my roommate I told you about

Sam: oh right… well can’t wait to see you it’s been so long since we last spoke or seen each other

Summer: well you could have visited you know

Sas *sights* Summer you know we're busy

Summer: so Katheryn parents are always busy but they have time to visit her

Sam: look you’ll find out soon enough but, right now it’s not a good time to talk about this over the phone

Summer: fine, see you tonight

Summer hangs up on Sam after he said goodbye and Katheryn came into the room.

Katheryn: hey my sister and her boyfriend will be here any minute, she said we better start heading down with our stuff  

Summer: okay, I’m done, help me zip this last bag up

Summer sat down on her suitcase and Katheryn zip up her bag for her.

Summer: *gets up and puts her long hair in a messy bun* thanks

Katelynn: no problem, let’s go bring our stuff down and meet them down their

Summer and Katheryn brought a couple of their stuff downstairs, they meet Katheryn sister and her boyfriend and Katheryn introduce them to Summer, and Summer introduce herself to Katheryn sister Jamie, and boyfriend Jason.

They finish bringing the girls stuff down, now it was a long way back to , and talk to get to know each other on their way they are.

At about 6:00 pm, they made it to La Push, and they were meet by the pack including Sam and Emily.

Summer: *gets her trunk out of the car* I’m home!

Sam: *comes out with everyone* we know we heard you come in, let me see how big my little sister got

Summer smile and goes over to Sam and embrace him in a hug, then seh hug every else and Embry said to her before she went to hugged Seth.

Embry: I don’t know why Sam say you got big you still look short to me

Summer: *roll eyes* same old Embry always like to call me short

Embry:  because you are, what are you 5’2

Summer: no 5’4, ha! hey Seth *hugs him*

Embry made kisses noise at Seth but Jared smack him the back of the head to cool it and Sam just glared at Embry to shut up.

Seth: nice to see you again Summer

Summer: *smiles sweetly* you too Seth *to her friend who looking awkward* oh right guys this is my best friend/roommate Katheryn

Sam: she not staying with us is she

Katheryn: no I’m staying with my family they live in port angles, with all the shopping malls of course, and this is my sister Jamie, and her boyfriend Jason

They all say nice to meet you and Jamie said.

Jamie: nice meeting you all but we really got to get going, we promise we would be back early

Emily: are you sure you don’t want to stay have dinner with us

Jamie: that’s okay are parents have dinner waiting at home for us

Summer says goodbye Kateryn  and told her have a good summer and hope to see her around soon, she did the same, and she watches, and the boys helped Summer bring her stuff inside.

The pack including Summer and Emily, were have lunch and Summer was telling them everything they missed on her 3 years when she was in boarding school.

Embry: wow I can’t believe you guys did that, did you get caught?

Summer: yes 1 once of us almost got kicked out of school, not going to name any names

Sam: was it you

Summer: no…

They all gave her a look.

Summer: okay yeah, but it was the boys fault from their school, their not even allowed on the campus, but every year they prank all the girls but the girls aren't allowed to do it bacl, so in pay back we had to do something to teach them a lesson

Emily: how come the school didn’t contact your dad or brother

Summer: what was the school suppose to say, *micks the dean* uh… sir your daughter had the school doing a prank and she almost got expelled, please come and get her, please if my dad found out about that he’ll probably ship me off worst then an all girls boarding school

Jacob: what’s worst than an all girl boarding school?

Summer/Sam: military school

Embry: *crocks head to the side* they have military school for girls

Sam kicked Embry from under the table.

Embry: ow!

Emily: knock it off boys not at the table

Embry/Sam: sorry

Emily: well these story sounds fascinating Summer, were glad that you're back home *gives her side hug*

Summer: I’m glad to be back home, where’s dad?

Sam: dad working late, he’s a police officer remember

Summer: oh yeah…

Sam: so he told me you’ll be staying with me and Emily for the rest of the summer

Embry: ha that never gets old

Summer: *thumps him*

Embry: hey what is this hit Embry day?

Summer: keep bugging me on my first day back home, you won’t be getting hurt that much

Leah: well I’m glad your home Summer, it’s been boring with just the guys. Now me, you and Emily and can catch up more on things

Summer: totally down with it

Then Summer and Leah did their handshakes and boys rolled their eyes probably just jealous but Emily just smiled at the girls.

Leah: oh yeah we still got it

Summer: hey Leah want to help me unpack

Leah: sure *about to get up with Summer*

Sam: ahem… don’t you and Seth have something to do

Leah: *roll eyes* sorry Summer maybe we can catch more later, come on Seth *pulls his little brother by the arm*

Seth: *grabs some found as he leaves* bye

Summer: okay since that leaves Leah and Seth out, Paul, Jared, Embry, Jacob

Paul/Jared/Embry/Jacob: bye *grabs some food as they leave*

Summer: *pouts and looks over at Sam*

Sam: Summer stop looking at me like that, that doesn’t work on me anymore

Summer: please…

Emily: Sam…

Sam: *sighs and gives in* fine I’ll help you

Summer: yeah! thanks Em *hugs her*

Sam: hey I’m the one that gave in don’t I get a hug

Summer : *roll eyes* of course you do big brother *hugs him* now up we go *push her brother over to the bags*

Sam: *looks behind him and mouth to Emily* ‘help me’

Emily shakes her head chuckling as Sam was being pulled out of the room with Summer, and Sam helped Summer unpack her stuff.

Submitted: March 30, 2014

© Copyright 2021 MissNickJWifey2121. All rights reserved.

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