Putting the Past in the Future

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Feeling a bit on her wild side Jessica takes a turn with her best friend then to her ex boyfriend all in one night.

Submitted: August 27, 2014

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Submitted: August 27, 2014



~~It was a long day of work finally coming to an end, the sky was black as midnight and the big bright moon was the only light Jessica could see in the sky. Just as she was approaching her car she heard someone running up behind her. She quickly turned around to see her good friend, Amber, she worked with in the same office running to catch up to her. “everything ok?” Jessica asked. “oh yea” Anna said, “Just wondering if you heard about the get together later tonight over at Dillan’s house?” Dillan was the tall, dark, perfect smile, well dressed, handsome man in the office. Every woman at work wanted him and every man was jealous of him. Jessica on the other hand didn’t, she had a history with him from years before, and was already in disbelief they even worked at the same place. “idk Amber, I don’t wanna be lingering around my ex’s party bored while everyone lusts after him all night” Jessica said as she tried getting into her car to avoid the rest of the conversation. “alright look, just come for a little while, we’ll show our faces, have a couple drinks then go back to your place and have a party of our own” amber said with a wide grin. Only thing though was Jessica knew what that grin meant. A few months back after a girls night out and lots of drinks later Amber and Jessica had a crazy night, and ever since that night Amber has hinted and acted like she wanted more, wanted another night like that. Finally Jessica gave in and said “ Fine, meet me at my house at 8 and well head out soon after.”

Finally pulling in at her house about 6 o clock, Jessica heads straight to her closet to get clothes ready and jumps in the shower. While in the shower Jessica starts thinking back to that night her and amber had. She starts to wonder what it would be like to do it again. She cant help but think that it might be fun. Maybe try new things next time. Noticing after the thought of her and amber together again made her extremely horny. She knew she had to fix that problem before they went out to the party. So she hurried fast as she could to wash her hair and her body so she could tend to her problem. As she was getting out the shower and wrapping herself up in the towel she heard her front door close and then Amber holler out to her “hey where you at?” ‘Crap’, Jessica thought, ‘now how am I gonna fix my problem.’ As soon as Amber walked into the room in her spaghetti strap shirt and short pj shorts she knew. She stared at amber not believing what she was about to do. “what?” amber said, wondering why Jessica was looking at her oddly without saying anything. “come here” jessica said just as she pulled ambers body up against hers and pressed her lips hard up against ambers. Amber started to pull back and looked at jessica and said “ are you sure?” without saying yes jessica pulled her back and started kissing her again.

Just as jessica got ambers shirt and shorts off amber had already undone jessicas towel and let it fall to the floor. Backing amber up against the bed then picking her up to lay her on it made jessica even more ready for what was about to happen next. As amber started getting all fidgety on the bed from the kisses and the rubbing from jessica, she started to moan softly. The moaning got a little more intense the lower jessicas kisses got to her hot dripping wet pussy just waiting for jessica to please it. But, jessica, teasing amber just as she got to her panty line started right back up with her kissing. When she reached ambers small but firm tits she unhooked her bra and took ambers tiny nipple into her mouth and sucked it til she felt amber getting so excited she almost couldn’t take it. Heading back down to her tight wet pussy ambers moans started getting louder again. Amber knew jessica was about to please her beyond what she could imagine and just couldn’t wait for it. Jessica pulled ambers underwear down to the bottom of her feet where amber kicked them off. Jessica kissed amber up her thighs til amber was almost shaking, waiting for jessica to do whatever she was about to do. Jessica pushed ambers legs open wide and took ambers clit into her mouth and licked it up and down with her tongue. Jessica took two fingers and slid them into amber pussy while she continued to lick her clit. Soon after that she felt ambers warm wet cum sliding down her fingers onto her hand. She slid  her fingers out ambers pussy and licked her warm juices of her fingers then licked ambers pussy which was soaking wet with cum, warm cum dripping out her hole. Jessica couldn’t believe the satisfaction she got by just hearing ambers moans, feeling and tasting her warm wet cum. Jessica looked up at amber and said “so you ready to get dressed for the party?” they both laughed and went on to getting dressed. Jessica couldn’t help but think what was going to happen later on once they’ve had a few drinks…

Arriving at Dillans house Jessicas anxiety was kicking in and she was not ready to be around a lot of people but she put it aside soon as she found the open bar in the kitchen area and grabbed her a drink. Amber wasn’t far behind her getting herself one too. She looked at Jessica with that same smile from earlier and they tipped their glasses together as amber said “heres to an adventurous night!’’ not long after standing near the bar talking to amber and another co-worker from their office jessica noticed Dillan slowly making his way towards them. Tryin to find an excuse to head somewhere else jessica hurried and said “im running to the bathroom be right back’’ and she hurried passed Dillan just as he approached them. Once she got into the bathroom and locked the door behind her she stared at herself in the mirror and thought to herself ‘ what the hell are you doing? You cant always avoid him! You have to think of something to say to him eventually.’ Just as she was about to gather up her purse after she finished splashing water on her face there was a knock at the door ‘’someones in here’’ she said. ‘’I know’’ said a voice on the other side of the door. She knew that voice… did Dillan really follow her upstairs? She was quiet for a minute trying to think what to do next. Here she was trapped in the bathroom with him on the other side of the door. She had barely talked to him since they had broken up a few years before. Even after she started working in the same place as him a year before shed barely said hi to him the whole time. Their break up was horrible and she was absolutely in love with him on one hand but hated him for what he did on the other. The love she had for him hadn’t fully gone away yet but she knew itd never be fixed so she had moved on. Apparently that’s when her wild side came out and she discovered the things she done with amber was more exciting then she thought itd be. ‘ook’ she thought to herself ‘say something before he thinks your crazy’…. ‘’ what do you want dillan’’ she called out through the door. ‘’I just want to talk to you’’ he said. ‘’I have nothing to say to you, youd think after not saying anything to you for how many years now youd get the hint that I have nothing to say’’. She heard him sigh.. ‘’look, I know our past isn’t the greatest and ive done some horrible things to you but I owe you an apology and id ike to say it to your face. .you could atleast give me that’’ she opened the door and was instantly face to face with him. ‘’whatd you say?” she said in disbelief that she even hear the word apologize come out of his mouth.. ‘’ I said im sorry for what I did to you and if its ok id like to try and be friends and get passed this and let go of the past. Its make our lives better itd make it easier working together.’’ “yea sure but that doesn’t mean your off the hook and everything will just be perfectly fine all at once” jessica said as she pushed passed him through the few crowds of people here an there. He then caught up to her an grabbed her arm and said “ hey I wanna show you something” and he pulled her to his room. Once in his room he said ‘’sit on the bed ill be right back’’ wondering what the hell was going on she sat down and was trying to prepare herself for whatever happened next. ‘what was going on’ she wondered . what was he trying to do? Does he think that just because he apologized half ass that they were gonna sleep together? Was he wanting to work things out? Was he playing some kind of sick joke and not coming back? Just as she was about to get up to walk out the room because she was so confused on what was happening he entered back into the room with two glasses and a bottle of wine. ‘o great’ she thought to herself. ‘ I know exactly what hes doing! He think he can just smooth talk his way into my pants?!?’ as all this anger, confusion, and anxiety was building in her dillan started talking… ‘’ive been thinking a lot lately and ive finally found a way to talk to you and apologize to you, I just want you to know that what I did to you was a horrible thing and I cant ever forgive myself but I hope in time that you can forgive me’’ and blah blah blah… jessica kind of just sat there at first listening in and out of his long as speech of how wrong he was and how sorry he was and then she came back in just in time to hear him say ‘’ ive been thinking about you a lot lately and I cant help but wonder all the time what itd be like if nothing ever would have happened to us’’

Hearing him say that just made her even more angry. Since the breakup she never got to really lash out at him for what happened and she felt that it was all about to come out. Jessica started crying in anger and lashing out at him cursing him calling him every name in the world she could imagine, hitting him and kicking him till she was so weak from crying and she fell to the floor screaming at him. He went down to her and pushed her chin up to look at him and he said as he looked into her eyes ‘’I never stopped loving you’’ “NOOOO YOU ASSHOLE!!!” she yelled at him and started punching him again he surely sat there for a bit an took a beating but then after a bit he grabbed her arms pushed her arms up over her head and pressed his body up against her to make her push up against his bedroom wall and he looked at her dead in  her eyes for a split second and then said “yes I do still love you’’ and before she could say anything he pushed his lips up against hers and kissed her almost just like the first time he ever kissed her. Shocking feelings ran through her body. ‘ what was happening’ she thought. She wondered if she really did still have those types of feelings for him. At that moment between the anger, sadness, and confusion she wasn’t sure. All she knew was what was about to happen an she wasn’t gonna stop it.

As they were intensely making out he let go of her arms but some how she knew to keep them up cause right after Dillan pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it to the floor. She pulled her hands down and slid them under his shirt bringing it up over his head. And as she came back down sliding her hands over his chest and down his stomach she realized his was a little buffer and more cut than the last time shed done that. Feeling his bare skin at the tip of her fingers send chills down her spine that she had no idea where they were coming from. Feelings in the pit of her stomach made her brain go blank and she didn’t think of anything else but getting his pants off. As she slid her hands down to his pants she stopped for a second and slid down a little further to feel his bulge through his pants. ‘’geez its biiger than I remember’’ she thought to her self. Feeling that made her quickly bring her hands up and start to unbutton his pants and let them fall to the floor. Before she could do anything else after that she realized some how hed done gotten her underwear off and picked her up with her back against the wall her put her legs over his shoulders and brought her wet warm pussy even to his mouth. He started kissing her clit just like he kissed her lips earlier. She started felling sensations she hadn’t felt in a long time. She found her self cumming from him eating her out soon after he begin. She had chills rolling up and down her body making her nipples hard as rocks. Her clit throbbing for more pleasure. Her legs shaking from the shocking sensations going through them from her orgasm. As he slid her back down his body soon as her feet touched the floor she dropped herself to the floor on her knees and pulled down his boxers to reveal his big fat cock hard as a rock just waiting for her. She slid her mouth over it slowly and allowed the size of his cock fill up her wide open mouth she moved her mouth up and down his dick til she was gagging looking up at him into his eyes. She did that a few more times and then grabbed his soaking wet dick with her hand and then his nuts in to her other hand and gently played with them and licking them all over. she could feel his cock stiffen up more every now and then from the pleasure and she knew that if she kept on it wouldn’t be much longer. So she stood up and kissed him intensely and he picked her up and carried her over to his bed. He laid her across the bed and she crawled over to lay her head on the pillow she once laid on years before. He then came over her holding his body over hers staring into her eyes while he fingered her throbbing clit starting up her pleasurable sensations again. He kissed her down her neck down to her rock hard nipple that throbbed for sensation that he surely gave by licking and sucking them and kissing her all over her huge tits. Then slowly making his way down to her pussy he spit on her clit rubbed it a few good times and gave it a little slap and he shoved his big dick into her tight warm pussy. She let out a scream of wonderful feeling but a little pain (but a good pain) as she remembered her pussy was so tight from it being well over a year and a half of not having sex besides her adventurous nights with amber.

Her hips grinded against his and he shoved his huge cock in and out her tight pussy and the more he shoved the louder her moans got and she didn’t care one bit who heard her. She found that the sex was so awesome between it being so long since she had a dick inside her, the anger she had inside her which some how made the sex better, the confusion, the love she thought was gone, all her mixed feelings made this the best sex shes ever had. She could feel her pussy exploding with cum constantly orgasm after orgasm. She was leaving marks and scratches on his back and she didn’t care. At that moment when she didn’t think it could get any better he turned her over into doggy style spreading her ass cheeks and shoving his big cock back into her she let out a loud moan an screamed ‘’oh Dillan fuck me harder!’’ his thrusts got faster and her cum came all over his dick. He let out a moan of enjoyment and she turned around and laid him down on the bed and climbed ontop his dick and slid her pussy onto it. She grabbed his hands and put one on each of her breast and she rode his dick up and down moved her hips from side to side as she threw her head back and moaned and groaned like it was her first time. She felt a huge orgams coming and she started riding faster and harder up and down she couldn’t control it she couldn’t stop and then it just exploded every where all over his dick all over her all over the bed. Her body was trembling she could barely move. Her legs shaking from the excitement. Her heart beating 100 mph. she knew it wasn’t over. she knew he still had to have his turn. And she couldn’t wait. She laid down next to him and he climbed over her threw her legs over his shoulder and shoved his throbbing dick into her pouring wet pussy and he slammed her as hard as he could. She felt his dick get bigger. She knew it was coming. He started moaning. Here it was. She jumped off his dick and put her mouth over his head an into her mouth his nut flew she grabbed his dick and jacked it off and pulled his dick out her mouth and let his nut shoot out his dick onto her big tits with her rock hard nipples. After that she fell back onto his bed wondering how she was going to move. Her body paralyzed with an awesome feeling shed never felt before. After laying there for a good 2 or 3 mins she attempted to get up. Her legs still shaking she walked over to his bathroom in his room and cleaned herself up. Fixed her hair up a bit since after all they were at a party and then walked back into the room to find him getting dressed and she seen hed found all her clothes for her an laid them on the bed. Thank god cause at that point she couldn’t think straight and wouldn’t know where to begin to look. After they were both dressed her grabbed her and pulled her close and said’’I promise I meant what I said when I apologized and I know this doesn’t change anything. I know your still angry, upset, confused, and all sorts of other things and I will gove you time, but im time I hope you can forgive me and we an start over and if anything atleast be good friends.’’ Jessica just looked up at him smiled, gave him a sweet little kiss, and said “yeah, i guess we’ll see what happens.’’ He gave her a kiss back and they walked out the room together back to the party.Back at the open bar amber came up to jessica and anxiously asked “where the hell have you been?!?! I been looking everywhere for you!” jessica looked over at Dillan and and then to Amber and just smiled. The end.

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