Say what you want, I don't care!

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Say what you want, I don't care!
This is showing my love for my cousin and best friend - the girl who is also on my page ?

Submitted: June 06, 2011

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Submitted: June 06, 2011



Letters written on a screen,

The old voice of a lady.

Compulsive liar.

Evil witch.

The picture never leaves the mind,

The voice rings round and round.

Over and over the words repeat,

never once giving up the cycle.

We're sick of it - sick of you.

You have no emotions - you're heartless.

Round and round it goes,

unforgiving and relentless,

hammering on and on.

The writing black, the screen white.

The voice harsh, the lady related.

Friendless and betrayed as a result,

family arguments during the day.

Thanks for nothing.

Thanks for showing concern.

Darkness all around;

alone in my head.

Depressing words;

chest aches.

Suicidal thoughts;

heart beats faster.

Friends take no notice;

eyes sting with tears.

Family doesn't care;

breathing gets faster.

A light.

A voice.

A shoulder to cry on,

a friend to lean on.

Her voice is soothing,

the writing is comforting,

her words relax me.

She is my friend,

related by blood.

She straightens my world,

she sets me on the right path.

Leave them, they're not worth it.

Just f**k them all off!

Her words enter my head and stick,

they push thoughts from my mind.

The space become less crowded;

I'm not alone in my head any more.

My mood is lifted;


I smile for the first time;


I don't care what they say;


I know she'll always be there.

You're stuck with me, silly girl.

They can say what they want,

they can make up lies or rumors.

They can avoid or ignore,

they can whisper or glare.

It bounces off me,

when I hear her voice,

when I see what she types.

She makes my day,

she makes me carry on.

Relentless and determined,

she pushes and shoves.

She never gives up

this image she has of me;

smiling; happy; loving; caring.

I don't like to disappoint her,

so I put on a front until

I see her face and well,

only she matters,

her contagious smile and laugh,

her crazy comments and actions.

They can say what they want,

Evil witch, emotionless, liar

because when I'm with her,

it doesn't matter as

I don't care...

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