Nights With Vampires

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's a strange life Yuki Tahara leads. Six days a week she is food for six hungry vampires. One her one day off she plans her escape from the Castle. At first anyway.

Submitted: April 05, 2018

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Submitted: April 05, 2018



I was worried about posting this one. Not sure that it's any good. I treid writting in the first person but I think I got confused. But here you are.


Nights with Vampires

Its a strange life I lead. Six days a week, I am food for six hungry vampires. On my one day off, I spent most of it planning my escape, at first. I live with them in their fathers castle and learn all I can about them, so I can escape successfully. Without getting caught and drained of all my blood. I fear one day they will bore of keeping me alive and bite together with no intension of stopping.

Monday: I go to see the oldest Haruki. He is smart and reserved. He likes to read a lot. I can never tell what he is thinking, but he drinks my blood like all the rest. His eyes glow red and pierces his fangs into my neck.

Tuesday: I go to see Isamu. He is cultured and can play the piano and other instruments with flawless grace and precision, sometimes he’ll play before he feeds. When he bares his fangs there is a certain beauty in it, that I cant explain.

Wednesday: I go to see Jiro. He is quiet and doesn’t care much for his brothers. He is gentle when he approaches me and always asks if he can feed. He enjoys cooking though vampires don’t eat. It is confusing that he is so different, however it is refreshing.

Thursday: I go to see Kazuki. He is a scientist and likes to experiment. Ive never seen a vampire wear glasses before but he cant seem to see without them. When he bites, he bites deep in the back of neck.

Friday: I go to see Ren. He is interesting and puzzling at the same time. Despite his love of antique weaponry and being an accomplished swords man, his nature is calm and soothing. Every time before he bites he tells me the history of a weapon in his collection.

Saturday: I go to see Shin. He is so unlike his brothers. He is the youngest of the six and is a talented painter. When he bites, I dont feel any pain. And after he pulls his fangs out my neck, he kisses my lips, I dont understand but neither do I question it. He was the first one to call me by my name.

Sunday: Im free from feeding duties and am allowed to roam free about the castle, apart from dinner. We all meet for dinner. I spend most of my time in my room writing this journal so if I were to die in this house. I hope the next woman will find this of use. Calling for help is useless, phones are here however they are not connected to anything. Leaving the castle grounds is impossible. I am yet to discover any chink in their armour.

There are many misconceptions about vampires. They dont sleep during the day in coffins, they spend almost all of their time doing whatever they want. They don’t sleep at all, in fact it more like rest. They all look after me, if one notices I am pale or weak from blood loss they give me foods like fish and fruit like water melon. And ensure I drink lots of water.

Vampires are more active during night time, so they made me change sleeping habits to accommodate this. Day is now night and night is now day. Apart from the ones in my room the curtains are never opened. I can freely go to see any one of the vampires I like on my day off, or stay alone.

They dont turn into bats at will, but they can fly and are able to run faster than anything I’ve seen before. They dont transform into hideous creatures when their hungry, their eyes just glow red and their teeth get sharper. They appear human until you touch their ice cold skin or see their teeth. They have no heartbeat but seem to understand the organ well. They teach me their talents and I grow with knowledge.

Shin, Jiro and Ren brought beds, shortly after they fed from me the first time. My needs are cared for, I have hot meals and fresh clothes. I hope its a sign that they care however, Haruki told me that they were taught to look after their food, so my blood will taste better. I know exactly where I stand in the house. There is a large garden and private cemetery on the grounds though no one seems to want to go outside. I have a ensuite with hot and cold running water. Exercise equipment downstairs, a library filled to the ceiling with books. On the whole Im very well cared for.

But I should probably start from the beginning. I’ll take you through my days in the castle.



My name is Yuki Tahara. I am twenty years old. I worked as a chef in a local café to support myself as I finished school. When I was kidnapped, drugged and sold to an anonymous buyer about eight months ago, my old life felt like happy dream and my new life like foggy nightmare.

When I awoke, I was in what was to be my bedroom, I thought it was strange that no one was around and my door was unlocked and wide open. I was unaware of what was happening or what I had been forced into at this point, I left the room in search of someone who could tell me where I was.

From the décor of my new accommodation, I felt as though I had been thrust back in time, there wasn’t really any modern appliances to speck of and everywhere was lit by candle light, but strangely bright and open. The furniture was old but perfectly preserved as though it was freshly handmade to order.

As I walked down the awe-inspiring staircase, I noticed a boy lying on a sofa. I approached him with caution asking if he was alright with no response. I placed my hand on his and noticed that he was ice cold. I placed my head on his chest and tried to listen for a heartbeat, but there was none. I called out for assistance and got up to leave when he pulled me back and pinned me down.

This was the time when I met Shin, the youngest of the six brothers, whom I would later find out, I was sold to as their food. I was surprised to see him awake even though he had no heartbeat.

I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t understand why the man before me was acting the way he was, I pleaded for him to let me go. His grip around my wrists was strong, I couldn’t do anything to so much as loosen his vice like grip.

He smiled and allowed his teeth to grow sharp and was about to pierce them in my neck as Haruki the oldest brother appeared.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me away, he ordered his brother not to feed from me until the drugs has worn off.

His grip was as tight and cold as his brothers. I had no idea of their names at this point. I only knew these people were dangerous and were possibly responsible for my abduction. I could tell they were far stronger than me and feared them already. The others appeared behind me as I turned feeling my hair being tugged on it was Isamu smelling my hair.

I struggled against Harukis grip and eventually freed myself and ran. Only to be cut off by Ren admiring a dagger.

I ran the opposite direction only to be cut off again by Kazuki. It was at this point I knew exactly what was happening. I knew they were vampires and I knew they were going to eat me.

Every fibre of my being started screaming at me to run, but my legs wouldn’t move like I wanted them to as if fear was both motivating me and paralyzing me.

I stumbled away failing to run properly and fell, cutting my knee slightly. When I looked up, all their eyes were glowing red. I managed to get back into my bedroom. I moved a chest of drawers in front of the door and sat up against it, trying to calm my breathing.

Once I was calm, I looked up to see all of them standing next to the open window, Kazuki seemed to delight at my fearful reaction.

I passed out from fright. The second time I awoke there was a note, which said: Come down. We will explain everything. I looked at my knee that was now cleaned, treated and dressed. I ran to the mirror and checked my neck for bite marks but saw none.

I was confused unable to understand why they weren’t killing me and instead treated my wound with such care, so decided to go looking for answers. I gingerly made my way downstairs and saw them all sitting around the main entrance hall. I took a deep breath and walked down to them.

Haruki spoke first and introduced me to everyone and asked if I knew why I was there? I guessed that I was dinner. Ren huffed and smiled explaining that I was far more valuable to them then a one off meal. Shin asked me my name. I was shocked to be asked, but I told them.

Haruki told me to follow to get some dinner. Sure I was puzzled, but wouldn’t anyone. I was told I was a feeding station then I was told to eat something. When I queried it he replied that they had been taught to look after their food so blood tastes better.

Their responses were emotionless and short almost as if talking to me was a hindrance and they wanted to avoid unnecessary contact me as much as possible. This made me feel more nervous, I knew that being unable to connect with them would make it harder to live in the Castle.

They spoke as through they was giving orders and I had no choice but to accept them. I was sat in the dining room at the end of a table as they came back in and sat down. Shin sat next to me then Ren sat the other side of me, next to him was Isamu, across from him was Jiro, and at the head of the table was Haruki and Kazuki. Shin passed me a plate of food.

I simply stayed quiet and ate wishing theyd stop watching me. I didn’t know why they were watching so intently and felt uneasy being the only one eating.

I finished eating and they all stood up, Shin explained that because it was almost day break. I was to go to bed. Vampires are most active at night, but since I was human, I needed to sleep. To accommodate I would sleep during the day and at night they would take turns to feed off me.

I nodded and went to bed. I dreaded falling asleep knowing Ill wake up and become their meal. I didn’t know if the brothers were still standing outside my door or not and it worried me to think they can come in at anytime. But exhaustion got the better of me and I fell asleep.

At first it felt strange to fall asleep at day break and awake at night fall. But after a while it became so natural that I didnt even realise.

I awoke that night to another note, Youll be with Haruki on Mondays. Isamu on Tuesdays. Jiro on Wednesdays. Kazuki on Thursdays. Ren on Fridays. And Shin on Saturdays. Sundays are your own do with as you please. I looked on the calendar.

Monday. I got changed and followed the instructions left for me to find Haruki in the library.

I knocked on the door and it opened, Haruki looked up from a book and welcomed me in. I thanked him for the note and expressed my fear that they’d all attack together.

Haruki stood up telling me that he and his brothers weren’t savages. I backed away slightly as he stepped forward. He gestured for me to come over, so I did. He took my hand and pinned me to the bookshelf. I was terrified. Knowing what was going to happen didnt make it any less scary.

His teeth grew sharp and his eyes turned red saying that if they attacked together I’d never stand a chance. He bit into my neck and drank. Id like to tell you I fought back, but this is not the case. I gave up. He pulled his fangs out of my neck and let go of my wrists. I fell to the floor and covered my wound.

I sat on the floor until the room stopped spinning and tried to get up. Only to fail. Haruki came over and picked me up, placing me on a spare chair. I thanked him but he replied my blood would get cold sitting on the floor and he hates cold blood.

Hours later he put the book away and came over to me and asked how I was feeling. I was surprised he asked such a question but I answered truthfully and nodded.

He bit into my neck again. It hurt just as much as last time. He left after but came back shortly with food. I ate because I thought if he was going to feed off me again, I need my strength to stay awake.

Through a tiny crack in the curtains I saw that day had started to break and Haruki stood up, I followed him to my door and as I stepped in, not a move was made by him to enter my room. He just left.

Apart from the first night, none of the brothers entered my room without my permission or without good reason, I felt safe in my room and wondered what would happen if I refused to leave it? Fearing the answer I decided it wasn’t worth the potential risk.

I woke Tuesday night and went in search of Isamu. I heard a piano play so I followed the sound and came across Isamu playing. I stopped at the door and listened. He stopped playing and looked over.

I flinched and apologised but he told me to sit and wait. I sat across from him while he played, when he finished I was so mesmerised I forgot everything.

The realisation of my current situation hit me again as he walked over and pinned me down. He bore his fangs and bit into my neck. When he pulled his fangs out, I felt as though I was losing all sense. My vision started to get blurry as I passed out. When I woke up all of the brothers were in the room, Kazuki had made me a tonic. He passed me the cup while he scolded Isamu for putting me in this state.

Shin pulled my arm around the back of his neck and carried me out and placed me on my bed, he handed me some water, he left.

Haruki came later just like Shin said, he passed me a pill, it was an iron tablet, he explained that will help with the production of blood and some water melon that will help my blood sugar levels rise. I knew he was only looking after his food, but, thanked him. He didn’t say a word he just left.

The next night, Jiro came to my door and asked how I was feeling.

I told him I felt better and asked if he wanted to feed, fearing the answer I shrunk into myself using the doorframe as protection.

Keeping their food source healthy is much more important than not missing a feed Jiro explained, he held out his hand and I took it as he led me out. I noticed from that gesture alone just how different he was from his brothers. Jiro was so much gentler and softer than the other two I had already encountered. I nodded and took his hand.

I knew what I was doing wasn’t ordinary by any stretch of the imagination, but I didn’t care. I wanted to help this man in front of me, I couldn’t explain it but he was nice I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to help him.

Jiro lead me to the kitchen and started frying some fish for me. In the early hours of the morning, he walked up to me and placed his hand on my face asking to feed. I was scared but I had to get over my fear, this was going to happen whether or not I was scared of it.

But when he bit into me, I barely felt his fangs. He didn’t pin me down like Haruki did and he didn’t take a lot like Isamu. When Jiro pulled his fangs out he bandaged my neck and made me more food. I didn’t know if he was being nice because that’s just how he was or because he didn’t want to be the one to kill their only food source, but I was happy that at least one of them was so kind to me.

Thursday night. I was to be with Kazuki. He spends most of his time in his lab doing experiments. I knocked on his door and he opened it. I didn’t know what to expect the first time I met him, every one of the brothers was so different.

I sat as he ordered and watched as he worked. I wanted to ask what he was doing, however I didn’t want to disturb him or make him angry.

He looked over at me and ordered me to at least try and control your heartbeat because he found it very distracting. I was surprised hr could hear my heartbeat from that distance, he explained that vampires can hear a humans heartbeat so they know when to stop taking blood.

I asked what happened with the other night, Kazuki put the test tubes down and came over, I was scared of what he would do, but did my best to mask it. Kazuki explained that Isamu made a mistake because he hasn’t had blood for a while and took too much.

He told me to stand up and face the other way, I was nervous and uneasy but I did what he said, I felt him part my hair and before I had time to react his teeth were in my neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pinning my arms to my side. His fangs hurt more than anyone else’s.

He pulled them out, and told me I was delicious, I could feel Kazuki was about to bite again when I passed out. I woke in a chair and saw him back at the table doing his experiments. The smell of fish caught my nose.

I noticed an iron tablet as well. I was already sick of taking them, but I didn’t dare not to. I had no idea what would happen if I didn’t. The moment I finished, he bit into my neck again. I didn’t understand how one vampires bite can hurt so much when I can barely feel another ones.

I went back to my room dizzy and weak from blood loss. On the bedside table were more tablets and food. I thought I was being strange just allowing this to happen and even offering my blood to them, however, I realised it would be safer in the long run to submit for now, learn what I can and then try to run.

They may already know that I intend to run but for now at least I’m safe from death. Friday, I went to Ren in the armoury. I was scared of both the weapons and the vampire lurking amongst them. I couldn’t see him anywhere. He made me jump as his voice rose from the corner of the room.

Ren explained that he had been collecting for years and that the earliest humans used clubs, simple axes, spears, bows and arrows to hunt and defend their territory.

I forced a smile and complimented him on his intense knowledge hoping to find some common ground with at least one of the brothers. He smelt me and seemed disappointed he explained that my blood was still too weak to feed off of. He walked away and returned shortly with some food.

Every time I ate they watched me seeming to be interested in how humans act while eating. It felt like I was an animal having my behaviour observed by specialists.

After some food and iron tablets, he smelt me again, I must have been better because he bit into my neck but strangely there was little pain from his bite. I couldn’t understand why. It hurt but the pain was more numbing.

Ren pulled his fangs out and wiped my blood from his mouth, he told me to get some rest, he returned to polishing and sharpening his weapons.

When I felt strong enough I sat up. My head hurt so I grabbed it, Ren put a wet cloth to my forehead and lay me down and opened a window. He placed a bucket next to me and told me that if I needed to vomit, not to hold it in.

I didn’t understand but he made me feel safe and happy when he was looking after me. I was happy he was being nice but scared he was going to want to feed again.

Ren came up to me later, I flinched of course. He took the cloth off my head and refreshed it, he promised that he wouldn’t feed off me again until I recovered. He handed me iron tablets and more food. After a while I was better and he came over to me and smelt me.

He leaned in and bit into my neck. He pulled his fangs out and took me back to my room. Haruki came in with some food and tablets.

I slept afterwards and then woke Saturday night. There was a note, ‘Shin will be in the West Hall.’ I got changed and went to see him. I knocked on the open door and peered in to see him sitting at a canvas.

Shin looked across the room and told me to sit. I sat on the chair he pulled up for me. It was right next to him I was scared to sit so close to him, but then I saw what he was painting, it was beautiful, but when he moved I flinched.

He obviously noticed me flinching as he moved, he told me that I didn’t have to be scared and that he wasn’t going to feed from me straight away. All I could do was nod and stay quiet until he was ready.

As I watched him paint, I realised just how good he really was, every brush stroked was masterful choreographed seeming completely effortless. After a while he put the paint brush down and turned towards me, he was unable to stop his eyes glowing red.

He licked my neck before he bit, there was no pain at all. I only realised he was drinking after he pulled his fangs out and I saw my blood on his lips. I was about to say something he kissed my lips. When he pulled away I held my lips shocked.

I asked him why he kissed me. Shin simply smiled at me and told me it’s just what he does. I was confused but decided not to take it any further. He looked at me and asked. He didn’t feed off me again that day and let me eat whatever I wanted.

On Sunday: I was alone, so I walked round the castle. I saw ten phones, but they were all disconnected, however they looked so old I don’t think they would of worked anyway. I saw hundreds of windows but they were all locked and shatterproof. All doors leading to the outside I saw were locked or barricaded.

While wondering around I counted eighty large rooms, including twenty bedrooms, eighteen bathrooms, four dining rooms, a fully equip gym, a huge indoor swimming pool, three spacious kitchens, eight living rooms, a game room, two walk freezers, eight rooms that seemed to have no other purpose than storage, the six rooms the brothers seem to own and two other rooms that looked like workshops, I lost count of the number of steps on just one of the many staircases.

After exploring I went to one of the kitchens in search of food, the brothers never seemed to mind me doing as I wanted on Sundays. I thought it was strange as I sat to eat that the entire castle was spotless yet I had never seen a single member of staff. But, I assumed they came during the day when I was asleep.

They’d never be able to wake me, because of the castles enormous size, even if they were loud I’d properly never hear them. I’d never dare ask one of the brothers what the arrangement was and have it misconstrued as a hopeful escape attempt, even though that thought had crossed my mind I didn’t want to run the risk of tipping off or angering the brothers.

Over the coming weeks, I quietly tested the strength of the locks and realised there was no way to open them and as my will power faded, I gave up on the idea of ever escaping and instead resolved myself to an unnatural death at the hands of one of the brothers.

I noticed very quickly that the brothers had certain places on my neck that each one likes to feed off. Haruki bites my neck on the left hand side near to my ear, where as Isamu likes the right side lower down. Jiro also likes the left hand side but lower than Haruki. Kazuki likes the back of my neck. Ren bites on the right side higher than Isamu. But Shin likes to bite nearer the front of my neck. When I asked them why they bite where they do.

Haruki explained that they have their own places to bite, it’s similar to a territory complex. Plus, each one of them has a different idea of what part of the neck supplies the best blood flow and taste.

Ren added that if they all bit from the same place, I’d most likely die as the blood vessel collapses in on it’s self. Biting in different places means certain blood vessels have time to recover and the blood has time to refill the vessel.

Jiro explained how my neck is covered in blood vessels and that when their eyes glow red they can see those vessels and can pick out certain ones and always return to those same vessels because they like the blood flow and taste that certain vessels produces.

Isn’t blood just blood? I wondered.

Kazuki shock his head as he explained, every person’s blood is different, bloods taste is determined by what people eat, where they live and their age. Some people are sweet, others are really savoury. And each persons individual blood vessels can have a different taste. It’s all down to the thickness of the vessel and how much oxygen is left in the blood were drinking. Also the pressure the blood is travelling through the vessel, effects both taste and the amount we feed on.

Shin stood up and stated that he’d see the brothers at dinner. I asked what he was talking about.

Isamu explained that years ago they agreed to keep their family bonds strong, we’d have dinner together every Sunday night. He explained that it’s not much of a dinner for humans, they have a bag of blood eah that they keep in storage, which was why they had never invited me before.

I suggested a Sunday dinner or make some kind of soup or stew and add some of my blood to their portions. They seemed to have an in depth conversation with a single look at one another and agreed.

I told them I would need one of them to help me put my blood in the food. Unless I use the blood you have in storage.

Isamu explained that because the blood from storage is old and has been frozen they have to have the entire bag. Whereas with fresh blood they would only require a cup each. Shin agreed to help me, I was strangely happy when he offered, because his bites didn’t hurt. We went to kitchen and served up the food.

Shin took my hand he licked then bit into my wrist, he removed his fangs and filled six glasses. He wrapped my wrist up with a bandage and kissed my lips.

As he mixed the blood in the food for himself and his brothers, I tried to calm my heart. I knew he wasn’t kissing me because he liked me, but how was I supposed to react, I had never been kissed by a boy before. We all sat down and they had some.

All of the brothers were complimenting the idea I couldn’t help but smile at the high praise I was receiving. My time at the castle was strange, but over time I gathered important information about all the brothers. Being fed off of and waking at night and sleeping by day, became my normal day to day life.

As Monday night came, I was back with Haruki in the library. His fangs deep in my neck, while his hands pinned me down. I knew why I wasn’t fighting back but, I wished so much that I was. He pulled his fangs out and put me on a chair, ‘I took quite a lot. I’ll get you something to help.’

I did what I thought I had to, to stay alive long enough to run when the time was right, at least that’s what I told myself, fully aware I was never leaving this place alive again. I let them feed when they wanted, ate and slept when they said. I wanted to fight back but knew they were too strong for me to fight off.

I suppose on some level I liked it. Because I was needed by so many people on a daily basis. Where as in my old life, no one seemed to need me. Besides, I’ve been in the castle for a little over a week now but, not once, has there been any word of an effort to find me.

The next time it was Isamu’s turn to feed off me. I was scared of all the brothers but, Isamu was the one I feared the most. But, when he played, all my fear melted away.

When he came to bite, he saw that I was afraid but promised he wouldn’t take so much this time. He bit into my neck, then lay me down. I told him that I was fine but he said to rest so I nodded and lay down.

I noticed the softer nature about Isamu that day that I had previously not seen, but it was nice to see. I remember thinking that he must have really liked the Sunday dinner I cooked. I smiled as he continued composing.

Every time it was Jiro’s turn to feed, he always came to my door at night fall and asked me how I was feeling, I would always tell the brothers the truth if they asked. He never bite before telling or asking me.

The second time, he said he had a surprise for me. He led me to a room and showed me a bed, he explained that he got it for me, so that I would have somewhere to rest in case I felt weak after he fed.

I had never been pinned to anything by anyone before I met the brothers but it felt stranger to be pinned to a bed by a vampire then anything else, but I was unexplainably happy he thought about me enough to buy a bed. Shin and Ren also had brought beds and Shin still kissed me after he fed. I never really questioned their eccentricities. I just accepted what was happening.

The next time I went to Kazuki. I went into the lab but I couldn’t see him, I only knew where he was as he bit into the back of my neck. I struggled because of the shock but Kazuki pinned my arms to my sides as he wrapped his arms around me.

When he pulled his fangs out, he let me go and I fell to the floor. I looked up as my vision got worse, I could hear Kazuki talking to me, but his voice was too distorted for me to make sense of what he was saying, nor could I muster the strength to give him a reply. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and passed out.

Out of the darkness I heard echoes, I heard the brother bickering. I batted my eyes open and saw Shin, I tried to sit up but it was impossible. I asked what happened Shin looked at me and explained that Kazuki had trouble stopping. I looked across the room and saw him sat with his head hung low, he told me that Kazuki was fine now but I wasn’t going to be able to move for a while.

Kazuki looked over to me and asked if I’d be ok. Shin picked me up seeming to ignore his brothers question and took me back to my room.

Shin put me down on my bed, he told me to sleep and promised to bring me some food later. I nodded and instantly fell asleep.

Later I heard Shin calling my name and I awoke to Shin handing me a plate of food and Ren with iron tablets.

I was concerned about Kazuki so asked them why he had such difficulty stopping this time whereas before he was perfectly alright.

Ren explained that no one had taught them how to feed off humans.

I was shocked to hear that the brothers were left to figure something so necessary to their survival on they own, I queried what Haruki had said before about how they were told to look after their food.

Ren explained that they were but no one taught them how to bite, no one ever let them watch as they fed. In the vampire world, all six of the brothers were considered juveniles. Their father never taught them how to bite, feed or look after a food source. However that up to ten vampires should be able to live off the blood I can supply.

My eyes saddened as I realised I was no more than a test dummy for the brothers to practise on. When you put it like that it sounds, but that is what I was. I looked at Ren knowing tomorrow I’d be with him, he saw my worried expression but stated unless he though I was still too weak. He would wait until I was strong enough to fed from.

Fearing the answer I asked him what would happen if I was too weak, Ren went to the door and explained that he would simply have to feed another day.

I was relieved sure. Happy in the knowledge that he wasn’t going to feed off me regardless of my condition, I asked Shin how old he and his brothers were her said they were all juveniles but what did that mean.

Shin explained that he is the youngest at one hundred and eighteen years old. Haruki is one hundred and twenty four. All the other brothers are in-between those two ages. I smiled and thanked him for telling me, although to hear their ages just made existence all the more awe-inspiring and terrifying.

I woke Friday night and Ren came to my door. I opened it and he smelt me, he smiled saying that I had recovered well. But, still not well enough to feed off of yet. He walked away asking me to follow him to the kitchen. He told me to make myself anything I wanted so I saw what they had and decided.

Ren sat while I cooked, I tripped getting a plate but Ren caught me and the plate. I smiled nervously, thanking him while I regained my footing. He asked if I was truly feeling ok, I nodded which seemed to put his mind and rest a little.

After food Ren smelt me again, he asked me if I knew that the invention of the matchlock gun was an amazing tool for hunting and battle but was cast aside with the new invention the flintlock gun.

Whenever he told me something about weaponry I knew he was about to feed, it served as a warning bell as he bit into my neck. Ren pulled his fangs out and wiped his mouth, I told him that I felt dizzy and he picked me up.

He told me he’d speak to Shin for me and warn him to take too much blood from me, I nodded as he put me down on the bed and he left.

Later, I stood up and looked at his fang marks in the mirror, there were two distinct holes in my neck.

That was when I realised I had never actually properly seen fangs before. I remembered that Kazuki kept a record of my health, blood levels, taste, consistency and food intake, I had caught only a glimpse of it the last time I was with him but hadn’t really thought on it until I aw the marks on my neck, but I was strangely calmed that he was monitoring my health so closely.

When I awoke, Shin was at my door I greeted him like always he greeted back and walked away, I followed him and he had food waiting for me. I finished eating and looked over to Shin. I cleared my throat, I asked if is was ok for me see his fangs.

He looked at me shocked, I explained that I was curious because I had never even seen a vampire before and the only time I see his fangs is when he’s about to bite, so I can’t really see them very well.

Shin asked me why would I want to do such a thing. I explained that it was in my nature and I really wanted to see so that I could try to make sense of it all. Shin smiled and sat next to me and showed me his fangs.

I examined them, surprised they were so long and white, I asked if I could touch them, he nodded. I touched his fangs, his fangs were so smooth, almost like porcelain. My finger got too close the bottom and cut my finger, I pulled my hand away looking at the cut.

Shin apologised but explained that his fangs have to be that sharp. He licked the blood from my finger and said he’d bite into my wrist today so I could see how vampires fed.

His eyes turned red as he licked my wrist, as told me that first vampires have to locate a blood vessel, then, align themselves to the perfect biting position, and then……. he bit into my wrist. His perfect white fangs piercing slowly through my skin. Blood pooling around his fangs as he drank. I thought how beautiful it was.

Like every other times he bit, there was no pain. He pulled his fangs out and kissed my lips. He bandaged up my wrist, I thanked him for showing me his fangs and explaining how he bites.

Shin smiled and walked off. I tried to follow him but he disappeared, it was no use trying to follow he was gone, curious I went to the library. But strangely Haruki wasn’t there.

I went in and looked for books on vampires. But there wasn’t any, Of course they’d have no books about vampires they don’t want their food reading up on them. I sighed and got up seeing them all at the door.

I flinched while I was backed into a corner, I tried to explain that I was just trying to learn more about vampires. Kazuki chuckled and explained that transforming into a bat like in vampire movies was complete nonsense.

Isamu put he put his arm out and came in close and told me that my blood is valuable but not irreplaceable, he let me go and I ran out.

I got to my room and barricaded all entrance points. I eventually lay on my bed and felt someone get in next to me. I tried to get out but Shin’s arm came over me pulling me down as his other arm curled under my waist. When he didn’t bite I asked what he was doing.

He told me to stay still. Shin didn’t say another word all day, I dared not fall asleep. I flinched at every sound outside. Every movement he made. I didn’t understand what he was doing. The sun went down and he let go. He got up and un-barricaded the door ordering me to follow him, I asked why.

Shin explained that his brothers and himself were going to teach me about vampires. I followed him and told him about Isamu yesterday.

Shin smiled and told me not worry about Isamu. He clarified that they were going to teach you about us but nothing that would endanger them. I was lead to a room were all the brothers were sitting.

Haruki asked if I really wanted to learn and I nodded, he stood up and came over to me. He showed me his hand and asked me if I noticed anything.

I saw he had abnormally long and sharp nails and his skin was so white, I asked permission before touching his hand, he nodded, I touched his hand, he was so cold.

He explained it was because he hadn’t had any blood that day. After he feeds his body gets warmer as my blood warms him up. I asked what would happen if the brothers didn’t have blood regularly. He explained that fully grown vampires can go without any blood for up to eight years. And they fed off me on a weekly basis just because I was accessible and healthy.

I cleared my throat and told them that in movies vampires are strong and fast. And some have special abilities. I asked if any of that is true.

Jiro who was across the other side of the room, appeared next to me, I flinched, proving his speed Ren levitated, proving their flight. Isamu punched a hole in the wall, proving their strength. Haruki moved my chair closer to him with his mind, proving that other powers existed.

I was scared but too interested in finding out more to run away. I looked at Haruki, he could clearly move things with mind. But was that truly all?

He walked off and explained all six brothers have the same basic set of powers but each of them has specialises. Haruki’s the strongest. Jiro’s the fastest runner. Ren’s the best flyer. Isamu’s the best at fighting both on ground and in the air. Kazuki’s the best at controlling the elements. Shin’s the best when it comes to mind control. I was now too scared to run.

Shin tried to calm me but I stood up saying that I he wasn’t helping, they all looked shocked, Ren was shocked that Shin’s mind trick hadn’t had any effect on me.

I went to leave but the door was locked, they crowded around me. I put my back to the door, terrified of what they were going to do next. I knew very little about vampires and secretly feared for my life every single night, but now my fear was obvious, as I pleaded to be let out. I could barely control my heartbeat or my breathing.

They looked at me realising I was scared they all backed off. Ren apologised for their actions and explained that they were merely curious about me. I didn’t move away from the door, as they all sat down. Realising they had no intension of letting me go I tried to force open the door.

I heard Kazuki say: Don’t you want to know how you got here in the first place? I stopped and turned to the brothers, calm down and sit, we’ll tell what you want to know. My curiosity peaked over my fear as I sat in front of the brothers.

Jiro explained that I was selected from a very young age to be their food source, should they require me. I was a strong and healthy baby that showed great recovery skills, whenever I was injured or sick.

Kazuki continued and stated that when I became old enough to survive being bitten I was simply picked up and brought here.

Isamu said that I was hand selected by their father. Angered I lashed out screaming about the life they forced me to leave behind.

Kazuki yelled at me explaining that my life was meant for this and only this!

Ren explained that their father made a deal with my father, that they would take me in as their food, when I came of a suitable age. He told me that my father agreed to this and that if he didn’t explain any of this to me that is his fault not theirs.

Shin stated that everyone other than my father from my old life believes that I am dead. I asked how many? I asked the brothers how many humans they have done this to?

Not one of them seemed to want to answer that question Ren explained that the others couldn’t survive being bitten and that within the two months I had been there it was the longest that a human has lasted in the castle.

I feared that I was going to die in this castle and that one of the six vampire in front of me would be the one to do it.

Haruki explained that I have proven beyond reasonable doubt that I have a very good chance of not dying from their bites. He stated that I recover quickly and heal well. Not to mention my healthy attitude towards being fed from.

I always let them feed whenever they want it and I don’t try anything foolish. Which means the brother don’t have to restrain me and run the risk of hurting me accidentally. He explained that naturally their father has someone lined up for after I’m dead, because unfortunately humans don’t live forever.

The door opened, I could leave this room, but not this castle. I walked out and I went back to my room, I hadn’t moved or spoken to anyone until one of the brothers came to my door.

Shin called my name telling me it was time for dinner. I went to the door, I followed him to the kitchen and offered my hand while setting out plates. He seemed confused that’s when I saw the blood bags and no food.

I got some pans out and started making more food. Shin asked why I was doing this for them. I explained that I knew I had no choice. I can’t out run them, I can’t over power them.

I told him that I decided I was going to make the best of it. Even if I resist it won’t change anything. I offered my hand again and asked him to bite, Shin held my hand, he stated I was taking it all a little too well, he licked then bit my hand.

I smiled telling him that I’d rather be an honoured guest, than a caged lab rat. Shin kissed me like always. We sat and ate, I noticed them staring at me, I asked what was going on.

Haruki said that they were concerned that I was doing so well considering what they had just told me earlier. I looked at him and explained that I was angry at my father for selling me and not them for buying me. Like they said, if my father didn’t bother to explain this to me then it’s not their fault.

After three weeks I got into the routine however as their hungers got more intense, so did my work load.

I woke one night and I couldn’t move, Shin came looking for me as I was late and found me on the floor in the hallway unconscious. He called for a doctor.

Who came to see me almost immediately, I heard the doctor explain that I can’t be used for food for two weeks and if they do feed from me before then, it could kill me.

I heard the brothers bickering over who was the one to blame for this, I put my hand out and told them to stop, Shin pulled a blanket over me and told me to rest.

A week passed and I was feeling better but told not to allow anyone to feed from me. I heard Haruki and Isamu fighting in the hall way.

Isamu’s hunger had almost hit his limit and Haruki was trying to stop him from coming to feed from me Shin came over and told him to have some that they have in storage.

Isamu yelled that it doesn’t work anymore. I opened my door and I held my hand out, I asked Shin to fill six small glasses with my blood.

Shin and Haruki protested saying it was too dangerous but I convinced them otherwise. Since I had never once felt faint from filling glasses and besides, when I returned to feeding duties and they were all starving. I was going to end up right back in this situation.

Haruki looked at Shin, they had an in-depth conversation with a single look as Shin agreed. I walked with him to the kitchen. I noticed he was tired, I asked what was wrong with him, I had never seen him like this before.

Shin explained that after having high quality for so long it was difficult to suddenly have none at all.

We got to the kitchen and I offered my hand, his eyes burning red and he turned away he was worried about not being able to control himself. I simply smiled and hugged him telling him he could do it.

Shin nodded and licked my hand, he bit and filled the glasses, he wrapped up my hand and kissed me. I noticed his eyes stayed red, as he took the tray in the other room. I looked in as they drank. They all drank it so fast they were clearly starving.

After my blood rejuvenated them, they started to look more like themselves I was relieved to see them recover. All the brothers seemed happier now they had drank some blood and were complimenting me behind my back. I smiled and chuckled slightly I hadn’t really heard them praise me like that before.

I then heard Shin suggest out of blue that they allow me to go outside into the gardens sometime, I was shocked but elated at the prospect but heart broken as all the others brothers dismissed his suggestion without question nor discussion. Angered I slammed the door open and protested.

Haruki told me that they weren’t going to let me leave the castle, but it was for my own good, Shin pulled out an article on human health that suggested fresh air and exercise outside is good for humans.

All the brothers looked to Haruki, as the oldest he had the final word on the matter, I anxiously awaited his answer. I knew if he said no, not a single one of the brothers would argue on my behalf and there would be no point in me bringing it up ever again.

Haruki stood up and went to the door unlocking it, I looked over to Shin, who smiled and winked at me, I couldn’t help but smile sweetly back at him.

Before the door was opened, Haruki was leading out in front of me, Jiro and Ren to my left and Isamu and Kazuki on my right with Shin following on behind me.

I stated that I wasn’t going to try and run off, but he simply replied without feeling or further explanation that the security wasn’t for me.

‘This security isn’t for you.’ replied Haruki walking off without another word.

I saw the moon after seeing nothing but walls and ceilings for months it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. After a while the brother seemed to relax so I asked if maybe I could walk a little on my own without all the brothers following me so closely.

They all stopped and looked around, Haruki nodded at Isamu he held my arm I was concerned what that meant but relieved when he walked away from the other brothers. I understood then that my request was granted, I looked down to see a dead flower bed.

I wanted so much to clean up the garden but Isamu dismissed it immediately stated that I didn’t understand how grateful I should be at being outside. I was then lead back inside and the door was locked again, I sighed.

Kazuki gently pushed me away from the door and told me to get something to eat. I went to the kitchen and cooked myself some fish. I sat to eat but I didn’t want any so I left it. Unable to understand why I went to bed as the sun started to rise.

I woke that night and looked out to the gardens, wanting so much to go out again. I tried to open my window but it was locked. Haruki appeared behind me, telling me that they had the windows and doors locked. I jumped and turned in fright and asked why

He gave no reply and walked out, I punched the wall and sat on the bed annoyed. I went to see Shin, he answered me, without me saying a word that he wouldn’t help you get out the castle. I walked in and explained that I was only hoping he could teach me how to draw and paint.

Shin asked why so I looked at his paintings on the wall and told him that he has talent and I have always wanted to learn, just with my work and school in my human life I never had the time to. Now I have none of that to worry about I’d like to learn.

Shin sat in silence for a while but agreed, he pulled a chair round for me and set up a blank canvas.

I told him I wanted to draw the moon, I saw the night I was in the garden. After two hours of teaching and coaching from Shin I’d drawn the moon complete with shading and depth. I saw him staring at my neck. I stood up and walked away, I thanked him for teaching me and left as the sun rose in the sky.

My week of rest had ended and I went to find Haruki in the library. Haruki came out of nowhere, pinned me to the bookshelf and bit into my neck. He pulled away and apologised for biting me out of nowhere like that, I fell to the floor.

He pulled me to my feet and put me on a chair, I sat up and asked him to teach me English Literature and how to write better. Haruki came over with a book and gave it to me, after I finished reading we discussed it in depth.

The next night I went to Isamu who was playing the flute, I sat silently until he finished. He pinned me to the sofa and bit my neck without a word, he pulled away and continued playing.

When I was able to sit up, he stopped again and told me to wait as he left and returned with food. A while after I asked him if he could you teach me to play the piano. He agreed but only after he fed from me again.

Isamu sat next to me and bit pushing me down as he drank. He pulled his fangs out and said that when I was ready, I was to sit at the piano, he walked away and continued with his flute. I felt better and sat at the piano. Isamu taught me all the chords and some simple melodies.

I had something more to eat then went to bed before the sun rose. Jiro came to get me I followed Jiro to the kitchen. He started making a big meal for me. I asked if he needed any help and he gave me instructions.

I finished and Jiro put his hand on my shoulder, his gaze fixated intently on my neck. I tilted my head away from him to give him access he bit into my neck. We talked about cooking and food for hours.

The next night I was with Kazuki. I walked in and he pinned me to the wall facing it, as he bit in the back of my neck. His bites still hurt more than all the other brothers. He pulled his fangs from my neck and put me down on a chair.

I asked Kazuki, what he was working on, he explained that he was just mixing chemicals and seeing what reaction they have. I asked him if he could teach me about science. Kazuki looked at me and smiled.

Haruki became my English teacher. Isamu became my music teacher. Jiro became my cooking teacher and Kazuki became my science teacher. Ren would soon be my history teacher and Shin became my art teacher.

Kazuki taught me the basics, the periodic table. Then moved on DNA and cells. He didn’t feed from me again that night as he taught me. He was a strict teacher that wouldn’t hesitate to scold me of I messed up, but I didn’t mind it. I left and went to bed after my lesson and woke up.

I went to Ren in the armoury, he didn’t look so good and he pinned me to the wall behind me

Ren’s eyes started to glow red as he explained that in ancient Egypt most men fought on foot but after about 1,700 BC the army also had chariots. Each chariot carried two men, one to drive and one to shoot arrows.’ he bit into me, when he pulled away he wiped blood from his mouth. He left and came back with some food.

I started eating as he returned to polishing and sharpening his weapon collection. I put the bowl down and cleared my throat, I asked him if he could teach me more about history. I knew he always told me little facts before biting but I wanted to learn more.

After three hours of teaching I asked him if he could fight with the weapons in his collection. He told me he could so ask if he could show me. Ren smiled and pulled out a sword, he practised with a sword, explaining his movements he asked me if wanted to try.

I nodded, he handed me the sword and stood behind me holding my hands on the sword, he slowly moved and taught me how different civilisations used different techniques with swords and other weaponry. I went to bed in the early hours of the morning.

I remember thinking how great it was that I was learning and remembering so much of what the brothers had taught me. I woke the next night and went to find Shin.

He told me that my lesson that day was on how to accurately draw a face. I smiled and went over, he moved my hair away from my neck. He licked my neck and bit.

Again I felt no pain from his bite. Shin pulled away and kissed my lips, like he always did. And then we got on with the lesson. He fed twice more and brought up some food for me while I drew. Shin smiled and sat next to me and held my hand to guide the pencil stroke some more.

After two hours he started instructing me on shading. After three hours of shading it was done. Shin complemented my drawing saying it was almost as good as his.

After three months of teaching from all the brothers, I was better at all aspects. My grammar had greatly improved. I was able to play several different instruments with ease. I could cook difficult dishes without any problems. I could perform experiments without Kazuki’s assistance. Use and clean antique weaponry like a professional. I could draw and paint with grace and accuracy.

Sunday: I went down to prepare dinner and heard the brothers talking they seemed nervous. Clearly someone was to come to the Castle and it was someone who made the brothers nervous, I wondered who on earth could make them nervous.

I knocked on the door and asked who was coming to visit. Ren explained that their father wanted to visit. My heart sank with dread fearing he wouldn’t approve of me and kill me.

Jiro explained that I would need to learn the proper etiquette before meeting him. Isamu explained that when I am presented to him, I would have to curtsy. And remain like that until he gives me signal to stand straight again.

Shin told me that he may want to feed from me to sample my blood. They would assist me but if they can’t talk him down I would have to offer my blood graciously. I wouldn’t be allowed to speak unless he speaks to me. After three hours of etiquette lessons, I was as ready as I was going to get.

Next Sunday, a red dress was placed on my bed. Haruki explained that Lord Takehiro likes that colour, plus if he does feeds and he spills some blood, it won’t show up as much.

I nodded and looked at him in a sharp suit, his hair set in place and he had perfect posture, I couldn’t help but compliment him, he smiled at me I noticed something his tie was crooked. I went over and fixed it for him I asked him when Lord Takehiro would be arriving.

Haruki turned to leave and told me to get changed and prepare to meet Lord Takehiro in the front hall with the brothers. I got changed and went to the front hall just as he was arriving, the doors opened and the brothers bowed so I curtsied. I heard his footsteps enter the room.

With my heart racing and head swimming I heard him allow us all to stand. The brothers and I stood straight. He was serious and intimidating figure, yet soft and gentle with his approach to his sons, every step he took seemed to be purposeful and striking.

His clothes only serving to flatter his muscular form and perfect features. I had to stop myself from staring at his beauty and over powering presence.

He went up to Haruki while servants came in holding new books that Haruki didn’t have, Haruki bowed thanking his father, Takehiro went to Isamu and gave him a new violin, piano and flute Isamu bowed as they were wheeled in. Takehiro handed Jiro a new recipe book. Jiro’s eyes lit up he bowed thanking his father excitedly. He turned to Kazuki and showed him all the newest laboratory equipment he brought for him, Kazuki bowed.

He turned to Ren and a servant came forward with a morning star, he took the weapon happily and bowed smiling. Takehiro turned to Shin as new painting equipment was brought in, Shin actually hugged his father, then bowed thanking him. I remember thinking that the younger the brothers got the more excited they were at receiving gifts from their father, or more they weren’t as good at playing down their reactions

He turned to me I curtsied he held my chin, raising my head and looked at my neck he said that I was adapting well and let go. I thanked him masking my fear with a gentle smile. Lord Takehiro took my hand and kissed it and told me to call him Takehiro.

I smiled back at him and he complimented me on my smile, I asked him if would follow me to the drawing room, where some of Lord Shin’s paintings are hanging, the brothers had previously instructed me that I would have to add Lord in front of all their names when around their father.

I told him that I found Lord Shin was an extremely talented painter. Takehiro said that he gets it from his mothers side. The others followed we sat and talked for a while, then I remembered dinner, I turned to Shin and asked him give me a hand adding the final ingredient.

We got to the kitchen Shin licked my hand and bit pouring the blood into glasses. He finished filling the glasses and started bandaging my hand, he kissed me. He went back to get the others while I served up the food.

Takehiro sat at the head of the table, with Haruki on his right and Isamu on his left. Jiro next to Haruki and Kazuki next to Isamu. Ren next to Jiro and Shin next to Kazuki. With me on the opposite end of the table.

I looked across at Takehiro then to the brothers, I remember thinking how civilised they were acting, when I realised I thought how handsome they looked, I blushed and concentrated on my food.

Takehiro asked to sample my blood straight from the vein. I was scared sure but replied as calmly as I could, I sat next to Takehiro while the brothers remained seated. Takehiro moved my hair away and came closer to my neck, his eyes glowing red.

As I felt him get closer I flinched but he didn’t bite, he kissed my neck and took my hand, he explained that the blood vessels in my neck were to delicate for his fangs. He turned to my wrist and licked my wrist, he told his sons to pay attention. The brothers watch intently.

I watched as his teeth grew sharper and slowly pierced through my skin, blood pooled around his teeth as he bit deeper to reach the vein. Some blood ran down my arm as he pulled his teeth out, I held a piece of cloth to my elbow in order to catch it, he smiled as he complimented my blood on it’s rich taste.

He got a napkin and covered his teeth marks and started bandaging my wrist, he asked how I felt, I smiled and told him I felt fine. My curiosity peaked yet again with the arrival of a newest vampire and before I could stop myself I had asked Takehiro why his bite didn’t hurt.

I leaned away as he stared at me seeming to focus deep at my neck. As if he was examining the bite marks from his sons fangs on my neck.

The sun started to rise and I instructed to leave. I bowed and swiftly moved up to my room. I shut the door and sat up against it, trying to calm my breathing.

I eventually fell asleep against the door. That was the first night since I started to live there, I was scared to fall asleep. When I awoke I went to Haruki. He invited me in and I heard Takehiro greet me.

I jumped and moved back, Haruki explained that he merely wanted to observe the brothers feeding techniques to determine if that is the cause of the differing pain levels.

I learnt quickly what the signs are when they want to feed and Haruki was displaying all of them. Hs posture had changes and behavioural changes such as restlessness began to show. In addition his eyesight became more focused upon my neck.

He came over and Takehiro came over to watch as Haruki bit into my neck. He pulled out and Takehiro examined my bite marks. He didn’t say a word and went over to Haruki looking at his fangs. He did the same for all the other brothers and on Sunday explained, that he thought the pain is caused by differences in teeth size and locations of the bites.

I bowed and wished him safe travels. I was left with the brothers. Jiro put his hand on my shoulder and said he’d make that nights dinner. All the brothers praised me on my courage when with their father.

Shin added my blood to the meal and I went to bed. I was in the routine of being fed from and didn’t get so many headaches anymore. I suppose after a while I just got used to it. Getting fed from meant nothing to me anymore, I no longer felt fear about their bites. In a strange kind of way, I think I wanted them to feed of me. I had developed a certain affection for the brothers without realising it.

The brothers taught me all they knew about literature, art, cooking, history, science and music. I was happy that I was doing well and learnt so much, the brothers were impressed with my progress and called me out one Sunday. I entered the dining room.

Haruki cleared his throat as the brothers surrounded me and opened the door. I breathed in deep, seeming to forget the smell of the fresh night air. I was relieved that this was the reason for the brothers strange behaviour, I queried why now?

Isamu explained that Takehiro had convinced them it was best they let you outside every now and again. The next time I was with Shin I asked if we could go out and draw the Castle, Shin stood up and gathered necessary equipment. He gave me hours of direction feeding little and often, he was happy with what I had drawn.

I didn’t question why they were so worried about me going outside and always stayed close to me, I was just happy to be out. Whichever brother I went outside with they would stay close to my side the entire time not taking his eyes off me for a second.

Two months went by, I was perfectly settled into the routine and the pain of their bites was becoming weaker and weaker. There was still pain but I was so used to it, it felt some what numb. I seemed to forget about my old life with every passing day. It started to feel as if this was the only life I’d ever known. I had to keep reminding myself this wasn’t normal.

Sunday night, the door to the outside was opened. I saw the moonlight glow stronger as I walked out.

Turning back, I noticed none of the brothers had moved from the doorway. I walked off and Takehiro was in the garden looking at the dead flowers. I went over and curtsied. He asked me to help him, I nodded and knelt down to the flowers.

We tended the garden together as the brothers joined, we all went back in just before sun rise. I curtsied at Takehiro and took Shin’s hand so I could add the blood. We had some food but they were still hungry. All their eyes were red, I sighed and told them all to line up in age with Lord Takehiro first, then, go down in age.

Takehiro bit from my right wrist as Haruki bit from his usual spot on the left. Isamu and Jiro bit together as did Kazuki and Ren. Shin bit alone and kissed me.

Standing up I realised how much they had taken. I fell but Takehiro caught me, being the fastest of them all. He told the brothers to get the kit and took me to my room. His eyes glowed red as he said he was examining me to see if it was serious. He smiled calming his eyes realising I wasn’t in too bad a shape.

The brothers came in with an assortment of food, tablets and liquids. I had all the gave me and went to sleep. I felt strangely safe sleeping next to the brothers. I remember waking that morning with them all standing over me, I was kind of happy they were still there.

Takehiro left that night and I continued living with the brothers as usual. I sat together with Haruki for hours comparing and contracting books. Seeming to grow closer as discussions went on.

I went to Isamu and found out I had learnt to play all the instruments he possessed. I went to Jiro the next night, we talked and laughed together while we cooked.

The next night I couldn’t find Kazuki anywhere I found Ren and told him. He assisted with the search but to no avail. He asked the other brothers but no one saw him. I noticed the front door was slightly open.

The door is open, I looked at the clock and realised it wasn’t long until sunrise, if he was out there when the sun came up, he’d die. I walked away from the brothers but they stopped me. I explained that I was the only one here that could survive in sunlight. They backed down and let me go I went out and saw Kazuki on the floor across the courtyard.

I ran over and tried to wake him but it was no use, the sun started to rise and I was too far from the house to get him back in time. I picked him up and headed to the nearest shaded area and shaded it more to protect him.

I yelled back to the castle, that Kazuki was unconscious. Ren explained that as long as his skin isn’t exposed I can drag him inside, using their superior strength they threw me blankets all the way across the courtyard and instructed me on how to wrap him up, I dragged him over to the castle and got inside.

They shut the door and checked on him as I sat on the floor out of breath, he was heavier than I was expecting him to be and it took a lot out of me to drag him in.

Shin checked on me as the brothers took Kazuki upstairs. I asked if he was ok but Shin couldn’t answer me. I followed the brothers and entered the room as they lay him on the table, I pushed them out the way and cut my palm, letting the blood drip into his mouth.

He came round and bit into my hand savagely, he came to his senses hearing me whine in pain and let go, I fell to the floor clutching my wounded hand. He seemed confused to be inside, we told him what had happened but he had no memory of even leaving the grounds.

Jiro was bandaging my hand as Kazuki stood up, he took my other and kissed it and thanked me for saving his life. Kazuki let go of my hand and I touched his face, then my body moved on it’s own, as I hugged him. I don’t know why I hugged him. I just felt in that moment I had to. I was strangely glad he was alright.

The next night I was with Ren, I found him and the other brothers locking and barricading the windows and doors. I offered to help, they all turned and stared. Ren came over and took me away. He took me to the weapon room and shut the door. I asked why they were all acting so strange.

Ren hugged me and thanked me for saving his big brother he held me tight so I returned the hug. I was scared to see a vampire looking so human. It was disillusioning to see such a creature of immense power acting so fragile. I pushed him off and saw he’s face, he looked so sad and small.

When the sun went down I got up and found Shin. I smiled and went over to him. He held my hand and kissed it and thanked me for saving his brother I simply smiled back at him.

Takehiro came to the door, he came over and hugged me and thanked me for saving his son, he let go and Takehiro smiled and kissed my cheek, he left to check on Kazuki, Shin and I followed.

The brothers bowed, I assumed they were bowing at him but quickly realised it was me. I turned to Kazuki and repeated Takehiro’s question. Kazuki said he felt better. Takehiro examined him and then held his hand, he bit into Kazuki’s hand I went to stop him when Shin held me back.

I asked him why he was stopping me, he explained that Takehiro was trying to determine what really happened that day as they suspect sabotage. Takehiro pulled his fangs out and looked fierce as he left as quickly as he came.

Takehiro left quickly seeming angry, Kazuki explained that he was attacked and Takehiro wasn’t going to take it lying down, the next time I saw Takehiro he was covered in blood.

Of course I was scared but offered to wash his clothes and run a bath for him. Takehiro was surprised I was acting so calm but accepted my offer.

I asked just how many vampires wanted my blood Haruki explained it was every vampire in the area. It was debated whether or not I was safe for me to stay with the brothers I asked where would I go, Isamu seemed to hatch a plan and moved the brothers to another room and shut me out. I left it and carried on as, what was now, my usual.

Everything seemed to settle down in the next couple of days. I was trusted to go outside a lot more because I saved Kazuki, they felt more comfortable letting me out. But strict watch is taken up before I was allowed to leave.

One day: I return to the house and all the brothers were waiting for me. I asked what was wrong and they said I could leave the castle completely. I can have my life back, I don’t have to return to the castle and they won’t hunt me down or kill me.

Haruki held my shoulder with all the brothers around him saying that I could go. I thought they were joking but then Takehiro appeared behind me explaining that I was free and I could leave.

Next thing I knew I woke up in my bed at my apartment. The next few weeks, I found it hard to readjust to sleeping at night so I didn’t. I became nocturnal without realising it. I read through my notebook I had when I was with the brothers.

I thought it was strange I had it but wrote it off as nothing special, thinking they must have thought it was part of my personal effects. I decided fairly quickly to write my story. But as a fictional novel, so I don’t come across to the public as insane.


And that’s the end of my story. Well. Almost………..


A few weeks later, I’m sitting at my book signing. A reporter asked about my inspiration I simply smiled in reply. They asked me why I only do these interviews on a Sunday nights I told them it was simpler that way.

A reporter asked why I wrote it in the way I did and why didn’t I give any description of their appearance, not even hair colour, why do this. I explained that I wrote it in the way I did, to put the reader in Yuki’s shoes.

I never put descriptions of the brothers in the story because I want the reader to reach their on idea of what they look like? I am removing the image of them, so the reader isn’t distracted by their appearances and focuses on the character on it’s own merits.

A couple more questions were asked before, I stood up and left. Leaving I met Haruki in the ally way, I smiled getting in a car with him and headed back to the castle.

Takehiro asked me how the book sales were doing I replied with facts from my publishers sale reports, I headed to the kitchen, where Shin was waiting to add my blood to the cooking.

During the meal I asked, if they were all full brothers. They nodded confused that I asked. I explained, that I confused because each brothers personalities were so different and they had such differing hair colours. Shin had brown hair. Ren had orange hair. Kazuki had blue hair. Jiro had yellow hair. Isamu had red hair. Haruki had purple hair. And Takehiro had silver hair.

Takehiro explained that their mother had the rarest of rare hair colours and that her hair would constantly change colour. The differing hair colours of the brothers where probably down to her rare hair gene. After we finished eating I realised what the brothers had done, they had put me in the public eye, so if any other vampires tried to take me it would attract too much attention and so I was safe from attack.

The brothers simply smiled. Shin explained that just because they couldn’t use mind control on me they could still manipulate my behaviour to their advantage.

I simply smiled and continued living in harmony in the castle with the brothers.



© Copyright 2020 MissRozza1994. All rights reserved.

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