Try Not To Lose Your Cool

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this isn't one of my best, but i think it has a lot of meaning to some shits.

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



you walk around like you know it all,

thinking you're so cool,

just cause you're thin and tall,

i see the real you, a tool,

bragging about how crap your life is,

when your life is pretty damn fine,

compared to mine or his,

pretending you drink beer when you really drink wine,

so go on keep on speaking lie after lie,

and i'll just keep watching you fail,

when you make a failed attept to get high,

you loose your cool by being sick in a pail,

come home that day,

mother screaming at how late you are,

guess that's the price you pay,

expecially getting dropped home in a police car,

come into school the next morn,

hoping people will finally like you,

guess what? your paper's torn,

i made em see the truth bout you, all the lies and crap too,

the only way they're gonna like you now,

is for you to actually try,

take your vow,

and never fake cry,

then i can move onto a new loser just like you.

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