you, thankyou.

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a massive thankyou to my friends and boyfriend for getting me through a lot of pain

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



You turned me into something i never knew i could be,

you make my poison turn back to blood,

turn my tears into smiles,

you heal the scars that were once there,

you make the sorrow and pain turn to sunshine and beauty,

you do this everytime you hear i'm sad,

you try your best with me,

never giving up on me,

even if i say i'm gonna give up,

you'd tell me the things i needed to hear,

telling me you'd swim miles just to see me for twenty minutes,

when i'd say i didnt like something about me,

my body, my hair, my smile,

you find the sweetest reply,

you stroke my head and tell me,

the defonition of beauty is me,

for this i hate you,

hate you on the simple fact that,

i love you,

more than life itself,

mainly cause you made my life what it is,

you made me, me,

if i was to say my last words to you now,

it be; thankyou.

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