That "Man"

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This is the narrative of a girl chronically abused by her father. This poem is in no way true--I completely made it up. No worries.

Submitted: June 17, 2008

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Submitted: June 17, 2008



Trying to make me what I can never be


To him, violence is the answer/ To solve all grand debates/ He never thinks of the abuse, the crime/ The life his own daughter does face/ *** Feels I’m slacking, avoiding,/ And he himself never loves who I am/ Trys to make me what I can never be/ My whole life has become an ugly jam/ *** So here I sit now, cowering,/ Waiting for the one fatal blow./ Anticipating the strike of death/ In the corner, no place to go./ *** He strides to me, and whispers/ “Do you fear me now?” he croons/ I slowly nod now, yes, I do/ “And why is that?!” he booms./ *** “You will kill me!” I shriek/ “You will leave me here to die!/ Every day could be my last!/ But that is not why I now cry!/ *** “I’ve never had a father./ No one to share my jokes/ Just a poor excuse for a cowardly man/ Who finds fun in those victims he pokes!”/

He backhands me, and pulls my hair/ Ignores my shrieks and screams/ This isn’t how my life should end/ While I screech out with my pleas./ *** Will anyone go to my funeral?/ Will anyone care just to show?/ I have no friends, no mother, no one/ No one I really know/

The abuse, it will continue/ Until someone takes a stand/ And the best person to do the standing/ Is the one being hit with the hand. ***

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