Angelic Clone

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This is about a girl that stumbles upon a strange mirror.

Submitted: July 20, 2011

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Submitted: July 20, 2011



Annalisa was thrilled to be on her once more but she had had gotten herself lost, she was certainly going to get an ear full from her mother when she got home! A small smile touched her lips as she walked across the abandon halls of an ancient house on a hill in her town. She had wanted to explore the quaint place for years and she finally was exploring it! But the house seemed creepier, lonelier than it had on the outside where the sun shone brightly against her skin making her hot and rather exasperated. The house lay on a very steep hill through a dense yet humid forest; she surely didn’t want to go traveling in such conditions during the night. She had a taser but that wouldn’t help her much if a gang of outlaws ambushed her.


Her foot steps ceased as she entered into a dark room, her hand immediately going to the rough wall trying to feel around for a light switch. As she flipped it and stepped away from her spot by the door, she looked around but the light bulb blew out causing the darkness to sweep in making the room once again lightless. A gruff sigh came from her lips as she turned her body around, deciding to exit the room rather than try to walk around but as she walked she didn’t feel the door or the wall. Her heart sped up quickly; panic welling in her mind her hands swooshing around in the darkness in front of her.


“No.” Annalisa dragged in a calming breath into her heaving lungs, trying to regain her composure. A door and a wall couldn’t just disappear, she would feel it eventually if she kept on walking and she merely is just going in another direction of the wall and door without knowing it on the count of the pitch darkness surrounding her.


As she thought calming and rational thoughts she turned her body in another direction, hoping to walk into a wall soon. But even as she walked, which seemed like an eternity but was only about ten minutes, she did not stumble into another that might’ve been in the room and still did not feel the wall. She stopped and let out an exasperated sigh as she squinted her eyes trying to penetrate the lightless room and something sliver and what seemed to shine like a beckon was just ahead. It reminded Annalisa of what people would call “the light at the end of the tunnel” but she walked to it nevertheless; being trapped in this wholly darkness was too much to bear. She approached the whimsical light with caution at first and finally recognized it as a mirror and as she looked closely at it she saw the mirror ripple! As if it was made up of a sliver liquid.


Annalisa looked into the rippling mirror; it seemed odd that a mirror that could reform was in the middle of practically no where. She slowly reached toward it wondering if it was actually real or a hallucination and watched as her supposed reflection did the same, but something caught her eyes before she touched the mythical mirror. The girl staring back at her, that seemed to be her reflection, had slight differences then when Annalisa would look into a mirror. As she looked closer and studied each little physically feature, Annalisa noticed that the girl didn't have smudged gray spots underneath her eyes (like Annalisa always had), her mouth was creased with laughing lines, as her skin was a tad bit tanner rather than a pastel pale like Annalisa. She wore the same clothes, the same hair style, everything was basically the same at first glance, but as she took a closer look the girl seemed more angelic, happier than Annalisa herself.


"Hmm... how strange." She said softly, her words never echoed back to her, as if the place she was in had no limitations and went on forever. "What kind of trickery are you?" Annalisa asked with slight suspicion as she tilted her head to the left a bit, her long auburn hair falling across her shoulders; the clone did the exact same, her hair falling the same way but seemed to have a better shine to her rather soft looking hair. Annalisa's eyebrows creased together- as did her clones’ before she finally stepped forwards a bit and moved her hand closer to the rippling reflection and stopped just away from the surface, she could feel a slight heat coming from the object. "Are you but an illusion, or am I going insane? Or... could it be possible? Are you real; is there a parallel universe behind this peculiar glazed surface?" Annalisa was reluctant to make her fingers caress the surface at first but finally as her skin touched it a shiver ran up her spine from the sudden wintry touch. It had seemed so warm to her from a far, but the surface it self was as cold as dry ice.


She tried to pull back quickly, but it seemed the ripples were gathering around her fingers, gulping them up to make the misconception that she was getting swallowed alive. Annalisa didn't scream nor did she act out start to wiggle around wildly and slowly enough she was finally pulled into the object that she had once thought as just a mirror. She stumbled and finally was stopped by a person, their arms warm that reminded her of sunshine, a comfortable feeling that made her feel safe. "Are... are you alright?" The voice of a girl that enunciated clearly with much concern asked, Annalisa slowly looked up to look into a pair of vibrant brown eyes, as she pulled away from the girl she recognized that it was her self!


"I'm…" she said, her voice hoarse from all of the commotion, "I'm fine. Who- no… what are you?" Her eyes studied the girl with caution. She could be just going insane for she was seeing someone who looked like her yet wasn’t, and was just gobbled up by a reforming mirror!


The clone's artistically pink lips smiled gently and looked away from her to the side, "I'm who you always wanted to be, that good girl who always was happy and could solve almost any problem around her, I'm your dream self." She said in a rather soft voice then looked back to Annalisa and stepped to the side to show what she had stumbled into. Amazingly enough, she saw a world filled with sunshine, bright and healthy grass, cats and dogs were playing together, it was just so… breath taking and exquisitely beautiful in her eyes that her eyes became blurry and hot tears slid down her rosy cheeks. "And this is the world you have hoped for."

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