Shadow Illusions

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A young girl runs away from the monsters that have killed her family.

Submitted: August 02, 2011

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Submitted: August 02, 2011



It was just past midnight as she ran down the stairs into the dark, dank basement. Her heels cluttered against the timber steps with each desperate stride; echoing against the cold vastness of the cellar. Her gasping became louder than it would have been in a normal situation. Could they find her now? With such loud noises coming from her weakened lungs? Immediately silence folded around her, forming a blanket of despair.

“Got… to… rest.”

Her voice was meek and small, not at all like her booming tone on the stage. She was aching all over and she ran too far; she wasn’t cut out to run from those shadows on the walls. Her feet were screaming for her to stop, her mind just told her to go on; but she was on the brink of exhaustion, she had to stop.

What was she to do now? She was stuck underneath the crypt, where no light would touch. The windows were painted black, taunting her mind with desolation. The room was quiet, no even the dull echo of her heart- had she stopped breathing? Was she in shock? Her body felt numb, her sub-conscious urging not to close her eyes but only for a moment she would rest, only for a moment…

She’s cold, something hard is pushing against her side; open your eyes. Her mind insisted until finally her vision caught sight of a ceiling. The ceiling was black- a black ceiling? No such thing existed, only for-

“Oh no…”

Her voice was breathy as she realized what had happened. Her eyes were droopy, her life was on the line; how could she had done it? Something as trivial as such a thing! Her body felt cold, her lungs were wheezing for air. It just couldn’t be, it had to be only a second of brief rest but she knew it was not just a second. Something was jabbing her side, a twinge of pain jerked her up and made her confront her mistake.

The room was dark; quiet as can be. Nothing was stirring, not even a bug. Her house was empty of those nightmares again- was it true? The razor claws did not cover her sight and those ghastly teeth did not tear at her hungrily. But if that was so, her life prolonged, why did the creatures of the damned did not eat her alive before? She was slumbering in the darkness where the monsters thrived and- what was that annoying jabbing in her side?

Thank you lord for protecting me…

But first, a small pray for her amazing survival in the den of the bogeymen. As she might have prayed for her demon’s life to end, she prayed for her just begin. Even so, through her relieved time, something didn’t seem quite right. The shadows were just behind her when she stumbled into the basement, where could they have gone? They couldn’t have just disappeared; she didn’t even think it was dawn yet. When the sun rose they disappeared but yet… yet she knew when she ran for her very life it was just turning dark.

Could I have really fallen asleep that long?

She sat up more and winced, grinding her teeth against each other.

That’s right… something is hurting my side, what could it be?

Something indeed! She gently brushed her side until her fingers skimmed up against something hard and cold… this can not be! I do not have something solid in my body; I would have felt it go right through me!

Her fingers probed against the firm object, tracing her fingers along the side until finally reaching where it was embedded into her flesh. Now, something wasn’t right here, she knew this well, for all she felt was a pain like a cramp. Such a piece of object rooted into her side would surely cause an insufferable throbbing in her waist but instead pulsated with a dull pain. She slowly sat up against the wall, letting out a fatigued sigh. She had plenty of reset now and her eyes could see clearly in the dark. The basement was bare of nothing but a few boxes and tables next to her, no dark blobs moved against the lighter dark color, nothing seemed to be out of place. She sat there wounded and conjectured why her feet lead her down into such a formidable place.

What a fool I am! Such a place is not for the likes of me. I wonder what mother would say to such brainless actions…

Seven days ago her family was wiped off the face of the Earth. This was the price she had to pay by opening the wretched trap door on the stage. Curiosity had killed the cat and now it destroyed her family; she sighed and closed her eyes, leaning her head back against the wall.

Perhaps I should have stayed away… maybe I should have let those blasted monsters have me.

Just then, she could hear her mother’s response to her daughter’s words; Now you see here Hinna, I will not have any of this pessimistic talk in this house hold. You just need to smile and think positive because no one wants you dead and if they did then a lot of people wants them dead. Just smile and you’ll see.

That was right, her name was Hinna. Her loved ones called her that once; after all, it was her birth name but now… now the monsters use that against her. They mocked her with those lovely words, that caring name; coaxing her out from her insecure mind set. They wanted her to come out, go to the darkness and walk into the internal depths of Hell.

“I have to get up… that is what mom would have wanted; I must do at least that.”

Her words were filled with courage but her emotions were scarce toward such bravery. Hinna slowly stood up, touching the object in her side that puzzled her so. She had to get to some light before the monsters came back; she didn’t want to become their food so she had to take those painful steps to the stairs. But with darkness around her, like a blanket of coal, her eyes were wide with fear with each step she took toward the heavenly exit.

Gradually she crept toward the set of steps, her eyes rolled around the room, such jitters were upon her. She wasn’t meant to fight such beasts or to be trapped in her own blanket of fear… was she? Her family now gone, her friends in the past, now all she had left was her memories of them. Hinna was falling apart; she would go crazy if she didn’t see the rays of the sun soon. Already in such a lovely dress, that spurred open with every twirl, was t his to be her funeral dress? Would someone find her in a corner pale as a ghost? No, no; she mustn’t think of such things.

Six steps away… five steps… four… three…

So close to the exit, so very close but the stairs were wooden and so they held darkness in-between, such nail biting thoughts danced in her mind; images of claws grabbing at her ankles; teeth ripping at her flesh. Hinna shuddered at such visual illustrations of her demise, if the demons didn’t cut her up when she was sleeping then they surely wouldn’t be around to grab her from those creaky steps. Her words comforted her, if only for a moment, to make her take those last few steps to those stairs. This was it, she had to do this, and she couldn’t just sit in the basement where the monsters flourished… she could do this, she knew she could, all she had to do is take the last step…

At last, the last step had been taken and she shut her eyes, as if nothing would happen if she didn’t see anything but nothing did happen, slowly Hinna opened her left eye looking down at her feet. No, of course nothing was grabbing at her ankles; no beady eyes were looking up at her with a hungry gaze. A sigh of relief left her body, tension slipping out as she took another step upward but then, what was that sound? A creak in the midst? Her heart sped up faster, adrenaline rushed through her body once again.

“Hinnnaaaa… Hinnaaa…” a ghostly tone came from the abyss down below, running a chill up her spine.

Slowly, very slowly she turned around like she was in a horror movie; whilst she could have been with such frightening noises coming from behind her! Her eyes settled on nothing but darkness, nothing seemed to stir among the ruins of the boxes and tables. Was it just her mind? Did she finally crack? No… it couldn’t have been… it was a very real sound that echoed up to her from the depths of the floor. Hinna was afraid to turn back toward the bottom now, even if she was to convince herself it was all in her mind she wouldn’t be able to turn her back without forcefully doing it and so she strained to hear once again the ghostly voice.

“Hinna… Hinnaaa, come back, it’s your mommy; come back to uss.”

Frozen with fear she just searched the lightless room for the voice, she knew it was real now and everything in her told her to run but she was stuck to the steps as if by glue. She knew she had to run or else she would be attacked by those… those monsters that haunted her every move, but yet she just stood there motionless.

Move damn it, move!

She begged her legs but nothing happened, as she strained all she could do was look out to the darkness beyond. If she couldn’t move she was at least going to see if the thing was closer to her or not. At first she saw nothing but the shapes of boxes and tables but then something moved in the shadows. It moved like a human being yet it didn’t. Its moves were sluggish and it seemed to have longer arms then it should have. Hinna never saw the shadows close up before, she never wanted to but at that moment she wanted to see its face, the monster’s body in the light.

But if it goes in the light, then it would die, right?

She started to relax when she thought nothing would happen but suddenly it lunged forward in a blur of motion and was now by the steps with one foot placed on the first wooden step. Hinna now knew it was either run or get captured- and lord knows what the monster would to do to her if she was caught. As she started to turn she winced, such a fast movement made her aware that there was still something in her side.

The solid thing is still inside of me, why did I forget? How did I forget? And why all of the sudden do I have pain now, of all times?

It was almost unbearable, the pain, it pushed her to her knees but this wasn’t the time to bend over in agony! She had to move up, go up! But something was crawling up the stairs now; was it too late now? She didn’t know, all she knew was that if she didn’t move quickly she would have been given up to the creature’s attempts. Hinna lifted herself up but, in the end, it was too late as the creature’s hand curled around her left ankle. The grip was strong but strangely enough it didn’t feel hairy or even rough; she hand was of a human it seemed with soft skin, like her mother’s…

“Mom, why do you put that on your skin?” A little Hinna asked as she watched her mother rub pink lotion into her skin. Her mother turned to her and smiled like only a mother could to her seven-year-old daughter, “to keep the roughness away. I can’t be holding my baby with sand paper.”

Hinna had a sudden memory pop up, a flash back, and now she had the determination she needed to at least put up a fight with the beast that tried to bring her down. The monster was pulling her closer to the depths of the darkness, to where her family’s bones were to be scattered if not for Hinna running away and capturing the monsters’ attention. Hastily she grabbed onto a step board, holding on for dear life, and kicked at the monster fiercely.

“Go away!”

Her voice, at last, was finally loud like her stage tone but it had come too late. As the monster pulled her down more and more Hinna knew it was overdue, she might as well gave up because the demon was too strong for her scrawny arms to counter. Her hands started to slip, her body was going limp and she was just going to let go and be with her family again with death but as she peeled her fingers from the wood a voice was heard very faintly…

“Don’t give up Hinna! Keep on fighting! You have to live, you must!”

Hinna jerked up with her eyes wide, sweeping her gaze across the room quickly. That was her father’s voice, her daddy’s voice! He wanted her to live on stead of be between the shadows’ mouths and claws, she had to live now; just must, if only for her family’s wishes. As if by magic she regained strength, kicking against the creature’s face as hard as she could until she got loose.

This is it! I know I can do this!

Hinna jumped up, wincing slightly from the pain in her side, and started to run up the stairs toward the door- to her freedom. As she darted up the wooden steps she heard the monsters once again call to her and it seemed the voices were in unison to create a thunder throughout the dark basement, but one voice stood out amongst the rest…

“Come back to us, Hinna… please come back to mommy! Please… please… please…”

The voice got fainter as she reached the door; her hand grasping the bronze knob and she flung it open. At first there was a blinding light that made her take a step back, but she heard the faint voices again and she moved forward, toward the light. Hinna finally got through the door, slamming it closed behind her and stared ahead. She saw a warm, bright light just ahead and was tranquil to her. What could it be? Had the roof collapse and the sun was now shining through? Whatever it was she found it to be her freedom and so she walked until finally engulfed in the inviting glow.

People say to stay away from the light if you are near the brink of death, although no one really knows if a light actually appears or if it is something the brain does to protect itself from its fate. For Hinna the light she saw wasn’t the sun at all. You see, a month ago Hinna was unfortunate to be at the wrong place at the right time. She was auditioning for Cinderella in a play at her school when a schizophrenic came into the theater room and shot her on the spot because “she wasn’t the real Cinderella and she should have been put of her misery of such illusions.”

The schizophrenic was captured and labeled “insane” so he was put into a mental hospital. But for Hinna, because she was shot in the head she was put into a coma; the doctors said it was a miracle she survived in the first place. Regrettable enough, Hinna didn’t realize she had been shot and surely wasn’t aware she was in a coma so the monsters Hinna had seen were nothing but illusions of her family but it wasn’t that she hated her family, oh no, it was that her mind was just a bit twisted up inside.

Hinna had wild convulsions in her sleep whenever she was running in her dream, her mouth moved but nothing ever came out. She even cried when she wept in her dreams, this made the doctors were a bit baffled by such actions but her last convulsion had caused her to fall off the bed and have her side be punctured by a screw driver standing up. Her father’s job consisted of working on broken computers and Hinna, herself, loved to work by her father’s side so he had bought a brand new screw driver that the handle was light brown with flowers decorating it. He had brought it with him just in case she were to wake up so he could give her his gift, sadly enough when she rolled off the bed she fell straight onto it which is what caused the pain in her side in her dream.

On that very same night everyone was exhausted from Hinna’s multiple convulsions and tried to calm her down by talking to her, once again pleading for her to come back to them. When she started to move again they had hoped for the best instead got the worst. Little Hinna kicked out at the doctor that was trying to hold her down and she rolled off the bed again but landed on her back side. Her face was directly underneath the night lamp that her mother gave her for comfort. That light, in her dream, was the beautiful sun to her.

On August 23rd, five o’ clock in the morning, Hinna passed away with a smile on her face and, although her family was saddened by their beloved Hinna’s death, they were also happy to see she passed away with a smile.

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