The Little Girl and the Monster

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
About a little girl being chased by a monster.
PG rated for disturbing details.

Submitted: July 25, 2011

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Submitted: July 25, 2011



As the droplets of rain pounded against her tender flesh, she closed her eyes and suddenly dropped to the ground and simply rocked back and forth. Her pale skin matched her deep gray smudges underneath her tiresome eyes. With not another word, she rolled over and sat up as the rain suddenly stopped and thunder roared loudly against the heavens, asking for forgiveness perhaps? No one would know, but as the little pale girl grinded her teeth against everything she was taught, lighting tainted the night sky with a streak of brilliant yellow. The child spoke but one word softly from her trembling blue lips, a word that stroked a deep pain within.


As if the gods’ of the high heavens could hear her pleading tone, the storm stopped just for a few minutes, giving the young child time to stand up and pull back the mass of raven black hair that curtained her ghost like face. The rain drizzled down once again, causing the mass of untidy hair to drape against the cold face of a young girl, a young girl with a stolen past of her innocence. Her beady green eyes wide and steel stated, as she stared upon her tormenter, the one cause of her great ache that should be filled with hope and joy.

The little pale child's eyes closed once again, trying to close against the reality of why she stood there inside the rain with only a white night gown, her sniffling causing from many things, but an illness quickly creeping up to her. With one single breath, salty drops of pain slid down her cheeks, kissing away the rains doing. It wasn't her fault she was alone, it wasn't her doing that she got stuck wondering why she kept on living.

The girl's eyes open once again, hurt and a hollowness being glittered in her two jewels that are a window to her soul and main being, then a frustrated plead of a cry came from her lollypop blue lips, as she stared at the one thing she feared yet raged at. The main point of her pain, her bitterness, her loneliness stood there like stick looking at her with such pity and rage, it made her scream a wordless yell to the crystals above as the Thunder God shook the Earth.

But, it wasn't over yet, no not just yet. As the monster, the thing she hated the most, approached her with such rage and his eyes shining with hatred wrapped his bulky little fingers around her tiny little neck. She didn't scream, didn't cry, no she didn't want to give him the joy of hearing her pleading. All she did was stare, her tiny beady jeweled eyes stared holes into the monster before her.

She suddenly couldn't breathe, her breath was cut off. As she stood there suffocating she didn't cry nor try to loosen the monster's grip. But, it hurt so much... so much just to die inside the hatred monster's hands, but like a big girl she was she stood there without a struggle. It wasn't easy you know, her breath becoming more ragged by the minute as the hairy death claws clutched so tight she had to let out a gasp, a gasp for breath. Her mind wanted to go, to let it all fade away but her body denied her such a task, it fought with everything it had.

The little girl stood outside with the rain pounding down on her, as her eyes looked at the monster that tormented her dreams, she smiled. Smiled knowing everything was going to be OK, not because she knew how much it angered him for he got no plead, scream, or even a salty drop out of her. She smiled for her life was hard and horrible, her heart filled with dread but she smiled at last.

As the angered monster let go of her, leaving her fighting body to fall against the cobble stone ground breathing for breath but it wouldn't come for her wind pipe was crushed, but that didn't stop her from looking up to the heaven's light... the moon's beauty and blanket, no it didn't. All she wanted was peace, peace for what she suffered from. All she needed was a savior, and with some irony, the person she despised and feared was her savior. Her eyes closed at last, with a little sweet childish smile on her tender blue lips. As the life, her soul and main being left everything it once lived she whispered but two simply words, "Thank you."

The monster looked upon the lifeless body of one of his favorite toys, and grunted. He cared for the little delicate flower, beaten the pale tormented child, and now saved the little jeweled girl from her own pain. The monster stood by and watched the girl die; watched her writher to almost nothing. This soulless monster was, in fact, the child's own father.

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