Sensuous Queen(Inner Vixen)

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Poem about how I'm setting my inner sensuous queen free

Submitted: January 17, 2013

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Submitted: January 17, 2013



The inner me is a sensuous queen
Built like Sheba she's my African me
A part of me is very seductive like Angelina
A part of me likes to strut like Lolita
For long days and long nights
I wanted to be free
Still do and can still see
That I got to be free
Led by self destruction my only opportunity
Is to finally set free sensuous me, set her free
She's my alter ego, inner voice, inner vixen etcetera
Terrified that if I let her go she'll lose it and dissapoint her parents
Never had the acceptance I craved so now I'm stuck and forced
To love myself, unapolegetically, like Imma old woman on a old porch
I can't believe my poetry flows with me
It runs throughout my veins
I look at myself in the mirror
And wonder if I should let her overtake
Me, so Imma keep writing until she is set free
Now I let her go, as of this moment: I'm free

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