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A urban short story

Submitted: January 17, 2013

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Submitted: January 17, 2013




Morning Time
"Girl, get yo butt out of bed! Time for school!"
"Aw, dang……not again", I mumbled
It was the first day of my senior year and I was not ready for it. At least not the first day. Teachers at my school be trippin’ and think that I’m slippin’. When I’m really not. Wanna know why? Cause I’m a straight-A, model-lookin’, curvaceous, sweet as pie, burnin’ like fire sista. I NEVER back down when it comes to ANYTHING. Especially, if it involves helping the community………particularly urban community. See let me break it down to you this way………I grew up in da hood. Yep, one of the most notorious hoods in America: Bankhead, Atlanta, USA. Yep, drive-by’s happen in dis hood everyday……….believe it. Girls sell their bodies a lot and dudes pimp like it ain’t no tomorrow.
"Tanisha! Ima whoop yo…."
"Alright Mama, I’m gettin’ up"
"Get up so you can keep makin dem straight-A’s that make ya mama proud"
"Okay I’m up and finna get dressed"
Mama went in my room to see if I was telling the truth which I was with my baby phat pajamas on.
"See? I’m up…. finna put my clothes on."
"Good……..now be a good girl and get ready for school while I cook some breakfast."
After my mama left I put on my Apple Bottoms denim blue jumpsuit over a white belly shirt. Threw on my red pumps. Then I did my makeup which consisted of Fashion Fair gloss and makeup with the bronzer. I did my hair into a high ponytail with side bangs. Put on my big 24k gold hoops and then got my purse and bookbag and was ready to go.
I’m Feelin’ U
(Ring)(Ring)! The first period bell rang for us to head to our classes. I just got in the school and was heading to my locker. Unfortunately, I had to walk past some fellas that was lookin’ good. This made me nervous cause well let’s put it this way………….I am boy crazy as I can be so therefore I get nervous around dudes I really like. Especially, when I know that I’m….well……..stacked. I got a pretty face with a body like a goddess. I am 5’7 and weigh 150 pounds. I got naturally long black hair hair with brown highlights all the way down to the small of my back. People say that I look like the black version of Marilyn Monroe. So, that’s why I get nervous around boys cause they be getting at me to the point where it kinds of scares me. I’ll get over it though especially when it comes to getting with this boy called Jamal Williams.
Jamal is the pure and true definition of foine. I say this cause he’s brown-skinned, 5’9, muscular, cute face, my type, point blank. He is the quarter back on my school’s football team. He also has a 4.0 grade point average. He treats his mama well, so I know he’ll treat me well. I just wonder if he knows I’m here. Just when I wondered that he approaches me and says, "Whassup shawty, I saw you watching me."
"Hey, and I seen you watching me too.", I said with a sexy voice
"Yeah," then he started lookin at me up and down, "So you got a man?", he said while licking his lips."
"No, you gotta girlfriend?", I said while lookin deepin his hazel eyes to make sure he wasn’t lying.
" No I don’t…….so since you single and I’m single how about us getting together?"
"Yeah, if you promise to love, care for, and be there for me."
"I promise.", he said lookin honest in his eyes
" Okay well give me yo number so I can call you tonite."
" Aiight is 555-7777".
"Okay and what’s yo name?"
"Tanisha, what a pretty name, well ima call you tonite"
Best Friends
After school, I decided go on my first date with Jamal. I brought him his favorite a turkey and swiss cheese sandwich . I decided to bring a favorite a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for myself.
" So what you like to do besides football and academics?", I asked
Jamal said
"Aw thanks"
"You’re welcome, baby. So what you do besides academics and look good."
I blushed."I have no life baby"
Jamal took my hand. "Aw, baby, I’m sorry to hear that"
"Yeah, it’s hard out here for chicks like me"
"I feel you. So, what hood you from"
"Dang, Bankhead, huh?"
"Yeah". I was hoping he wouldn’t be like every other dude and test me to see if I was "easy" cause I’m not. I just have an anxiety disorder……. hood term: I get nervous easily because I been through so much stuff. When I was 12, my Daddy left my mama and killed another dude over some drugs. Yeah, my Dad was a drug dealer. On the other hand, my Mom was a go-go dancer in nightclubs. In other words, she stripped for cash cause she figured that’s all she can do if she "got it". This led to me becoming sexually active at a young age. I remember in middle school, being a virgin. Then when I hit high school, I was through. I even got pregnant at age 15, and I had an abortion. Yep. You’re prolly wondering how a hood girl like me got an abortion? By government assistance and welfare checks. Anyways, so I’m a senior dating another senior who prolly live in a suburban neighborhood and I feel stupid compared to him. I know I’m not, I just feel like it. "Baby, you okay?", Jamal asked with a concerned look
"Yeah, I’m just a lil’ tired. Can you take me home?", I asked
"Yeah". So we went to the parking lot and I got in his car which was a slick black Cadillac escalade. Dang! This boy got it goin on! I jumped in the passenger seat and buckled my seat belt. He drove off real fast which gave me rush. Why? Because I like a dude who lives his life to the fullest without hesistance. That turns me on. But, don’t trip. I have self- control. That’s right. Ever since my abortion happened two years ago, I have stopped messing around with dudes unless the dude is a boyfriend who understands the fact that Ima be abstinent until marriage. Yep. I aint playin with God with dat anymore.
"Dang, boy this is a nice ride you got!", I said smiling flirtatiously at him.
"Thanks babe. I try. So tell me more about your parents like what’s their name?"
"Why the hell you wanna know about my no-good parents?!!!" I snapped
"They’re embarrassing."
"Baby, don’t say that. They brought into this world. " We stopped talking for two minutes while he drove then he spoke again. "So what you wanna do after you graduate?"
"Shoot, I don’t know. I thought about becoming a more active in the community."
"Yeah, that’ll be a good idea babe. You should do dat."
"Well, since you think that that’ll be a good idea………ima do it".
"Good, now we’re almost at your house so you what that means?", he said while looking lustfully at me
"What are you talking about"
"I’m talking about ya making love to your boy."
"HELL NAW!!! Dude what is wrong wit you?!"
"What? I thought you wanted some of this?", Jamal said while looking at me confused.
"Look, all we do is kiss and hug. THAT’S IT!"
"Dang, girl if I knew you was gon’ be trippin’ like that I wouldn’t have gone with you."
"Pull over at this bus stop. I gotta get the hell out of this car and away from you"
"Oh you wanna get out then GET OUT!!!" Then Jamal attempted to open my door and push me out of the car while he was driving. I decided to punch him in his mouth and steered the steering wheel. While I was doing this he was trying to get ahold of the wheel but I shoved his hand forcefully and wouldn’t let him. This brutha was not gon’ take advantage of me and disrespect me like dat. He kept trying to control I kept moving his hand with one hand and controlling the wheel with the other. Then he started goin fast on the accelerator up to 80 mph in a 60 mile zone. I kept controlling the steering wheel while attempting to sit on his lap to get his mind confused. Yeah, that’s right. I was acting like I wanted to get it in with my big derriere on his lap. I didn’t but had to calm him down real quick.
"DAMN GIRL, why you teasing me like dat. Oh, so you wanna obey daddy huh?
"Shut up and let me drive this car and take yo butt home."
"No, you ain’t takin me home……..you gon get it in wit me tonite"
"Yeah, sure that’ll happen" Yeah right, stupid boy. "Ima get it in wit you when we get to my house okay? Now get off the accelerator and brake at the side of this road so I can PROPERLY drive."
I pulled over to the side of the road and went on to the driver’s side. While he was getting out I called 911 so that they could come get me away from this lunatic I fell for. I lied to Jamal telling him to wait outside so I can tease him a bit. It worked. Jamal started walking around like something was wrong with him. The operator on the line said he would be at 21st and MLK drive within 5 minutes. Five minutes. Damn. That seemed like an eternity. So, to leave Jamal from wondering what was going on I went outside and started to dance on him. I was shaking it like I was a dancer at the strip club. He was liking it too, I could tell by the smile on his face when I finished him off. 
"So baby", I seductively said."You ready to get some?"
"Well, too bad the cops are here"
The cops pulled up right where Jamal was standing.
"WHAT! Why you mess with me like that." He yelled.
"Cause you’re mean and gullible as hell."
"Ooh……..Tanisha…..Ima hit you in a minute"
I saw the officer handcuff him before he could even take a swing at me. Dumb boy. Don’t know nothing but the streets he KNOWS he’s from………….. just like me. 
In my hood
After Jamal was arrested for attempted assault, I decided to get more involved in the community the day after the incident occurred. I helped out with a group I designed called "God’s Angels". It’s a group for teenagers who are at risk to find their own calling from God. I happened to have my last meeting with them on Decemeber 5, 2008. We decided to talk about having confidence in yourself. This concerns me the most with at-risk teenagers because that’s the number one thing that can help a person reach for the stars. Without confidence you can’t go nowhere in life. I can say that by all of the bad decisions I made my pregnancy. Many teen girls get pregnant and most of them have babies. Some of them get miscarriages. Only a few like me get abortions. Why? Because that’s the decisions that every pregnant teen faces. Dudes ain’t gotta worry about becoming no mother or goin’ in labor with they child. Chicks gotta worry about that. I know I did. That’s the main reason why I had an abortion. I decided to stop thinking about my own journey with teen pregnancy and start discussing having confidence with my students. "Okay, now today we’re talking about low self-esteem and the importance of having confidence."
"What’s low self-esteem?", a young Latina asked
"That’s basically when you don’t feel good about yourself."
"Well, what if you do feel good about yourself?"
"Then, you have what’s called confidence. Which I will talk about having." I said with a sincere smile. "Now, who in here has low self-esteem?"
All 20 kids raised their hands.
"Okay, well raise your hands and give me a couple reasons why you have low self-esteem."
"I don’t think I’m pretty." One blonde-haired caucasion girl said
"I feel stupid and never feel good enough", one Indian boy said
"I can’t accept who I am", a teen black girl said.
What the black girl said almost made me want to break into tears. The thing about it is that I remember being like her a month ago before I started this group. Insecure and feeling guilty about being who I was. A black teen girl livin’ in da hood. I felt her pain and could definitely tell where she was coming from. 
"What’s your name sweetheart?", I said with concern
"Andrea Williams"
"Alright, Andrea. I’m gonna tell you how to solve your situation, ready?"
"Love yourself, point blank."
"Hmmm", Sandrea said to herself "I’ve never loved myself though."
"Help others who have less than you do, like a homeless person. Helping other can help you realize and appreciate your blessings……including who you are as a person."
"Thanks, Tanisha", said Sandrea
"Anytime, Andrea", I replied "Well, class it’s almost time to go so I’m going to close out with this……….If you don’t accept and love yourself AND have confidence in yourself NOBODY will." I said firmly "And that’s the truth".
The End

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