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Just My Feelings.

Submitted: June 25, 2012

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Submitted: June 25, 2012



Hello everyone. I am 16 years old. Yeah, I guess that’s pretty young to be thinking about what I’m about to tell you. I go to a Christian Church. I believe God is my savior and died for my sins. I have a relationship with Jesus, and I will admit sometimes it’s hard, you know? I make mistakes. But I was at church yesterday and the guest speaker was… “gay.” I was so happy that my church had a gay guest speaker in it. He was flaming. He walked and talked and the attitude of a girl. Then suddenly, I lost all of my respect towards him. He was preaching about how he is married to a woman now.He is “gay” but he is not “practicing his gayness.” I’m not gay…I’m straight. But this hurt me. I felt like I had to go home and cry. If straight people can be openly straight, why can’t gay people be openly gay? See…God made us…Each and everyone of us very unique. God made Gay people. God didn’t make Gay people to be birthed then have people tell them they need to stop practicing their way of life. God made them so they could be happy. Who cares if a man loves another man. Or a woman loves another woman. Love is love. No matter what shape or form, there are NO restrictions on love. But basically this is what I’ll be talking about in my blog. So please feel free to talk to me and ask questions, or anything. Stay tuned. Thank you so much for reading. <3

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