So Wrong

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It's about being confused and a little messed up with your thought process.

Submitted: June 03, 2008

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Submitted: June 03, 2008



There's so much you don't know about my soul,

I can't tell if it's true or me wanting so bad to change,

I hate looking into my head.

It sometimes get hard to breathe,

All I do is lie and hurt,

When can all this madness end?

Everything comes back around,

Why is this me?

When will I finally wake up,

Be Different.

When can I just see clearly?

Everything seems to be in place,

But in all actuallity it's just about to begin.

I'm just my own worst enemy!

What the fuck is wrong with me!?

I'm scared and yet no one seems to care.

Let me out of this mess that I made.

Just take me out of this place.

I'm such a fuckin disgrace!

What the fuck is wrong with me?

These thoughts need to leave my fucked up preception of how life is suppose to work.

When can I fade away?

How long can it take?

Why these temptations...

Why so strong?

Tears forever damed up,

I will never show the soft side to me,

When can I just let go and be me?

I don't want to hurt anyone but myself.

I'm as worthless as the whores I laugh at,

Why can't I just admit... I'm so fucked!

Trying to change...

Why's everything come back and try and take me down?

Everything is just a blur.

All I wonder is when can I get another line?

That's what's keeping me sane.

Release me of my wrong doings,

I'm sorry to all I've hurt!

I feel so used.

I can't even make the right choices when it comes to my well being?

Who's the selfish one here?

You can never act upon these fantacies,

All they'll bring is more heart ache.

Even just the thoughts bring guilt.

How do you get over this?

I don't want the pic in my head...

Sexy, Small, Tattooed, Tender rebel...

Major Turn-on.

Rough and just don't give a fuck!

Will you be my rebound?


I'd never want to hurt your brother.

Why has it taken over?

I'm just wanting out of the madness in this thing I call a head.

When will they leave!?

I just want to trust myself.

Why am I so horrible!?

I don't know what to think...

All I think is, "Would he ever?"

I don't think I can know.

What to do if the offer came about?

Never act upon it...

You'll hate yourself times ten!

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