Concrete Angel

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This is a story about a young girl name Cho-Ai, who is kciked out of her house by her mom and meets her friend from school named Bae-Gi. As both share each others problems, they become more then just friends.
Sorry but i haven't finnish yet but i just want some feed back on how it is so far. thanks.

Submitted: December 17, 2007

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Submitted: December 17, 2007




Written By MissVang3r
(c) Copyright 2007
Chapter One

"Go away you helpless child! This is all your fault that the family is like this now! Run away you bad luck child! You've done nothing but brought bad luck into this house!" My mother shouted while hitting me whit a stick. I tried pushing her away, but the more I did it, the harder she tugged me back.

"MOM! OW! MOM! It wasn't me!" I cried out to her.

"You worthless piece of shiet, why are you trying to get something with my husband huh?! Just because you're not my child doesn't mean you have to disrespect me like that!" She shouted finally shoving me to the floor. She stood there looking at me cry with anger on her face.She bent down and pulled my hair, dragging me to the door.

"Get out of this house! No one needs you, no one wants you!" She pushed me harshly outside making me trip on the door step. I fell and hit my head on the rocky pattern like path that leads to our gate. She slammed the door shut.

I layed there crying, drowning in my own tears... The door reopened and she threw my clothes at me.

"GO AWAY! DON'T EVER COME BACK!" she shut the door closed again.

I slowly lift myself off from the ground and picked my stuff from the ground. I stuffed them in my robe and tied the edges together. I walked to the gate and opened it. Slowly, I walked away, not wanting to remember those brutal, abusive memories...

~ * ~

I walked slowly towards a nearby park with a huge lake. I sat down on the rock looking towards the lake.

[Sigh]...What should I do? Should I go home and get my ass kicked and try to get molest by my so call "father" every night? Or sleep here and risk being attacked by some other stupid creature? UGH! Stupid life!

I sat there weeping and wiping my tears away. What should I do? I'm at a crossroad.

"Cho-Ai?" I heard someone say. I turned around.


"What are you doing here? Why are you crying?" It was Bae-Gi.

Bae-Gi is one of my guy friends from last year. We went to school together last year, but this year my so call"parents" took me out of school.

"Bae-Gi?" I asked.

"Yeah. What's wrong? Why are you crying?" I got off the rock and ran towards him for a hug.


"Nothing. I just missed you." I replied hiding the truth. In fact, I don't even know him that well. I only had like two classes with him last year.

"Oh..." He said pulling me back. "Well, Ima go and do some jogging so see ya." He said pulling my hands off of him.

"Alright...see ya." He ran off leaving me there alone again.

[Sigh]...This world is so so so LONELY!...and SAD...and MISERABLE!!!!

I turned to look at the lake then looked at my bundle of clothes.

[Sigh]...Time to let everything go...I started running towards the lake not holding any fear. Death was the only way out. Let "EMONATION" take over me.

I ran towards the lake and jumped as high as I could for a second there, the weight in the body disappeared. The world finally felt free.

~S P L A S H ~

The water hit my body like a solid brick wall smashing onto my body. I felt the cold water crumple my body up into a ball. My air started to shorten up. Images began to blur and black outs were hitting me. Finally! Death is on my side.

Suddenly, something grabbed my waist. I felt them lifting me up and I felt my head out of the water, but I couldn't catch a single breath of air. Probably it was an angel. My body began to feel numb though.

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" I heard someone yelling.

"CHO-AI! Wake up!" I felt a gentle slap on my cheeks. I opened my eyes to see Bae-Gi looking straight down at me.

"CHO-AI! What were you thinking?!" Bae-Gi started shouting. I lay there, starting to cry again. My eyes started watering up. He brushed my hair with his soft hands.

I laid there crying while he looked down onto me. Suddenly the wind brushed by making me shiver. Then I pushed him aside and ran towards the lake again.

"Cho-Ai!" He yelled coming after me. He grabbed my hands and tried to drag me back out.

"Let me go!" I yelled.

"Why are you doing this?!" He asked while pulling me into his warm embrace. Or should I say..."WET" embrace cause we were both wet. The wind began blowing by again and it began getting cold. I shivered in his arms.

"Cho-Ai...why? Remember what I said last year? You can always count on me. Why are you doing this?" I began crying on his shoulder. And yes...he did say that last year one time when I was crying outside of the lunch room because of abusive memories...

"Cho Ai...c’mon...Let me bring you home."

"NO!" I yelled pulling back.

"What? Why?"

"I don't want to go home. I rather die here than go back to that hell place." I screamed in tears.

"CMON...It's late and cold. Just let me bring you home." Bae-Gi said in a calm voice. I can tell he was just trying to stay calm.

"I am home! This is my place. This is my home." I raised my head looking at him. Then he walked towards me.

"C’mon." he grabbed me again.


"Let's go! I'll take you to my place if you don't want to go home." He said. I finally stopped struggling with him and started sniffing and crying harder.

"NO..." Suddenly he lifts me up from the water.

"AHHHHH!" I screamed.

"If you're not going then I'll take you!"
Chapter Two

We struggled to his car. He shoved meinto the passenger seat harshly. I watched him as he walked furiously to his driver’s seat. I didn't know he was that SHORT TEMPER. Since he was mad...I sat quietly.

We arrived at my so call "HOUSE" which was a place for the devil to live in.

"Okay...go home." He said. I took one look at him and got out of the car. Fighting back the tears, I walked towards the lake again. I heard his car drive off and tears started falling rapidly. Why me? Why don't I have anyone to run to? To turn to when I'm like this? When I'm in a mess? Why me?Soon,I heard a carparkbesides me. I didn't care to look but keep on walking back to my home. The place where I belong.

"Cho Ai."I turned around. It was Bae-Gi in the car.

"Whereare you going?"he asked. I didn't respond but walked away. He got out of the car and ran towards me grabbing my arm. As he grabbed it, he pushed my long sleeve shirt up to about my elbow.

"What happened to your arm?" He asked as he looked at it. I looked down at it. The bruises. Quickly, I pulled my arm away.

"Nothing." I responded.

"Cho Ai...what happened?" He asked again.

"Nothing." I responded again. I didn't want him to know about my family problems. Then I turned around walked away fast trying to escape from him.

"Hey! Wait for me! Where are you going?!" He shouted. I started to run. I heard footsteps behind me. That made me run even faster.

"CHO AI!" He shouted. I didn't care to stop for his sake. I ran as fast as I could just to escape from his questions.

After a block or so of running, I finally came to a stop. Catching my breath, I bent down and put my head onto my knees. The side of my stomach began to hurt. I haven't eaten the whole day either. I felt so weak at that moment.I decided to sit downon my butt hugging my feet but with my head down.Soon, a car came by and parked in front of me. I heard the door open and footsteps coming louder towards me. UGh! What a gay life. Who's this fcuked up creature now?!

"Cho Ai...are you okay?" I looked up, it was Bae-Gi. I didn't care to respond. I looked away to the left. He came to my left side and looked at me.

"What happened to your arm?" He asked again being patient. I didn't respond either, instead, I turned to the right. He got up and came to my right.

"Cho Ai...what's wrong?" This time, I didn't turn away. If he wants to know that bad, I'll stuff it into his face.

"Why would you care? I don't even exist in your world. I'm just a shadow without any sunshine. Go home." I said quietly looking at the ground.

"I care because you're my friend, and you're just not a shadow without sunshine. I see you everyday last year but I just never say hi. This year, I was thinking of coming to say hi to you and talk to you more, but you never came back...and to admit the truth...never mind." He said.

"Never mind what?" I asked looking at him. This time he looked down at the ground.

"Umm...the truth is that...umm...I...I really li - " I cut him off. I knew where he was going.

"No! You don't like me. No need to lie and break a heart of a girl like me." I said. He looked up into my eyes. I took one gaze at it, and looked away.

"[Sigh]...I guess...." He said. I didn’t respond. I didn't want to be lying too. I didn't want to be liked. I just wanted to be loved.

"'s gonna be late and it's gonna rain. Let's go home." He said.

"Okay." I said getting up. As I got up, he got up too and I walked towards the lake again.

"Where you going?" He asked.

"Home." I replied.

"No. I meant your home."

"I know, my home."

"No! I meant that way!" He said pointing to the direction of hell.

"Ooh that place? It's not my home." Then he walked towards me.

"Cho Ai, I don't know what's going on in your life, but please, don't go back to that lake. It's dangerous at night. Rappers and molesters and kidnappers and murders surround that place at night. If you don't want to go home, you're always welcome to stay with me alright? I'll always be here for you. Got that?" He said gently punching my right cheek. Tears began to rise. Why did he have to say that? UGH! I don't want to cry anymore. I nodded with tears and he grabbed my hands. We walked back to his car and he drove home.

~ * ~

When we arrived at his house and he opened up the door. He had a big house. Stairs spiraling upstairs, walls are brown with black outlines, and white strips.

"Come in." He said. I stepped in and took off my shoes.

"You have such a big house. Where are your parents?" I asked.

"Ooh, they're on a business trip for a month or so. They'll be back by like next week." He said.

"And you're home alone?" I asked.

"Yes. I'm 16 what do you expect? A baby sitter?" He chuckled.

"No..." I replied.

"Ooh're 15 right?"

"Uh huh." I said.

"Well, go change. You're gonna get a fever in that wet and cold clothes. I'll go make us some hot chocolate." He insisted. Right when he said that, I just remembered, my clothes were still by that big rock by that lake. UGH!

"Ooh...I forgot my clothes at that rock." I said.

"'s okay. Follow me." He said. I followed him up the spiraling stairway. Around and around and around we went.

We reached the door at the end of the room and he opened the door. As he opened it, a sweet fragrance of cherry blossom brushed by. I closed my eyes at as it came through. I opened my eyes and looked around the room. There was a big brown sheet bed in the center of the room and behind the door on the wall was a big mirror desk full of makeup and stuff animals.

"Come here." He said. I walked over to where he was.

" you go. These are all my sister's clothes. She's married now so yeah. These are her left over so call "UGLY" clothes. “He said. I smiled a little.

"Well...she has all of a girl's "NEED"." he said doing the finger quotation on the word need.

"And oh yeah...the new undies should be in there so yeah."

"Uh huh. Okay...thank you." I said. He walked out of the room and I looked into the drawers. First drawer: shirts, second drawer: jeans, pants, and sweats, third drawer: miniskirts and shorts, fourth drawer: Bras, fifth drawer: Undies. I wasn't a big fan of choosing clothes anyways so I took the first item of shirts and jeans. I looked at them, they weren't ugly. In fact, they looked so EXPENSIVE! Rich ass people these days.

I went into the bathroom which was in the room. I took off my clothes and turned on the water. Then I remember, I didn't get an undie and a bra. I ran back into the room with a towel around meand opened the fourth drawer. I took out a white bra. Then I went to open the fifth drawer and opened a package of new undies. My towel began to slip. I quickly got up and I put the package away and tried to grab my towel it fell, but I was too late, it landed on the floor. I was standing in the middle of a room NAKED!

"Ooh Cho Ai if you would..." Said Bae-Gi opening the door.

Chapter Three

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" I screamed! He violently shut the door and I quickly bent down and picked up my towel. I then rushed into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. I stood on the back of the door breathing hard. Very Very hard.

"Hehehe." I heard giggling coming from outside. UGH! Bastard! Must've seen me! UGH! I feel so embarrassed. What am I suppose to do now? I ran to mirror and looked at myself. I looked all red. Rosy red. Quickly I turned up the cold water and splashed some onto my face.

~ * ~

I came out of the bathroom after I took my shower. I don't want to go downstairs...Too embarrassing. I carried my wet clothes downstairs. I found him in the living room watching T.V.

"Umm..." I said. He looked at me and started giggling. UGH! DUMB RETARD! I rolled my eyes at him.

"Where am I supposed to put my clothes?" I asked giving him an attitude.

"Ooh...Bring it downstairs into the basement and throw them in the dryer." He said still trying to hide his laughter. UGH! JERK! I turned around and went towards the door downstairs.

"Ooh by the way..."

"SHUT UP PERVERT!" I said quickly cutting him off. He started laughing again. I ran downstairs feeling violated. When I got down there, I looked around to see where the dryer was. Right...left...right...No where.

"BAE GI!" I yelled. He came downstairs.

"What?" He asked.

"Where's the dryer?"

"Ooh...over there." He pointed to the back of me. GOSH! I felt so dumb. I can't even see it.

"Ooh okay." I said. I walked towards it and stuffed my clothes in turning the knob to 65. I turned back around having his face in my face. He leaned up against me making my back touch the dryer. It looked as if he was about to kiss me. I could smell his breathe.

"Tell me what happened to your arm?" He said. I opened up my eyes and looked right into his.

"Nothing." I said.

"Whatever. Don’t lie. Something happened. You're all bruised up." I looked away thinking of a way to escape his cleverness.

"It's none of your business." Right after I spat that out, I pushed him away. He moved about a foot step back and I took my chance of running upstairs. When I was about half way to the stairs, he grabbed my hands and pulled me back.

"What are you doing pervert?! Let me go!" I yelled.

"I'll let you go after you tell me what happened." He said. I tried pulling my hand away but he wouldn't let go. His grip was too tight. Suddenly he pushed me up against a wall.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?! WHAT IN THE FREAKIN HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" I yelled. I started to get scare. The memories started to come back. That molesting hand. That big ugly so call "Father" who tried to molest me every night when my so call "MOTHER" was away. I started to cry. Started to call for help. That's when he let me go. I fell to the ground hugging my legs and putting my face down. He bent down to me.

"I'm sorry..." He said. I didn't answer him.

"Cho Ai..." He said putting his hand out to me.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" I yelled. I backed up more against the wall. Making me seem to be sticking to it.

"Cho Ai...I'm sorry. I didn't know...that this...would affect you that bad...." I looked up at him. He looked sorry - and he better be too! I got up from the ground and ran upstairs. I could hear him following me. I ran into the living room and sat down on the sofa. He came and sat right next to me. For awhile we didn't say anything.

"You want to know why?" I said.


"It started out when I was little. About five years old. My mother died of breast cancer when I was around five. Two years later my father died of a car accident. Since my parents didn't have any relatives at that moment because when they were young they just got marry without my grandparents' approval. I was seven at the time and since my parents had no one, I had no one. I was put up for adoption. About three years later after being in foster care, the mother and father right now came and adopted me. I was their oldest child because they couldn't have any. In fact, I am their only child. For the first two years, they loved me. Bought me everything I wanted. Cared for me. We always had fun. When I turned 13, everything started to change. My Father started to turn violent. He started revealing his ugliness. One night, my mother came home late because of traffic jams. I don't know why, I was in my room sleeping when suddenly the door opened. I opened up my eyesand looked at the door. It was my dad standing there. It was also raining very hard that night. He turned on the light andhe stared at me. I asked himwhat he was doing and he justsmiled an evil smile and responded that he wanted nothing. He just wanted to look at me sleeping. I didn't give much thought andturned facing the wall. After a few seconds, I heard breathingat my back and I turned back around.He was staring straight up at me. I was confused. He's never acted this way before. Suddenly, he started grabbing me and started touching me. I fought back and I screamed.Then we heard acar came and stopped outside. We heard the door shuts. Thenour front dooropen and my mother shoutedthat she was home. He finally stopped touching me and got off the bed. But before he left, he pointed at me and told me to not tell anyone."

After I said that,my eyesstarted to water.Ifought back the tears and tried to tell the storythen let it all out on Bae-Gi afterthe story was done. I took a deep breath before going on. He put his hands around me holding me close to his chest.

"That was the very first time, I really thought to myself, am I really loved?...Every morning my mother goes to work, I tell her to quickly come home. She would always smile the warmest smile and go to work. My father goes to work before her and comes back later then her so I was safe then. But during the times of bad weather, and too much work, and traffic, she always comes home late. My father would get home before her. Sometimes he would try to get up all on me...but sometimes he just head straight to bed. If I was lucky enough, he would just yell at me and then go to bed. But if I wasn't lucky that night, the terrible things come. After like what?After one year of this, my mother came home late one night and found my father wrestling with me. She got mad and pushed him away. Then she started yelling and started hitting me. She turned very abusive. She abused me for like...two years or so. During those two years, my father stopped being horny and pervert and stopped touching me. But then my mother would always abuse me. Every time she hits me, I look at him and he would always be smiling his evil smile. And later on they took me out of school...That's why I didn't come to school anymore. [SIgh]...It just hurts you know?" I finally said finishing it off. I pulled myself off from him and stood up in front of him having my back face him.

"I feel so disgusted of myself..." I said confessing the truth. "I feel so used. I feel so non fresh. I feel so.... UNEXPLAINABLE..." After that, I started crying again. It's hard holding all the pain inside for three years or so and now...letting it all slide out. Fighting back the tears and pain are harder than what I thought.

He came up towards me and turned me around. I looked into his eyes. He pulled me into his embrace. That made me cried even harder.

"Is that why you have those bruises on your arm?" I nodded.

"Stay here for the night. Don't go home. This will be your new home okay?"
Chapter Four

"Stay here for the night. Don’t go home. This will be your new home okay?" he said gently. I suddenly pushed him away.

"No...I want to go home." I replied.

"But...they always abuse you at home." I didn't reply back. He walked back up to me.

"Well, how about can stay here for the night and tomorrow I'll take you home...or wherever you want to go okay?" I looked up into his eyes. They shined like the moon with stars around it. They looked beautiful. I've never seen anybody's eyes this beautiful since my real father died. It sparked, shined, and glowed, every adjective you can say. They were beautiful.

"Alright." I said. My eyes were beginning to water so I turned away.

"You can sleep in my sister's room for the night. No one ever sleeps there anymore. It's all like cold. It's so empty." He said. That gave me the shivers. My eyes stopped watering. I turned back around and the only thought I could think of was GHOSTS!

"Umm...I don't want to a room all alone. Especially one that no one ever sleeps in anymore." I could feel my ears burning. I felt embarrassing for being such a scardy cat.

"Hahaha. You're so gay. You rather sleep in outside with all these stupid ass creatures crawling up on you than a room with ghosts." He started laughing. What a dumb butt. I was serious.

"SO?! Which one would you choose? I bet you'd choose to sleep with weird and stupid ass creatures crawling up on you or in a room with ghosts?" I asked being stupid.

"In a room with ghosts duh?" He yelled.

"Ooh sure. Then why won't you sleep in that room and I sleep in yours huh?"

"Okay. Let's do that." He said being all conceited. UGh...guys these days. Such dorks. We marched up the stairs and were going to get ready for bed. It was already 10:30 or so anyways.

As we headed up the stairs, he walked ahead of me.

"Stop looking at my sexy ass lady." He said out of no where.

"WHAT? LOOKING AT YOUR SEXY ASS? YOU AINT GOT AN ASS BOY!" I shouted. "Besides, I'd be the last one on Earth to even look at that ugly ass of yours."

"Ooh, so you were looking at my ass." He turned around being all conceited.

"Ugh...Hurry up and go. I'm tired." I said stubbornly. He laughed and walked up the stairs tucking out his booty andshakingit right and left, right and left. He lookedlike duck. Hahaha. I couldn't help it but burst out laughing. He fiercely turned around.

"What's so funny huh?" He asked. I stopped laughing. I looked back into his eyes, and then started cracking up again.

"You look like a duck!" I yelled pushing him aside and ran up the stairs.

"What?" He shouted running after me. I finally stopped running when I reached his sister's room. I slowly took a breath and he caught up to me.

"'s your spot. Where's mines?" He pointed to the room two doors down near the bathroom.

"Okay." I walked towards the room when he shouted.

"CHO AI!" I turned around making my hair fling across my face.

"What?" he walked up to me and opened his arm. I gave him a look.

"What do you want?"

"A goodnight hug duh" He said smiling.I walked towards him and opened my arms.

"PSSH YEA RIGHT. GO TO BED!" I shouted and turned back around.

"What? What about my hug?" He moaned.

"Just go to bed will you? I'm tired." I walked into his room and closed the door shut.

~ * ~

Bae-Gi's POV

She shut the door closed as I slowly walked back into my room. I wanted my good night hug. Gosh...that girl is such a meanie. No wonder no one at school last year had a crush on her. Why did I even fall for her? Ugh...I'm such a dumbass.

Slowly, I opened the door to my sister's room and flicked off the night in the hall way while I turned on the one in her room as well. I walked slowly to the bed and laid there thinking.

I've liked Cho Ai last year. I've liked her ever since I saw her.She was always a meanie,although she was always happy. It wasn't until that one time she started crying really bad and I went over to her cause no one was there with her. I asked her why she was crying, but she never really told me. I guess now I do. Her dad's such a horny biatch. Gosh...wanting to molest such a young and yet beautiful girl. Makes me want to sock the living shiat out of him. Especially when I'm in love with her too. Her family's such a big time biatch.

Suddenly, I felt a breeze blew by on top of me, but the window wasn't even open. I quickly got up and looked around. Nothing was in the room. Luckily I didn't turn off the light. It blew by again, this time sweeping the hair on my head. I felt goose bumps crawling up my spine.


OMGGGG! I'm so freaking scare. No wonder why Cho Ai didn't want to sleep in this threatening room. How can Mysuki sleep in here? All this cold air blowing by and all these noise. Is that why she always go to sleep early?


AHHHHHHHHHH! I can't take it anymore. Quickly, I ran to the door and opened the door. The hall way just had to be dark. I leaned on the wall and tipped toed to my room. I opened up the door slowly and crawled through it. I shut it quietly. My room was so warm compared to Mysuki's room. SHeesh, so freaking cold in there.

"Cho Ai?" I said crawling up to the bed.

"Cho Ai?" I said again. She was sleeping. Silently sleeping sounding like a bear. Hahah. What a dork. I crawled up to her and slept by her side since my bed was a queen size. Hehe...I know. We have big beds.

~ * ~

"WHAT IN THE WORLD?!" I heard someone yell. I opened up my eyes slowly to see my mom and dad standing at the end of the bed. I felt something moving on my left. CHO AI!! OMG...I AM SO FREAKIN DEAD!

Cho Ai's POV

I heard a loud shout and got up. I felt something next to me. I turned around and looked. BAE GI? WHAT IN THE FREAKIN WORLD IS HE DOING IN THE SAME BED AS ME? I THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO SLEEP IN HIS SISTER'S ROOM?!

"WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING IN BED WITH HER?!" His dad shouted point at us.

UH OOh...was all I could think of...
Chapter Five

Uh ooh was all I could think of. His dad's face rage with anger. I guess his dad was strict.

"Dad, you're misunderstanding it." he said like he was begging for forgiveness.

"Ooh yeah...then where's your shirt?" That was when I just realized, he had on NO shirt. Damns...stupid Bae-Gi. Are you really that stupid?

"It' the end of the bed." He replied quietly. Then his dad gazed down at me.

"Was he that good?" WTF? GOOD? HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW? I kept quiet and didn't reply anything.

"Dad - " Bae-Gi began.

"SHHH! I want this girl to answer me." His dad seemed to be so tough. He seemed like a sergeant in the military.

"We didn't do it sir." I replied looking away.

"Well then let me look at you!" He screamed pulling off the blanket that covered up my legs. I was still wearing that shirt I picked out yesterday. He viciously pulled it off and I still had on my jeans. BLAH ! WHAT NOW OLD GUY?

"I told you so dad." Bae-Gi said. I looked up at his dad while he starred right back straight towards my eyes. I blinked and looked away.

"Get out of here you slut!" his dad shouted after a few seconds of quietness. I looked back up at him with anger in my eyes. SLUT? SLUT? Why slut? I didn't do shiat to your stupid son you PIMP! WRINLKE ASS PIMP! I quickly got up and ran out of the room pushing his mother aside.

"CHO AI!" I heard Bae-Gi shout. Suddenly, tears started falling out of my eyes. I could hear his footsteps behind me but I didn't stop. I am a slut. A stupid slut, for even thinking that I could spend the night. Finally he caught up to me before I exit the house.

"Don't go." He said pulling my arm back.

"Don’t go? Then what? You want me to stay and make everything worst? I think I've caused enough problems for you. Let me go." I tugged harshly and opened the door. I slipped on my flip flops and started running into the deep world again, not knowing were my destination was gonna be. All I could think of was why am I being treated like this? Why is the world so cruel to me? Why me? He didn't follow me, although I wanted him to. But oh goes on...

I walked back to the park in a mess. I haven't even washed my face, or brushed my teeth, or combed my hair yet. I looked like a mess, but who's gonna see? It's way too early for anyone to come here anyways. It's only 6 am. Who will ever come this early? I sat there quietly in silence. Where should I go now? Home? Bae-Gi's house? [Sigh]...why does life have to be so harsh on me?

After a few minutes of sitting there, someone grabbed my right shoulder. I looked up and saw my father.

"What are you doing here child?" He asked kindly. Wadda biatch!

"Nothing dad." I replied.

"Come home, your mother we're looking for you. We were worried sick." PSSH YEAH RIGHT! Kiss my ass! Worry sick?

"Ooh...well I'm not coming home." I said using an angry tone with a brittle quiver in it. I've never used this tone with my mom or dad...sort of weird.

"Why not?" He asked raising his tone low.

"Because, mom kicked me out. Let me stay out. Life's happier for you both like this." I began to water up, but I kept them back. He smiled his evil smile at me.

"Let's go home dear child." He said pulling my arm. I tugged back.

"NO!" I shouted violently. He began to pull me to the ground. I fought back. No way, this time is he going to molest me again. I'm not going to let some weird fcuked up creature touch me like this again. I began kicking as he wrestled me to the ground. GAH! WHAT A PERVERT!

"HEYYYYYYYY! YO OLD MAN! THE HELL YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" A voice yelled out loud. My father looked up at the guy and stopped wrestling with me. I got up from the ground and looked at the dude. It was Bae-Gi. He actually followed me. Although, he looked much better now than this morning. Ha.

"What? This is my daughter. I can do whatever I want with her. She's my property." My father yelled back viciously like a poisonous snake about to bite.

"Property? A human being can never be considering property. That's an illegal act sir. If you don't understand, please go back to school." Bae-Gi yelled back.Wow...pretty impressive. He actually yelled at my father.

"You young bastard of whoever animal you came from, go back before you get hurt." At that point, I knew there was gonna be a fight. I knew my father wouldn't be able to beat a young guy like Bae-Gi. For his sake, I ran over to Bae-Gi and pulled him away.

"No. Let it go." I said.

"Why? He tried to molest you again. Don't you know?" Bae-Gi asked seriously.

"It's okay. C’mon, let's go." I grabbed Bae-Gi's arm and dragged him away from my father and we began walking away.

"Where are you going with my daughter?"

"She's not your daughter. You treat her like dirt. Let her go with me or else I'll - " I covered up his mouth and he turned to me. I shook my head no. I pulled his hand again and we walked off leaving my father there alone. For somewhat inside of me, I felt sorry for my father. Leaving him helpless there. I love my dad; it's just that, he's such a horny perverted creature.

After about a block of walking, I stopped in place and let go of his hand. He took one step ahead of me, then paused and turned back.

"What's wrong?" He asked. I shook my head no.

"What? What's wrong?" He asked again coming towards me.

"I can't go home with you." I replied.


"Because, your parents don’t like me staying there. I'll be fine. I'll go back home. Thanks for the night." With that said, I walked back towards hell.

"No...Cho Ai...Don't. Don't you know what they're gonna do to you?" he asked.

"It doesn’t matter. I can take it."

"But you've already taken it for years now. Isn't time you stand up for yourself and tell authority to take your parents away Cho Ai?"I stood there, motionless, not wanting to shed anymore tears. Fighting back as hard as I could.

"No...I can't do that Bae-Gi. That's because I love my parents no matter how much they put me through." I replied. He sighed.

"Well, let's go home and get your stuff, eat, and then I'll go find youa place to stay." I agreed to that and we walked back to his house.

As we enter his door, his dad stood there with a bat in his hand.

"Now...what is she doing here again huh?"

"Dad - "

"Sir, I just came to get my stuff. I'll leave as soon as possible." I walked pass his dad and towards the basement door. I went downstairs, pulled out my clothes, changed into them and folded his sister's clothes away and sat them on top of the dryer.I walked back upstairs quietly not wanting anyone to notice me. Bae-Gi and his dad were still arguing about letting me stay or not. His mother was in the kitchencooking breakfast. I went out the door and slowly closed the door gently not wanting anyone to notice that I was leaving and cause another big whole disaster of argument.

As I began taking my steps away from the Ly's property, someone called out my name again. UGh...stupid Bae-Gi, Imma turn around slap you hard in the face.

"GO HOME!" I shouted having my back towards him.

"Where are you gonna go?"

"Anywhere I want Bae-Gi. I don't want to cause your family anymore trouble. Please, just let me go. Please, that I beg you. I'll do anything, just please let me go my own way." No reply was replied to me after that sentence.

" anything you said right?" My back was still facing him.

"RIGHT?!" he shouted. I shut my eyes and answered.


"Alright, come with me then." I didn't move a step. He came up to me and took my hands. We got onto his motorcycle and he drove off.

After about a thirty minute ride, we came to a stop. He told me to get off. I got off slowly and he got off after me. He took off his helmet and walked in front of me putting his keys into his motorcycle. He led me on a path through a wooded area. Finally, he stopped. I still looked down on the ground and kept on walking until my head bumped his back. He turned around and laughed. I felt a little embarrassed.

"Well, here we are." He said. I looked up holding my head. His back was so bony, it actually hurts. I looked up and saw a small cabin in front of us.

"Cabin? Why are we here? To camp out?" I asked curiously.

"Hahah. No dummie. You stay here. I'm going back home.I have school tomorrowso yeah. I'll come back tomorrow after school and accompany you. There should be food in the fridge. But for now, I should be heading back. Let me show you around." We went inside the cabin and he turned on the light.

"We haven’t been here since last summer, so it might be dusty, but it'll be okay right?" he said. I hugged myself. It was chilly inside.He turned around and looked at me while turning on the light.

"Are you cold?" I shook my head. Well...DURH? Can't you see I'm holding myself?

"Well, there's a fireplace there so yeah. Make yourself at home." He walked to the fire place and turned on the fire. I looked at where he was standing and there were blankets and pillows stacked up in plastic wrappings fill with dust.

"Well, Ima go now. So yeah..." He walked back towards me about to go out the door.

"Bae-Gi...are you freaking serious? Ima be sleeping here alone all out in the woods for tonight?" I asked in a sarcastic voice, seeing what he would do.

"Umm...yes." He smiled and left slamming the door behind him. Stubbornly, I went over to the fireplace and sat down all by myself. How boring. It's only about like what? 6:30 and he's gonna head back home leaving me all alone with nothing to do except sit in front of the fire place. NO fair. I looked around for something to do. I scanned the room and saw an empty shelf with a notebook on it. I walked over to it and looked at it. The front read "Property of Bae-Gi. Keep out." Ooh...what could this be? I opened up to a random page and began to read.

February 14

Today at the valentine dance, I saw this one girl. She was beautiful. I wanted to ask her for a dance so I went over and asked her but she rejected me. She said I was too ugly for her. How mean. GOSH...girls these days. I came back and sat down at my seat looking like a total looser until I spotted another girl. She had straightlong black hair shaped into the shape of a "u" to her waist. Her hair swayed side to side as she walked to take a seat on the other end of the gym. Her eyes sparkled as the disco light spun through the gym. SHe stole my heart....I wonder what her name was. I never asked, cause I knew I was gonna get rejected again...So I didn't bother.

- Bae-Gi

Ahahaha. Bae-Gi? In love? Wow...shocker. I skipped a few pages and read again.

March 13

Today, I saw her again. She was cute when I saw her up close. Actually, she was crying. I gave her my hankerchief [however you spell that] and asked her for name. She told me her name was Seung Cho Ai. I asked her why she was crying and she said that it was nothing. I wanted to cheer her up, she looks so lonely. She looks like she as no friends at all. I told her that if she ever needs someone, I'll be here for her. After that, we walked back into the school. Luckily for me, she wasn't mean like that UGLY girl that I thought was pretty. Where did my eyes go? Did I need glasses then?

- Bae-Gi

OMG? WHAT? BAE GI LIKES ME? NOOOO! THIS IS ALL WRONGGG! NO WAY! I can never love him, I can never fall for him because...I hate guys...They hurt me so much. I'm such a cold person. I can never love anyone....
Chapter Six

OMG? WHAT? BAE GI LIKES ME? NOOOO! THIS IS ALL WRONGGG! NO WAY! I can never love him, I can never fall for him because...I hate guys...They hurt me so much. I'm such a cold person. I can never love anyone....

I sat there and thought. I couldn't believe what I just read, and it was only in like what? The beginning of the book too. Like...20 pages in the beginning. I didn't want to read any farther to notice his "LOVE" for me. I've never had a guy liking me; this is going to be such an awkward situation. Suddenly, the door flew open. I sort of jumped.

"Ah." I said quietly hiding the book behind my back. It was Bae-Gi at the door. I felt warm. My face felt burning. I got nervous.

"Umm...sorry. I came back to give you food and to take some private stuff." He said looking around. My hands covering the book behind my back began to sweat.

"Ooh...Umm...just leave the food there on the table and go get what you need to get." I said hoping he would go away soon so I can put the book back. He gave me a smile and set the food on the table and went to the shelves.

"Have you seen my book?" He asked. Ooh no. Book? Yes I have.

" What does it say?" I asked acting as if I knew nothing. He gave mea suspicious look. Shiat. He better not know anything.

"I'll help you look." I said going the other direction he was in putting the book in front of me while my back was facing him. He was at the in the living room and I was in the kitchen looking through the covers. I knew I couldn't hide it for long.

"I FOUND IT! Is it this one?" I said acting happy. He came rushing. I began to open it like it was for the first time.

"HEY! GIVE ME THAT! IT'S PRIVATE!" He said trying to snatch it away. I turned around and ran into the living room.

"Nopes. Let me see what's in there." I said opening it up again. He stood there in the kitchen.

"Hmm....March 13 - I saw her again. She was cute when I saw her up close ... “I began.

"NOOO!" This time he ran up to me and snatched it. I didn't have time to pull it back. I froze there, why that page? Stupid me.

"Don't read it. It's private you know." He said blushing and turning away. I didn't say anything for a second there then I opened up my mouth and shouted,

"AWWWWWWWWWWW!! LITTLE BAE GI'S GOT A CRUSHHH!" I said running up in front of him.

"Let me read!" I shouted with a smile.

"NOOO!" He shouted. He sounds like a little five year when he says no. He sounds so cute. I just stood there laughing.

"What time you begin school?" I asked.

"Eight." He replied.

"Then you should go home. Isn't today Tuesday?"


"Go home. You're gonna start school soon. It's almost seven." I said.

"No. It's okay." He replied.

"Go. Besides, you don't even look ready. Gobrush your teeth, your breath smells."I said walking away from him towards his back.

"WHAT?" He said turning around. I laughed.

"I'm just kidding." I laughed.

"Better. Anyways, there are more food and stuff in the bag. Make yourself at home." After he said that, he walked towards the door and left. I went up to the bag and opened it up.

Fruits, vegetables, meat, and CANDY! favorite. There was another bag in the bag also. I took it out and looked inside. It was a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, make up - URGM...I don't know how to put on makeup jerk; and a journal with some pen and pencils. I took out the journal and opened it. Why would he buy me a journal?

*Opens journal*

"Hey Cho Ai.
I thought I just buy you a journal just in case you get bored staying at that dusty cabin sometimes. Sorry if it isn't "Girlie" or "Pretty" enough. I'm a guy so don't hate alright? Hahaha. Just kidding. But yeah...write in it and have fun. I heard you love writing so yaps. Also, you like badminton? If you do, want to play each other sometimes?...We'll that's if you want to. Well, I got to go now. Byes. Stay warm.


P.S. Rip this out if you want to."

Aww...what a sweetie. I do love writing. What a dork. How did he find out? From my english teacher? Hahaha. PSSH. Yea right. I barely write anything to her. I sat there and turned the page. I didn't want to ripe it out. It was a sweet note.

June 7

Umm...Hmm...what should I write? I don't know what to write. Haha. Maybe I should start out with what I just found. I read that Bae-Gi liked me. He started it off that he liked me before, but I didn't say anything. I thought he was just only kidding until I read his journal. He does like me. And also, I didn't expect a guy to be keeping a journal. But yeah..anyways. He likes me. I don't know what to do..He just better not ask me out. I'd just act as if I know nothing.

-Seung Cho Ai.

I close the book and slide the pen into the spiral. I put the food away and went back to sit near the fire. There, I fell asleep.
Chapter Seven

I woke up with air blowing into my face. I opened up my eyes and looked. I saw a blurred face looking straight at me. I rubbed my eyes and saw it smile at me. Was I dreaming? Then I realized, no. I wasn't. I quickly got up and realized that it was that stupid Bae-Gi.

"What are you doing here you stupid head?" I shouted.

"What? I can't be here?" He asked. I looked at him, he was still in his school uniform.

"No. You can't because you're supposed to be at school." I said.

"'s over dude." He said sitting down facing the fire. I went up and sat next to him.

"What? It is? What time is it?" I asked in surprise. Have I been sleeping that long? It only felt like it's been five minutes.

"It's four." WHAT??? FOUR?

"FOUR? HOW CAN IT BE FOUR?" He laughed.

"Nah...I ditched school. It's only 8:30."

"What?! No! You can't ditch!" I said getting up ready to kick him into the fire. As you can see, I'm a school nerd.

"Hahaha. Just kidding. It's four. I know you were tired. So yeah." I blushed. Yeah! Better understand.

"Have you eaten yet?" He asked.

"No need to worry." I said.

"No. Have you?" URGM...stubborn guy.

"Yes I have." I lied.

"Okay..let's go play some badminton." I smiled holding up two rackets from his left side.

"How did you - ? " He stood up and just grabbed me. It was bright with warming sun rays coming down to touch your skin. There wasn't much breeze.

"How are we supposed to play? Just for fun? Or game?"

"How about game?" He said.

"Game? Urrh...hmm...there's no outline." I said. "And no net."

"Ooh..hold up. We have the stuff in the storage closet. I’ll be back." He dropped the rackets and the birdies and ran inside the house. I went over and picked it up. Haven't played for a long time. Hope things work out and I beat his stupid ass. Hehehe.

After 15 minutes, we got things set up and the outlines drawn onto the grass with white paint.

"You know how to play single?" He asked.

"Of course. Badminton's my boyfriend." I replied.

"Hahahaha. You're such a retard." He laughed.

"Shut up and hurry up." I shouted feeling embarrass.

"Wait...let's make a bet. If I win, you make us dinner. If you win, I make us dinner okay?" He asked.

"Okay. Hurry. I miss my boyfriend. Haven't played him for a long time." I said.

"Okay..just don't wack your boyfriend so hard." He laughed serving the birdie.

"DIE!" I shouted smashing it into his face.

"DAMN. Are you trying to kill me?" He asked giving me a look.

"Yes." I laughed. He hit it over and it was my turn. I served it over as he hit it back up to me. I ran to right side and then back to the middle. He hit it back to the right, I ran to the left. He hit into the right side and before I could move, it hit the ground.

"Ha! Badminton's my girlfriend." He laughed. Hahahahha. How gay of him.

"NUH UH! Badminton's already mines. It can't be yours." I shouted.

"NOOO!" UGH...what a jerk. I hit the birdie over and he served a long one.

"OUT!" I shouted.

"NOOO! It can't be an out!"

"Well it is!" I stuck my tongue out at him. We played a whole game. He was pretty good to admit the truth. He's the best guy that's played badminton so far. He beat me by two points. URGM...I hate him.

"DINNER!" He shouted to me as I sat down on my court being mad because he beat me.

"No! Not fair. I want a rematch!" I shouted.

"too bad. You didn't say anything about rematches. Hurry up. I'm tired and starving." He dragged me inside.

"Wait wait wait wait. What about the net?" I asked.

"You go cook while I go clean up."

"Okay whatever." I agreed just because I didn't want to put it away. Ha. I'm so smart. I went inside, washed up and got started. Soon, I heard rain hitting the window. I looked outside and it was raining. He was still out there cleaning the grass. UGH! RETARD!


"I gottah get the paint off the grass." He shouted back.

"No! C’mon. Get inside."

"NO! Come get me." He laughed.

"I'm not coming out there." I shouted.

"Then too bad. Let me get these off and I'll get inside."

"Fine. Don’t come!" I went back inside and slammed the door. After cooking the whole meal, he wasn't home yet. I looked back outside and saw him sitting on the grass. I reopened the door and stepped out into the porch.


"So." He replied not turning around.

"Do you want me to come get you?" I shouted.

"No." He said sounding sad. I finally decided to go out in the rain.

"What's wrong?" I asked looking straight up at him.

"Nothing." He said. "Just memories."


"My ex-girlfriend."

"What...what happened?" I asked. He didn't reply. "I know it's not my business, but yeah."

"It's just that...she....umm.....[sigh]...she loved rainy days. We would always laugh, play in the rain and stuff." He started to sniff. He bent down and it seemed as if he started to cry.

"Bae-Gi." I said.

"WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" He shouted rising his head up into the sky screaming. I got freaked out. Then he stopped automatically and gave me a look and smiled.

"I don't have an ex girlfriend." He said laughing.

"What? Weren't you crying?"

"No. It's just the rain." he said laughing. " you smell smoke?" He replied. Just then I remembered, I DIDN'T TURN OFF THE STOVE!
Chapter Eight

"No. It's just the rain." he said laughing. " you smell smoke?" He replied. Just then I remembered, I DIDN'T TURN OFF THE STOVE!

We rushed back into the house as smoke rise up into the ceiling.

"Turn on the water!" Bae-Gi shouted. I ran to the stove and turned off the fire as I rushed to the sink to turn on the water. It came gushing out as Bae-Gi splashed the water on the bits of wood that fire was on. We both ran back outside back into the wetness to clear our throats.

*cough, cough, cough*

"That was fun." He said laughing. I looked up at him and gave him a face. FUN? How can he think it was fun? I almost died in there!

"Fun?" I asked.

"Yes. Don’t you think?" I slapped him on the shoulder and went to sit down on the porch. He followed me. We sat there while the door was open to let the smoke come out.

"Luckily it was raining." I said.

"Yeah, or else I would've ditched you here and ran away.

"Yeah whatever, I know you can't ditch me. You miss me too much." I said being all conceited.

"Nuh uh. You're such a loser. Why would I miss you?"

"Then why'd you come back?" I asked.

"No reason." he replied blushing.


After awhile, the fire cleared out and we went back into the house. I had no clothes to change into and so did he.

"Hey, I'll be back. I got to go home and get us some clothing okay?" He said as we just entered the door. I nodded. He ran back out. I slowly closed the door behind me and walked over to the fire place and turned it on. The smoke cleared out, but I had to throw my food away, cause it STINKED like smoke and who would even eat it? I felt bad.

It's been2 hours already. Where is he? Gosh, I'm so COLDDD and he's not even here yet. I'm so hungry too. UGH...stupid bastard.

Bae-Gi's POV

As I rode my motorcycle down the road towards home, I saw my father driving his truck up the road towards the cabin. I pretend to not see him and kept going my way hoping he wouldn't see me either. Turned out, he didn't. I sped back to the house and ran upstairs.

"BAE GI!" I heard my mom yell as I ran up the stairs.

"NO TIME MOM!" I shouted back.

"BAE GIII! STOP IT RIGHT THERE! I KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" I immediately stop and turned back.


"Your dad is already on his way. Don't spend time with that girl anymore. It's not our problem to take care of worthless people like that." My mom said as she stared up to me.

"Worthless? She's not worth - "

"Bae-Gi...son, listen to me. I and your father talked to Mrs. Liang already and she tried to have sex with her very own father. She's worth nothing." My mom said calmly trying to hold her temper for not listening to her.


"Bae-Gi. Stop it. She's worthless. She can fool anyone she wants. Stop believing her lies."

"SHE'S WORTH MORE THAN MY LIFE!" I shouted at my mother.


"I WILL SACRFICE ANYTHING JUST TO BE WITH HER. EVEN IF IT MEANS MY LIFE!" I shouted at my mother. She marched up the stairs to me and slapped me on my cheek.


"NOOOOOOO! THE LIANGS ARE USING YOU AND DAD. YOU KNOW THEY'RE POOR. YOU KNOW THEY JUST WANT THE BEST FOR THEM. CHO AI'S NOT EVEN THEIR CHILD! SHE'S ONLY ADOPTED. MR LIANG CAN DO ANYTHING HE WANTS TO A CHILD THAT'S NOT HIS. MRS LIANG CAN ABUSE ANY CHILD THAT'S NOT HER." With that shouted I ran upstairs and packed my clothes, some money, and some of Mysuki's clothes. I quickly ran back downstairs seeing my mother by the end of the step. I stopped where I was and looked at her for a second or so, then I walked pass her towards the door.

"Bae-Gi." She said softly. I stopped. I heard her coming up to me. Suddenly, she grabbed my hand and on it, she placed 1000 dollars.


"Take it. I understand. Take good care of her and yourself." I smiled with tears in my eyes and I hugged her.

"I won't tell your father. I promise." I let her go and ran out the door. I stuffed the money into my pocket and drove off.

Cho-Ai's POV

Gah! Where is he? I wondered to myself and I slept on the floor facing my back towards the fire.


The door opened and it was still raining. I looked at the dark figure in the rain as it approached the inside the door.

"Bae-Gi?" I asked.

"Where’s Bae-Gi?" I heard the figure said with an angry and scary voice. I backed up little.

"Cho Ai?" I heard another voice. They came into walked inside the cabin and they brighten up as they came in. It was my father and Mr. Ly.
Chapter Nine

"Cho Ai?" I heard another voice. They came into walked inside the cabin and they brighten up as they came in. It was my father and Mr. Ly.

"What...what are you doing here?" I asked curiously.

"Come home darling." My father said in the soft sweet tone. Why is he being so nice? Is it just because Mr. Ly is there?

"No. Not anymore dad." I replied.

"Come on darling. Your mother and I were worried sick when you went missing." He said. Worried sick? Ha. My ass.

"No." I replied again. They stepped forward up to me and I got up from where I was, backed up a few step and was cornered by them two.

"I don't want to go home dad." I began to tear up.

"No. You have to. You can't just stay here." At that moment, my father sounded so nice and warming that it made me just want to go home.


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