Seductive Persuasion

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This is kind of erotic, with strong sexual references...but I just want to express the characters, so no judge, okay?
And yes, I know that Brugia (Brutus and Angia) is sort-of overused, but I can't help it! :(
They're just kind of adorable :).
Okay, so enjoy, and tell me what you think!

Our breaths were ragged and heavy. A moan of ecstasy stumbled out of my pulsing lips — Brutus’s slow and sexy kissing had seen that I was overwhelmed with lust. I tingled all over as he sucked and kissed on my neck, my hands gripping his long, raven hair as if it was the halt in death.

Yes, I panted mentally, Brutus is my life. He is my reason to live. And tomorrow…we will be joined forever.

My fiancé’s lips attacked mine voraciously once more, his hands pinning my biceps down, as if I wasn’t already trapped already under his flawless form. Heart racing, spasms of intense pleasure shocking through me, I breathed as Brutus momentarily broke away, “Can I at least take my shirt off?”

His dark eyes themselves filled me with overflowing amounts of passion and aching. I needed more of him. And I needed it now.

My king kissed me gently, teasing me, a hand letting go but then gripping my sides. “Tomorrow, my love. You really must be patient.”

“But it’ll please both of us so much,” I insisted, pulling at the purple garment covering the toned torso I was so desperate to kiss, touch and stare in awe at as an emphasis to my point.

Brutus’s hand left my ribs, his thumb dragging across the full, red pillows of my mouth, pinching and tugging flirtatiously lightly on them. Heat and desire shot through me, my hand sneaking up the back on his shirt. He grinned, his eyes flashing a hidden moan as if the very suggestion of us kissing shirtless was joy. “You know I want this, sweet, but I want to marry a virgin. I want you to marry a virgin too.”

I pulled myself up to connect us into another prolonged and aching kiss. “I’m not saying that we’re having sex. I’m just saying that I want you to see me half-naked.”

“How hard it is to deny you,” he murmured slyly back, the tip of his tongue wiping my bottom lip. “But with the rate we’re going, it will end in that. And I want to make love with you after we are married and you are crowned my and Jarma’s queen.”

I forced myself to divert my eyes from his glorious face, staring at the candlelight flickering off the stone walls, the canopy of silk partially concealing our act of intimacy, Brutus’s Quarters and what the open French doors revealed: The whole of Jarma and it’s people. Soon Brutus and I would share and rule over this together. Tomorrow I would marry the most perfect man, probably breaking a large number of female hearts — I wasn’t the only one that ached for the king’s affection. Luckily for me, Brutus’s affection came easily and willingly. “Angia, what are you looking at?”

My eyes flickered back, and I wished he would say something more in that calming, silky voice. “Last time you asked me that, you proposed.”

“Speaking of that, where is your ring? It should be on one of your delicate fingers…”

I blushed at the compliment. “If I said I lost it,” I told him, thinking of a subtle way to trick him, “would you be angry?”

He sighed. “Of course not—I would never even consider getting exasperated at you. I would only be disappointed. You haven’t lost it though, love?”

Brutus’s eyes stared deeply into mine, his hands subconsciously caressing me. “I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll remember if you take my shirt off…”

My fiancé’s eyes instantly slitted, but I could tell that my tempting beseeching was breaking him. “What would you want if I did undress you? Intercourse is out of the question.”

“What ever you wanted. You could kiss my breasts, touch them, look at them. I—body and soul—belong to you. Treat me as such.”

“Maybe my kissing will make the scars disappear,” he joked lightly, kneeling over me, and pulling the shirt over his head. Brutus teased me, doing it painfully slow as I ached to see more of his chest, the muscles obvious as they stuck out inside his chalky-white skin.

“Would you like to do it yourself?” my lover asked, his eyes twinkling with raging yearning and lust as he threw the shirt down. “Perhaps return the teasing?”

“You’re as desperate as me?” I grinned, gripping the hem with my fingers, pulling at it.

“The thought of knowing that others have touched and seen you with sexual interests in mind is infuriating to me,” he answered, his eyes darkening enough to suggest traces of anger, hands sliding up my stomach. It seemed Brutus wasn’t patient enough for the shirt to be removed. “It’s as if others have read a letter before you before you receive it. A breach of respect and trust—it’s as if they have invaded your privacy, took something that was clearly entitled to you. And then they abused you—” his finger traced a long scar “—which is even more enraging. You are mine—you belong to me and no one else. Marriage is just a way of securing that. And through this act, I will give you pleasure—” at the word, his powerful force swiftly ripped the shirt in twos, finally setting his eyes on the prize “—I will give you my love and I will give you what ever you wish…”

His lips consumed my erect nipple, sucking and swirling his tongue around it, causing such pleasure that I trembled, my body on fire with heat and passion. Brutus’s balance of gentleness and firmness was perfect, thoughts of truly undressing overcrowding my thoughts. I took in another ragged breath mixed with a moan. It was cut short as Brutus slid up and kissed me again, but I felt something hard pressing into my lower. He’s erect, I thought with joy. I was gasping—breathing through my nose wasn’t adequate enough—as my fiancé moved across to the base of my ear, working down my jaw, dragging the tip of his tongue to my chin and then kissing back up. “Your penis…” I breathed as he feasted on my neck. “You’re erect…”

Brutus froze, glancing at his crotch angrily. He met my gaze. “Angia, no. Don’t even consider that.”

He was begging me—that was obvious in his tone. But intercourse seemed so enticing and doing it with Brutus…I would be in heaven. Every voice, every part of me chanted ‘yes!’ but I didn’t want to disobey Brutus’s wishes—maybe I didn’t have a choice. He was king, after all. My mind had a raging civil war—my sexual desire fought intensely with my desire to please my love. I glanced back into his eyes, a deep green and intense. I pursed my lips—Brutus’s eyes caught the movement, a powerful lust flashing in his eyes: I knew he wanted to kiss them, slow and sexily, deep and passionate.  I released a relenting sigh, The Voices’ disappointed groans sounding in my mind. “As you wish, fiancé, my king.”

But Brutus knew of my reluctance, his hands resting gently on my cheeks. “Angia, grant me your patience, and tomorrow I will make love to you in a way that will blow your mind. You must understand this.”

I pouted, even after relishing and processing his words, imagining my loud, pleasured moans and gasps. “Why must I be queen to have intercourse with you?”

He grinned, stunning me with his beauty, something so god-like. His lips once more ravished mine, tingles shooting into my body at his touch. Heat followed in my fiancé’s wake, arousing me ever so much that I felt it down there. I squirmed, moaning quietly.

“Brutus. I beg of you. Intercourse. Please.”

My pleas were desperate, and I knew he was fighting himself. “Angia, I will leave if I have to in order to protect your virginity,” he growled, his voice husky, his tongue flicking at my earlobe. This tipped me over the edge of self-control, my body responding, my hips raising up and grinding against Brutus’s erection. He moaned, his head falling back. “A—” my fiancé broke off, gasping as my forefinger and thumb rolled a nipple, pinching it.

I felt an extreme dampness between my legs, my body preparing itself for possible sexual intercourse. His neck accessible, I raced up, kissing, biting, sucking and running my tongue along his smooth, pale skin. Brutus’s breath hitched, his pleasure obvious.


Thanks! This isn't really finished, I just can't bother right now, LOL. Damn writer's block. :(

Submitted: September 16, 2013

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it was soo nice i love the thought of brutus and angia being together

Thu, October 3rd, 2013 4:09pm


Haha, spoiler. LOL. BUT they had to work to get there...and you should've (and will) seen the size of that ring... :D

Thu, October 3rd, 2013 10:23pm

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