Just Look at Me Now

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A look at the daunting questions of someone in search of their true destiny.

Submitted: July 11, 2012

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Submitted: July 11, 2012




Have you ever wondered what the meaning of life is?

Or why we are even on this planet?

It may sound corny and cliché, but I do.

Were we meant to change the world?

Or just meant to be a part of it?

I find myself questioning my purpose

Maybe I am meant to be a surgeon

And find the cure for cancer

Or maybe an astronaut

Who discovers the first extraterrestrial in space

Possibly a scientist that figures out a formula

that allows up to 30 years of more life.

But what if my only destiny is to be a nobody person

That just goes through life because I have to?

Sitting and watching as all the other people

Stroll past me, unaware that I am there.

All these questions haunt me.

Questions that inundate my mind

Finding all my insecurities and feed off them

Like parasites.

Little leeches in the crevices of my mind

Looking for my greatest fears in life

Just to exemplify them, and intensify them

Until I am consumed by them.

Consumed by questions.

Do I even have potential

Or am I made from the excess clay

That was sitting around getting hard in heaven?

Was I meant to have an effect on the world

and become something?

Or was I destined to be nothing?

Should I fade into the background?

Or step forward, heart in hand, and say

“I am the one who will bring change”

It may be that I will always be filled

With doubt and wonder.

But I hope that in the future

I can look back on this confusing time

And simply chuckle because

I didn’t think I would succeed at anything

Then, with a smile on my face, I would say,

“Just look at me now”

© Copyright 2018 Missy Riah. All rights reserved.

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