Only for her

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something I wrote for my girlfriend.

Submitted: May 12, 2008

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Submitted: May 12, 2008



Things have gotten better.
I feel things for her, things I never felt for anything else.
I can look into her eyes and tell that she really means it when she says
she loves me. I love the feeling of being with her. The moments we share. I smile so much more

She's so much better for me. The tears that I cry now are tears of happiness... She sings to me when we're in a crowded room. She looks for me and finds me. She sings how she loves me.
She dances with me, even when there is no music.
The hugs are real.
The kisses are the greatest thing that I have ever felt. Her lips are soft and inviting.
Oh how I wanted to kiss them that first semster.
The moment she handed me the rose, I knew. I knew she was different then the others.
She handed me the gold hearts with green stones in the middle.
Even after she said when we got caught, she was done.
She couldn't resist "getting" them for me.
I adore those. Im keeping them forever.
She made me forget the pain without even knowing it.
What can I say other then I truely love Julia.
More then I could ever love that girl.
I'm not going to give her up without a fight.
To many words to explain and not nearly enough sentence structures to fit them into. I hope she knows.

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