Alberto Stefano

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I write because I've got a sentence stuck in my head.
Description: Based on a true story, but I changed the name of the guy to protect his identity. A writer must dig a little into the past.. ;)

Submitted: June 11, 2013

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Submitted: June 11, 2013



It was an evening in June. I packed up my suitcase, I was going away to spend the summer in Brazil. And there I met Alberto. He was tall, and a very handsome man. He was much younger, he was like 26 or maybe 28. He had thick black hair, very white totally perfect teeth. He smiled at me and I could see that he was used to smiling at people. His eyes were brown. But his smile was the most perfect thing about him. He was a very clever young man, with great love for music. Our first meeting was in a music store. We met again and again and we became very friendly. When Alberto and I first met I just thought it was a silly crush. Over time he grew on me; I found myself smiling, then I found myself thinking of him. I tried not to cry, but my tears still broke through. I always asked myself '' could it be true, or was this just a one off thing.''? He made me smile, he made me feel special.


I knew he didn't feel the same way about me, but he was absolutely everything I have always wanted in a man. Alberto was like my long lost prince charming, and his personality was indescribable. And I stumbled like I had nothing to say whenever he came around, and being completely shy and unable to express my love for him. I decided to start texting h and making up crazy excuses just because I wanted to see him. I felt extremely guilty for not admitting I'd liked him at first, but I was crazy in love with him, and totally obsessed with him. I went to bed thinking, woke up thinking about him, I couldn't get him out of my thoughts. I was so desperate for him that I even considered getting pregnant just so if I wasn't with him I'd have a part of him to hold onto. I knew this was totally wrong and not sensible, but I wanted and needed him. Alberto and I went into town and had dinner together. We had dinner together every evening for a week. I was enjoying my new life, and so was Alberto. We talked freely. ''Suddenly he asked '' what's your true reason for coming to Brazil, and do you have a boyfriend?'' I said '' no.'' with a smile.


I lied to him because I wasn't ready to reveal my true identity. I had been up all night working. I went and took a long, hot shower. Warm water and fresh soap can work miracles, at least they always do for me. Afterward, I felt like a new born baby. I wanted to tell Alberto everything he wanted to know about me. But when you have seen as much as I have, it just isn't possible to trust anybody anymore. But there was no point in getting depressed. I mean, Not that I didn't trust Alberto, but I never wanted him to pity me, and I usually didn't tell people my past. Make-up can hide the truth behind a mask. I started joking around with Alberto. He got really angry! I don't like your sense of humor, Ann. I guess he could see right through me, so I automatically started telling him who I was and my true reason for coming to Brazil.


I told him I was planning to write a book about runaways. Thousands of kids boys and girls of all ages run away from their homes every year because they want to make a living, but the streets are full of sex, violence, and drugs.I came to Brazil because I wanted to get away from the difficulties I was having at home. Lots and lots of girls run away from home because of that. And once they are on the street humor is like a shield for them. It protects girls like us from going crazy. I went as far as telling him how phenomenal I felt whenever he came around. I didn't mean to exaggerate whatsoever, but I wanted Alberto to feel the chemistry between us. Alberto was silent for a moment. Then finally, he replied in a low voice: '' I'm married, Ann.'' I was absolutely devastated, and humiliated. I felt completely invisible to him, but Alberto Stefano was a true gentleman. He had a very good personality and reputation. And to me, he was the perfect, smartest, and cutest guy ever.



Written by: Stacy- Ann

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