I dedicate this song to my beloved sister that passed away. ( July 21th, 2014) You are irreplaceable,and will forever be missed.

Gone,But Not Forgotten.


Oh My darling sis,

If I had one wish,

I'd use it on you

Just to see you again, my darling sis

There are days when I miss you,

I think about you all the time, and it hurts,

Oh it hurts to cry.

Oh, my darling sis,

If I had one wish,i'd use it on you,

just to see you again, my darling sis

So much has happened in my life, I am now a mature, independent young woman.

Oh, my darling sis I still remember your beautiful laughter,

And your perfect long black hair. A sister of extreme strength, peaceful and voice so clear,

so clear.

My darling sis, I am devastated of your death,

but I pray to god that you be my guardian angel.

Rest in peace, rest in peace you are Gone,

but not forgotten.

Much love to you, my darling sis, much love to you.


Submitted: October 04, 2014

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