The Leadership Club: Part 11

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Part 11! It didn't go the way Roger had planned it, but at least he apologized to Sam. Unfortunately, it's not over just yet.

Submitted: November 29, 2015

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Submitted: November 29, 2015



Roger and Sam sat outside of the principal's office while Drew and his friend were being talked to. They listened intently as principal Kale reminded the hall monitors that they weren't allowed to use the plastic handcuffs, nor the fake badges to do their jobs. Of course, Drew argued with her.

In the hall, things were silent. Roger was still pondering about what Sam said before. He looked over to the blonde, who didn't seem to have a single thought in his mind. He just sat with his face down and played with his thumbs. Roger didn't know what to say to him.

He took a breath, but nothing came out. \"Thank you, by the way.\" Sam popped up. Roger looked at him curiously, and things went back to silent for a few seconds. \"For what?\" The older boy asked. \"What you did back there. Sacrificing your perfect record.\" After Sam made it clear, Roger groaned in realization and frustration.

\"What's wrong?\" Sam asked. \"I didn't even think about that!\" Roger responded. As he kicked himself, Sam grew a big smile. He laughed. Roger didn't find it laughable as he stared at him. \"What the heck is so funny?!\" The blonde just smiled and shook his head.

Roger thought for a second while he pointed at him. \"Wait,\" he started. \"I didn't think about it?\" Neither of the boys said anything. Roger's eyes grew wide. \"Why do you over think everything?\" Sam asked sincerely. Just then, the principal's door opened, and she walked out with the hall monitors.

\"Okay boys,\" principal Kale started. \"Since these two didn't follow my rules, I'm going to let you off with a warning. It will go on both your records and will stand for the rest of the year. Got it?\" Roger and Sam nodded. \"Good.\" She then went back in her office, leaving them all alone together. \"This is not over.\" Drew stated before stomping off. His friend followed.

Roger and Sam started walking through the halls while they waited for their parents. Again, nothing but silence. \"I don't get it.\" Roger said. \"How could I not think about my record?\" He looked over to Sam, who lightly tapped his cane on the tiles. \"Maybe you started caring about something else, but you had no idea.\" He told him, but Roger was still lost.

\"Did something change recently?\" He asked. Roger immediately started thinking back. He remembers saying something to Alice about not being concerned about his friends, and more about forgiveness. He stopped thinking about them. His eyes, once again, grew wide.

\"Do you see?\" Sam asked. \"You over think.\" Roger stopped walking. \"What's wrong?\" The blonde asked. Roger kept his head down and thought back. To his father leaving and then the marriage, he felt abandoned. He felt like he couldn't trust anyone. Not even himself. He started over thinking about every little detail from then on.

\"I guess I got so fed up with everything that I lost control. I didn't trust my instincts.\" He admitted. Sam listened intently. Roger looked up at him and smiled slightly. \"You trusted your instincts back there. You stopped over thinking about everything and did what your heart thought was right.\" Sam told him smiling.

\"I see now.\" Roger told him. \"Everything I did, I gave too much thought. That's why my plans always failed.\" They both smiled with joy for a few seconds until Roger remembered something. \"By the way,\" Sam stopped smiling. \"What did you mean when you said you were a human being?\" Sam remembered, and frowned. \"Oh yeah. That.\" Just as he was about to say something, Jacob came running up.

\"Roger!\" He shouted, the anger basically pouring from his ears. \"How could you get Sam in trouble?! What is the matter with you?!\" He then pulled Sam away from Roger like he was protecting him. \"I told you to clean up your act, or I would do it for you! Now, you go and do--\" He was stopped by Sam's hand on his shoulder. \"It's okay Sam. I'll take care of this.\" Jake assured, but something popped in Roger's mind.

\"You don't treat him like a human.\" He pointed out. \"You and Daniel don't give him a chance to say anything. You treat him like an alien that can't speak english.\" Jacob looked absolutely terrified while Sam smiled. \"We do?\" Jacob asked looking at Sam, who nodded. \"Oh my god.\" Jacob was in complete shock and embarrassment.

\"By the way,\" Roger jumped in. \"We're not in trouble.\" Roger and Sam laughed while Jacob stood modified. \"Hey, my parents are here. I have to go.\" The blonde told his friends after his watch beeped, and then walked off still slightly laughing. \"See ya!\" Roger said, then looked to Jacob. \"I'm sorry.\" He apologized. The older boy just laughed. \"It's okay. Let's go.\" Then the two walked home together, like they usually did.

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