A Hollow Tree

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a six year old girl, who is homeless, and has to live in a hollow tree.

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011




The hollow inside of the tree hides all but her wild hair,

The sound of my presence alerts her, and a desolate eyes look me up and down then stare.

She cant be more than six years, and her clothes are torn,

The sight of a child, homeless, and malnourished, for her I mourn,

The cold night air blows around us making her shiver, she retreats back inside the hollow of the tree,

The sound of the wind passing through the leaves creates a sound similar to a banshee.

I don’t know what drew me out to her tonight,

I don’t know how I got here,

Alone, and shivering, far away I can her wolves, howling to the moon in its light.

Unsure of where I am, I sit down and rest my back against the tree,

And within moments tiredness overwhelms me.  

Before I know it, sunlight is burning my eye lids,

And the park around me is teeming with kids.

I get up and look inside the hollow tree,

Unprepared for what I was about to see,

The child is there, I check to see if she is breathing,

Her heart has stopped beating.  

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