Fear of Water

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a story about a girl who is afraid of water after seeing her mother drown meets with water again with an unfortunate outcome.

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011




The sun scorches down on my face and arms. The flimsy material protecting my arms from the giant ball of fire has little effect, and the rays seep through my straw hat creating dots of red on my face. Tomorrow I will surely have the chicken pox contained only to my face, well it’s the best excuse I’ve got to get out of school.

If the sun had spit a fireball on me I wouldn’t be surprised.

“Come on Lizzy, jump in!” Declan is shouting at me. Jen and Ally turn and stare at me. The water is lapping around their necks as they float calmly through the crystal water, the rays of sunlight creating diamonds on the waters surface.

“Thump, thump” cool air suddenly swishes on my face, I see a figure run past me then plummets into the ocean, sending drops of water all over me. The temperature difference shocks me, turning me stiff as a board and fixing me into a trance. Flashes come to my mind of last summer, my mother in the water, her arms flailing and thrashing against the waves, while the rip carrys her out to sea. I am frozen, I can’t swim, so all I can do is watch and look around for help on the deserted pier.

Dylan’s voice suddenly snaps me back into reality. “I think she needs a little help.” Next thing I know he has swept me up in his arms and he is carrying me over to the edge on the beach, the water pools around his ankles moving higher up his legs with every step.

I thrash and jerk around in his arms kicking him and pummeling his chest, I consider choking him but I leave that as a last resort if he doesn’t set me down safe and sound on dry land. “Let me down!” I scream.

“Ok, ok in a second.” He replies still moving forward, the water is now past his waist and nearly touching me.

I start hyperventilating, and instead cling to him so if I go down I’m taking him with me! He unhooks my hands from around his neck, lifts me up, then drops me. Before I hit the water I take a deep breath but forget to close my mouth. Water rushes in and I accidently swallow, my whole body is cooled, and I can feel my burns soothing. I sink to the bottom of the beach fast, but.. “BAM”. My head hits a rock. Within seconds the water surrounding me turns red, my vision gets darker, and darker…..

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