Something I shouldn't have seen..

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a short story about a girl in the wrong place in the wrong time and witnesses a murder... and the murderer isn't to happy about a living witness.

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011



The sound of the gunshot rings in my ears, I see a red liquid spray out behind the man. He falls to his knees with a vacant expression in his eyes. All emotion and color was drained from his face in an instant that the bullet hit him. From where I stood, with one eye peered around the corner of the cold brick wall, I was hidden from sight as long as no one looked in my direction. A group of four men stand behind the shooter watching with an expression of happiness. What kind of person would take pleasure in witnessing such a gruesome sight, a group of incomparable sadists no doubt.

My hands and knees were shaking, and my head was dizzy from the sight of blood, I feel like throwing up but that would bring attention to myself. The shooter pulled his gun away and blew at the top of it like in the movies. The four men smiled in amusement along with the shooter.

I crinkle my nose in disgust of these people, crimes against nature. They betray what every human should strive for. A good and nurturing disposition, a need to do good and to make sure no one comes to harm in our world. If only life were so perfect..

“Well that’s what happens if you try and mess with us!” shouts the shooter to the group. They all nodded in agreement still with huge smiles on their faces. Now that their job was done what were they going to do now? What I desired more than anything is to run away as fast as my legs will carry me, back to my warm bed at the end of the street.

But for the moment I was stuck. If I dared to make a movement surely the group would hear me and I would have the same fate as that poor man. I look around nervously trying to come up with a way to sneak away quietly. But fate had another plan..

A mouse scuttled around my heels emitting a squeak that echoed down the empty street. Suddenly a wave of shock ripped through my chest, and my breath gets caught in my throat. Five faces turn to look in my direction and see my stunned face, the shooter gives me a smirk.

“Well, looks like someone here saw something they weren’t supposed to?” the shooters smile turns more and more threatening with every passing second, but my feet were frozen in place. “We don’t want her telling anyone about what went on here, do we?” he asks the group, they all nod approvingly. The shooter raises his gun and signals for the group to follow him.

This time my feet and my mind cooperate, I spin around and run back down the street back to my house as fast as I can. But it isn’t fast enough, the group is gaining on me, getting closer and closer.

I steal a quick glance behind me, the shooter has his gun raised, pointed at me. I know its useless now, my breath is being taken away from me bit by bit with every pant. My house is about one hundred meters away, but I know I wont make it.

I look to the sky, the stars are shining brighter than usual, the moon casting a beam of light a few steps away. “Bang!” the shot deafens me, then I feel the hot metal sealing itself into my back and making its way so it hits my spine. I stop dead on my spot falling to my knees, I can feel the blood soaking through my clothes. More importantly is the searing pain coursing it’s way through me, immobilizing me.

I fall on my back, I am lying directly in the beam of moonlight. I look up, at least I can see where I’m going..

Blackness clouds over my eyes, and I float away.

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