Notes - Occupy Tucson GA 10/16/11 6 pm

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Notes from the General Assembly meeting of the Occupy Tucson movement at 6 pm on 10/16/11

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



Occupy Tucson General Assembly Meeting Sunday, October 16, 2011 6:00 p.m.

6:15 p.m.Welcome. Dane: Facilitator (from facilitator’s working group) Everyone is welcome to meetings.

Are there concerns about me facilitating?

Review of hand signals.

A block is not a “no” vote. It is a very serious concern and says you are not comfortable with anyone going forward with the decision.

Roles explained. Need: Note takers. (2 people are taking notes); Person to hold stack: Michael; 4 counters.

Step up; step back explained. Step back if you notice you are doing a lot of the talking.

First: working group report backs

Mike, Food and Water WG.  POP:  Aren’t we discussing …? No we wait till after groups report back. Mike: We have plenty of food and water. We will be posting needs online. We have really good processes right now. No more bread until further notice. If we need to move we will need bodies and vehicles, please give your info to someone in the kitchen. POP When and where does Food WG meet? 2 at the kitchen area.

Ethan, PR outreach WG. Today we talked about continuing to get our press release to media, continuing with fact sheets we are distributing, and creating fact sheets that address specific issues. Goal for coming week is to focus on outreach to immigrant rights and Hispanic populations. Want to focus our efforts on that. Received documents from Derechos Humanos , they were using 99% language and we might have a coming together with them. Welcome to all the new people that have joined our WG. We have a team of Spanish translators and are putting in a phone bank. 5:00 Tuesday around the stage is the next meeting. Next Tuesday at 7 there is a forum where we are inviting Chicanos por la Causa and Derechos Humanos and whoever else can come to keep us informed. If you have any other suggestions let Ethan or me know (Mike). We have an event on Tuesday Oct 5 coming up, more details about that coming. Check out our facebook page for more info. Question:  Ethnic studies? Yes that’s a goal. Questions and comments should be at the end. OK thank you.

Sam (Street Medics WG) Stay hydrated. We are back in the corner over here. We don’t have meetings right now but we can always use more volunteers.

Leesa (Donations) Income for yesterday was 2157 expenses 435. *Need info from Leesa, didn’t get everything she said.* Have to collect it, got 2 hundred something from one WG. Donation WG meets – doesn’t meet. She is the only one doing donations. POINT OF PROCEDURE where can we get in contact with you if we want to be part of the wg?

IT WG – Mike. Putting together some stuff so more people can access the server. WG meets at IT tent. The blue tent over here.  *Missed everything else*

Transportation: No agenda items. We ask for volunteers to give rides home if needed, can anybody do that tonight? Five people. Anybody need a ride? One guy. There’s no obligation to give anyone a ride. We will figure out the nearest bus lines. Also transportation will be putting up a board where people can sign up to give someone a ride. That will be available… not sure where it will be yet. That’s it for transportation.

 Don’t see anybody else from Eco City WG so I will report for that. Biggest thing on the agenda right now is to stop using plastic water bottles. We need to figure out how to get a central water station, and if we can bring glass onto public property like this. You can do containers or whatever else you have for water.

Patrick, announcement for facilitation wg, we meet every day in the back. If you are interested in the process and how it works come and meet us. Thanks.

Larry from Art WG? (not sure which WG he is from)  Posters from everywhere got blown away. We need a wind WG. ha! Pitch a hand in and secure the signs please. Clarification? You guys have an email at OT or do we have to connect with you directly? You can give them to me now and I’ll add them to the list.

Paul from legal WG. I want to clarify a few issues. What happened last night will happen again tonight. Officers are here already and will approach people and ask you do you want to leave or do you want a citation? There has been people saying don’t worry about the ticket, etc, but it is a criminal citation, not a traffic ticket. Tonight you’ll get another one and tomorrow another one unless something happens. We negotiated last night from about 9 until the citations were given and there was no change. I don’t know ultimately what will happen, it’s a class 1 misdemeanor. You do not get a jury trial unless you are facing 6 months in jail or its moral turpitude. q: Will it be the same court date? No it will be different dates and times. q: What if you refuse to give ID or tell them who you are? If you refuse to sign the citation, you are going into custody. If you don’t give them your name and contact information, you are going into custody. If you gave contact info last night, they let you stay. It has a veneer of reasonableness but it’s not really reasonable because every night you get another citation. q: Is there a reason they are charging a criminal offense instead of civil? It’s a criminal offense. That’s what they chose for the park after hours. q: If on a job application they ask you if you have anything? Yeah you have to tell them you have a criminal citation. So last night there was this wave of people giving legal advice to each other. Please come to legal for questions. There was misinformation. People were saying This officer over here said,… Don’t try to do individual negotiations. All it does is lead to misinformation. q: One report online said people approached the police and asked for the citation. What actually transpired? That actually transpired. The police had these groups of people and they were gonna go all around the park, and I said why don’t we go to that end of the park and get it taken care of? I proposed to get it over with, we need to go to bed. Yeah that’s what happened.

Facilitator: gonna cut off the court discussion. Lawyer: If it goes to the group about getting citations again, be on the grass at 10:30 to get the citation. It’s unprincipled if people vote here to take the citation and then go home. We are rounding up some lawyers and we will provide some representation, that’s what we are planning. 2 other things, sorry I’m taking so much time, legal defense will not be decided in the GA. It’s lawyer client relationship. There is an appeal process. Vote: Can we continue the discussion with legal? (Almost all agree) OK So again tonight at 10:30 they will come through the park and ask if you are going to leave and if you tell them no, they will issue a citation. I assume they will leave you here but we’ll try to clarify that. q: Where and when legal WG meets, where can we get questions answered? I’ll be around, I’ll be coming back. We will get copies of the citations made and go through the process of representing people. q:Might the legal team consider a legal defense fund?  Erin: That’s something that can be proposed by anyone to the GA, it’s not an issue at this particular point tonight. Often times those are for paying fines and other related costs so anyone is welcome to propose that.

Admin stuff for Legal – Erin – there is an emergency contact and legal fact sheet at the legal table. If anyone has a police contact, feel free to come report it to us. Legal issues and questions, please bring them to us. You can write them on the paper on the table, give your contact info and we will get back to you. You can also leave a message on the FB page or email me We’re talking about legal questions and issues only related to Occupy Tucson. No other stuff. That’s all thanks.

Jon: EcoCity WG. Trying to turn the occupation into a sustainable, mobile occupation so we don’t have a bunch of waste and garbage. POINT OF PROCEDURE: I already gave an update. OK then I’m also sanitation so please clean up, pick up cigarette butts, please let’s clean up after our own family.

Facilitator: Other WG reps to report back? No. In terms of times and places, the coordinating group meets every day. They are representatives of the WG and anyone can watch. They meet at 5 every afternoon on the other side of this building.

I’m opening for immediate announcements that cannot wait after the meeting? Leesa: I forgot we have online donations at under OT. We have a fiscal agent set up where that money is going into. We have a PO box at

Anything else crazy pertinent? No? OK. I’m going to read through what was consented upon during the GA this afternoon. There will be a marching committee and a civil disobedience committee and these are separate. Set meeting times every day and they should differ. There will be a board of where and when the WG will meet. Every WG is open to observation and participation except if you interrupt and 90 percent vote to block you from participating. Staying in park only during park hours not passed. Designated time for flyer passing not passed. Court storm committee was passed? dunno. Collect info and get volunteers to set clear goals and finally the social media regulation discussion was tabled.

Coordinating WG come up to read agenda for tonight? Does anyone have a printed copy of the agenda? POINT OF PROCEDURE: Can we hear …? The only thing we wanted to talk about was about staying in the park at night. Can anyone clarify what court storm is? Part of Civil Disobedience WG, they will go to federal courts. *missed what else was said about that*

Facilitator: Agenda items for tonight are regulation of social media, and whether or not to stay in this park tonight. There will be space at the end of this meeting to propose items for the next GA. Anything that needs to be on the agenda tonight? OK great.

On regulation of social media, let me open it up to conversation.

I was concerned that someone was accused of spamming and the 2 accusers were men, and the person who was defending her was a woman, and she had to add stuff on to finish what she had to say.

Facilitator: To clarify the item that was left over, last night we consented to having a process whereby these concerns and further concerns of being banned can be brought to a democratic group to discuss what happened and decide if the banning was appropriate. Today, we need to decide if that group is a subgroup of the conflict resolution group that already exists.  Should it be subsumed by the conflict resolution group. So the proposal is on the table.

Discussion about the proposal takes place.

Consensus reached, proposal passed.

Next agenda item is do we want to stay in this park until tomorrow. Jon: show of hands. Who got a ticket last night? Who is willing to get one tonight? Who is willing to get one the next night and the next night? q: I have to leave soon but I want to say, before you take these citations, the sign says occupy. If you take the citation you are renting it from them. If you take the citation you’re accepting taking 1000 and putting it in their pocket. That’s not an occupation.  It saddens my heart. response: Are you going to stay here? I have children. ok thank you. I spent 15 yrs protesting the… ok you are hijacking the meeting. Thank you please. please. So the people who did not get tickets how many are willing to get a ticket tonight, raise your hand. Ok that leads to our first proposal item from the coordinating group. Reverend Tom with Z-mansion came to us and said if we want to, we can stay at Z-mansion and use their facilities and kitchen, and the proposal is that we sleep at Z-mansion and occupy either here or Veinte de Agosto during the day. q: what and where is Z-mansion? It is at Church and Franklin, and we’re deciding as a group where we’re going to be moving our stuff. We have to have a base site for our occupation. The only stipulation of the owner of the Z-mansion is that we clear out temporarily when there is a wedding. He understands this is a long term occupation.

 Point of procedure: don’t interrupt the stack. Point of procedure: have we gone over to discussion of where we are staying? Let me turn it back over to facilitator.

Facilitator: Stack is open, if you having something to say go to that line.

Discussion takes place about whether to go home, stay at Z-mansion, or stay and get another citation.

Proposal: Utilize Z-mansion for basic needs, showers etc, but still stay here.

Facilitator: We’ve been discussing this for 30 minutes. Do we want a straw poll? Keep the stack open? Close the stack?

Discussion continues.

Facilitator: 2 proposals on the table: Move to Z-Mansion, or take sort of shifts with some at Z-mansion and some maintaining a presence here. Can we take a straw poll?

This is not a vote, just a straw poll. Raise one hand if you feel moving to Z-Mansion is something you want to do. POP: Didn’t we already decide? No. POP: Who can vote, the people who are going to stay the night, or everybody? POP: I don’t understand when we say moving is that all the tents and everything, or just we go sleep there? My understanding is that everybody and everything goes. POP: Having a binary decision is not really the best option. That’s our only option right now. POP: If you leave your stuff here, and you’re not here, they are gonna take it. POP: We ought to go ahead and deal with the proposal of moving there because that is one extreme and then discuss the other option.

Facilitator: So who is in favor of going to Z-Mansion? Who is in favor of maintaining a presence here? Ok so a friendly amendment to the second proposal is that some people stay here, we all utilize resources from Z-Mansion, and people who would like to spend the night there can do that. q: (can’t hear) q: (can’t hear) q: If the proposal is accepted by everyone, I will leave. I don’t think it’s acceptable for a small group of people to stay here. If you think it’s ok to go to Z-mansion and leave 10 people here to watch your shit, that’s not OK. We have to stay together. POP: This is information. Be aware that the reason the sprinklers have not been going on is because the city council has influenced the parks department to leave them off until Monday evening. They will be coming back on. That is logistical information to keep in mind. q: I think if you can make it work for some people to stay so we don’t have to move everything, it will be easier. POP: I propose we focus on deciding about tonight, and discuss tomorrow when it happens.  q: There are those of us who are staying, might stay, are not staying. We should do a poll of who those people are because we are making a decision as a group. In fairness to those who stay all night, we should do a straw poll and find out who those people are.

Facilitator: Raise your hand if you are staying tonight. Is anyone who raised their hand concerned about the group as a whole making a decision about tonight?  Yes.  If you’re going home, go home. Don’t vote ME out of here. Go home. POP:  (can’t hear) POP: You have to ask yourself what is the most amount of people that we can get, having the choice? We should try to be as inclusive as possible in our decision.

Facilitator: Request for proposals that are specifically about tonight.

Proposal to not decide anything tonight. Seconded.

Propose that when they come to give citations, we get on the sidewalk.

Facilitator: Can that be a friendly amendment to the first proposal?

Discussion about proposals and whether to discuss proposals.

Moderator: So the only proposal on the table right now is that we don’t make any decisions tonight and that we all act autonomously. Are there any concerns? Are there any blocks? We have a block.

Discussion. Another block.

Proposal: Stay here tonight, table the discussion,  tomorrow we vote on whether or not we are going to go to Z-Mansion.  POP: Only people who will stay are voting on this? I’m not comfortable voting on this. We’re not voting yet and you can very easily stand aside.

Facilitator: The proposal is to stay in the park tonight. Friendly amendment: We stay here and revisit the discussion tomorrow. Friendly amendment: This discussion is table for the 6 pm GA tomorrow. It looks like we have consensus on the proposal that we table this discussion for tomorrow and tonight we stay in the park.

Consensus, proposal passes.

Facilitator: We covered the agenda for tonight. At this point we are open for agenda items for the noon GA.  Proposals:

1. Prepare for less pleasant weather.

2. A space to share literature with each other.

Facilitator: Any more proposals? Keep in mind these are only things that need to be addressed by the GA.

I can open it up for announcements that do not need to be addressed by GA.

Open mic.

Meeting adjourns.

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