Under the Turkmen Sky

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Travel  |  House: Booksie Classic

27 months in the life of a Peace Corps volunteer in the country of Turkmenistan.

Table of Contents

The Journey Begins

Welcome to a new journey. Time to experience something that many Americans think about, most know little of, and few actually embark upon... Read Chapter

Making Halloween

~~It hard to believe that a little over a month has gone by here, with a holiday past, a few interesting trips and many adjustments. Yet ... Read Chapter

Time for Giving Thanks

~~Welcome once again, to this unique adventure. Once more the sun has rose and set, and this time the seasons have turned from fall to wi... Read Chapter

Christmas in Turkmenistan

~~Welcome once again, as we travel and live in a land most obscure to the rest of the world. Since the last time we’ve met, days have c... Read Chapter

Enter the Duck Slayer

~~The sun has risen and set a little over thirty more times since the last time we met. Each day has brought new experiences and old expe... Read Chapter

Sonic In My Belly

~~Over the past days I have been either sp busy or caught up with life here that I have neglected to write my happenings, so since. Febru... Read Chapter

The Longest Birthday

~~Here we meet once again, with this time to reminisce upon my latest happenings in this far off place. Not only this time has another mo... Read Chapter

Happy Revival and Unification of Magtumgully Poetry Day

~~Hello have we met before? Why yes, and since you haven’t asked me if I will teach you English or help you get a visa to America fifty... Read Chapter

Living in the Chemical Palace

~~Hello again and welcome to this new edition. Lately the weather has really heated up to scorching proportions, so find a spot in the sh... Read Chapter

Hot and Mervous

~~Welcome again to another adventure in this far off place as we sit and reflect upon July, here Under the Turkmen Sky.  If you as... Read Chapter

Of Triumph, Tragedy, and Turkey

~~Welcome again to another adventure in this far off place, this time we go a little farther, which actually brings us nearer, as we sit ... Read Chapter

A Moving Experience

~~Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset, the words of that old tune from Fiddler on the Roof come to mind in thinking about September. Wrought... Read Chapter

Dashing to Dashoguz

~~The days grow cooler as the summer heat fades away. So pull up a chair and sit awhile as we watch the season change here Under the Turk... Read Chapter

A Cold December

~~Almost two months gone by since last we met here Under the Turkmen Sky. Winter is now in full force, one holiday passed and another so ... Read Chapter

The Best Vacation Ever

~~One can only stay so long here until it becomes time for a much needed vacation. Away to Thailand and Cambodia and once more we meet he... Read Chapter

The Coldest Winter

~~Hello again. Sit down, put on a jacket and grab a nice warm cup of cocoa as we return here Under the Turkmen Sky. As if coming back f... Read Chapter

Roach Wars

~~Not so very long, long ago, in a country far, far away….. with the thawing of winter the ushering in of springtime has brought forth ... Read Chapter

One Month Six Countries

~~With the end of the school year, it was time for a much needed break and Adventure.  Another volunteer and friend of mine, Scott, ... Read Chapter

Baseball Bloody Baseball

~~After a nice relaxing vacation it was time to return to the heat. The only way to keep my sanity this summer was to stay busy, and so b... Read Chapter

The Beginning of the End

~~Every journey must come to an end. For me that end began in September and will finish on December 10th. So pull out a suitcase, some pa... Read Chapter

Journey’s End

~~There and back again. Here it is the final chapter a two year saga. So get ready to say some farewells as we now depart from Under the ... Read Chapter