The Narrow-Eyed Monster

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The day I met a demon.

Submitted: August 20, 2013

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Submitted: August 20, 2013



It was just another peaceful day. I had just enrolled in an SAT class.


Today would be my first day there.


The trip to the building where the class was held was hellish. I had moved from a quaint city in California to the intimidating city of New York. I was not yet accustomed to the enigma that was the NYC subway system.


I finally arrived to the location, 5 minutes later than expected. Though my firm and vascular quadriceps had the ability to erect the heaviest of weights, no amount of muscle could have stopped the disease of nervousness that was seizing my body. 


I entered the building, and then entered the classroom.


As I was making my way to an empty seat in the back of the room, the discerning and astute eyes of my fellow classmates were piercing my soul. I tried to ignore it.


When I sat down, I took a quick glance at the people around me. The room was deafening with silence. The spiritless lifeforms made me disinterested. I was about to take out my SAT workbook...


Then I saw her.


My eyes connected to the side of her face and I immediately fell in love. The elegance, charm, and beauty that broadcasted from her face had me smitten. I had to talk to her at once. I tapped her soft, warm shoulders and was about to engage in conversation with the reincarnation of Athena.


She turned around to face me.


To my horror, it was revealed that her eyes were about two inches closer to each other than normal. The shock that penetrated my body was comparable to that of Zeus’ thunderbolt. I was unable to speak.


I quickly regained my composure and managed to utter the words,


“Ne...never mind.”


She retorted with a slight smile, and turned back towards the front of the class.


A single tear ran down my cheek as I realized I would never find true love.


Suddenly, the despondency escaped my body and was rapidly replaced with contempt for the broad. I yelled with all my might as I got up from my seat. I grabbed the narrow-eyed lady and flung her to the ground. My fellow colleagues attempted to stop me, but the view of my ferocity repressed all their temptation. 


The supple but narrow-eyed female writhed in agony from the initial blow, and was begging for me to stop.


Little did she know her pain was just beginning.


I then picked up her voluptuous body and hoisted her on top of my bulging shoulders, just as a powerlifter would in a power clean movement. I proceeded by pressing her now sagging body into the air, showing the class my might. The scared classmates were now in awe, and the aroma of female pheromones radiated in the atmosphere.


I dropped the lifeless body onto the floor, and the body abruptly splattered. I gave a final “most muscular” pose to the audience and stormed out of the building.

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