Nothing is Everything

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How everything is nothing and vice versa.

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012




Nothing is defined as not anything; no single thing, having no prospect of progress; of no value, none at all and none. These are the words that when strung together give meaning to the word nothing. What the definition of nothing fails to add is the word everything, for nothing is everything. But how can that be? How can nothing be everything and everything be nothing? In order to answer this question one must first answer a different question. What happens to one when they die? According to religion when a person passes away their soul moves on to the afterlife and passes to either heaven or hell. Where that person ends up is based on how that person lived his or her life. The common consensus people have for going to heaven is that one must live a life of purity and devotion to god so that they may rejoice in the fruits of the kingdom of heaven. Those who live a life of sin and evil are damned for eternity and sent to hell to pay for all their sins. Unfortunately, neither heaven nor hell has ever been proven to exist. As for myself, a person of science and facts, I cannot come to believe in the existence of heaven or hell until they can be factually proven. Until the day heaven and hell can be proven, I will believe that when one dies we become more than nothing. Nothing more than a corpse, which will eventually decay and decompose becoming nothing more than nothing. So the answer to the question, what happens to one when they die, is we become nothing. We become nothing because we no longer exist. We no longer breathe. We no longer think. We no longer dream. We are nothing. People may argue that a person's memory can live on through others or in the case of famous people they live on in the history books. While this is a valid argument that certain people attain such a high status that they are remembered by millions upon millions of others then it would seem that when certain people die they do not just becoming nothing. Certain people throughout history such as George Washington, Albert Einstein and several others are revered and remembered for all of their vast contributions to humanity. But we also fail to realize that to thousands if not millions of people these names mean absolutely nothing. There are countless amounts of societies in which the name Albert Einstein means absolutely nothing. And it will continue to mean nothing, just like it has meant nothing for a long time. In turn making all of his accomplishments and achievements mean nothing. So if even the greatest achievements such as creating fundamental laws of physics can be resorted to meaning nothing. Why bother doing anything? If at the end of the day anything we do will eventually mean nothing then why do something? As a society we aren't necessarily allowed to do nothing because then we are labeled words such as bum, lowlife and ne’er-do-well. All labels that are highly looked down upon by members in society. So if we aren't allowed to do absolutely nothing and we must do something why bother if it will mean nothing? Well consider the example of Einstein. Do you really believe that Einstein went through all the trouble and time that he devoted to figuring out many great discoveries in the field of physics for a mere medal that praises his accomplishments? Of course not. A man of his intelligence must have known and realized that any and all accolades he received would amount to nothing in the end. For no amount of awards, money or anything else will prevent death from coming. Einstein did all that he accomplished because he had a passion for physics. Physics meant everything to him. His something meant everything. And while his something amounted to nothing on the day of his death he passed away content knowing that the something he did meant everything to him. While everything we do will eventually amount to nothing. That isn't an excuse to not do something. Do something for yourself. Do it because you love it. Because it means everything to you. Whether you have to work two jobs to feed your children, or whether you have the chance to make music for millions of others. Do it because it means everything. Whether it means everything to you to write music. Or whether the two jobs you work are to feed the people that mean everything to you. Do something for the simple reason that it means everything. Not for the praise one may get from receiving a platinum record or the praise you may receive from your children. Do it because it means everything to you. For when the day comes for one to pass away and cease to exist remember that everything you did will mean nothing. Nothing at all. But while everything might mean nothing. Do something for those that mean everything. Because by doing nothing you are in turn doing everything. This article means nothing and will mean nothing to many but it means something to me. Which is why I am writing this because my everything is expressing myself through words. And if at the end of this passage you come to an epiphany and realize that you should do things because they mean everything and not for superficial reasons, then good for you but if it means nothing then that is completely okay as well. While this may or may not mean something to you it means something to me. And that is why I am doing something. My something is everything to me but I also know that at the end of the day my everything will mean nothing. For everything in life means nothing when it comes for us to pass away. We shouldn't just sit around and do nothing. But instead do something for a reason. For something means everything and everything eventually means nothing.

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