Hospital of Seven Teeth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Zach has been a patient at the Hospital of Seven Teeth for years now. The hospital is a government run facility that does tests on human for research in developing the human race to survive an apocalypse that has slowly been working its way to the human race and only the government knows about it. Depressed and numb from the painstaking tests that the terrible doctor Tom has preformed on him, he has given up on trying to escape this hell hole. That is until a new boy shows up, Nick.

Submitted: October 18, 2012

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Submitted: October 18, 2012




A scream or two echoes through the hall stirring a few patients out of their nightmarish dreams of terror. Zach’s eyes are already wide open and have been for the past few hours unable to sleep. He lays there on his stomach still as the dust on a shelf, if there was one in the room that is. A feathery blanket is draped over his shoulders. Sighing he moves to sit up. His bones squeak and creak with the smallest movement, a few even crack and pop in and out of place. Staring at nothing, seeing nothing, tasting the stale air and smelling the musty mold growing between the old paint peeling walls, which are most likely made of lead. The door clicks, opens and shuts quickly. A second click, the door locking. Tension suddenly between the two people in the room is so thick in the air you can taste it. A white coat stands there by the door; a tall, scrawny but menacing man stands in it.

“Good morning Zach,” the white coat said. The voice is familiar, doctor Tom. “How are you feeling?” Zach tenses even more the muscles in his shoulders twitch and his jaw clenches.

“Peachy.” He snarled back. Feathers actually ruffle and stick up with the skin tightening around them. Obvious that the two men have a bond of hate.

“ Well since you seem to be feeling alright and cocky I think we will be starting your testing again today.” Tom said with gliding his pen across the paper pinned down by the clipboard checking yes and no for a few things then sticking the pen back into it for safekeeping and sets the whole thing down. “ Now how are you really feeling? We have a lot planned for you for the next few weeks.” He smiled and pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose looking like a total dork. “Many things to progress this research.”

“How should I know, you’ve made me so numb over the years” Zach mumbled and pressed his wings closer to his back to hide himself desperately hoping that the doctor won’t touch him today. “and so what you’re really trying to say is that for the next few weeks I am going to be in complete hell? That’s wonderful news Tom.”

The doctor sighs, chuckles and stares at the jet black wings attached to his back. “ We could do so much worse to you.” He steps closer touching the top of his right wing and glides his hand down it. “This is a gift we gave you.Embrace it. Accept it. Love it.”

“ HAHA. You’re exceptionally funny today.” Zach throws the doctors hand off him and springs up to face him. His fists tight with anger ready to hit him. If only hitting him wouldn’t end up in him just being shoved into containment  for a few weeks with hardly any food or light. It might be worth it though, just to see his face covered in bruises and cuts, bleeding from his nose.

“You’ll have to eventually. You’re not leaving. No matter what your rank is in this building. Learn to love it. Like the rest of the nuts in this place.” Tom sighed and shook his head with a fading grin.

Zachs jaw twitched. “I’m not one of those lunatics! And you watch. I will leave. I am getting out of here.”  

“Keep dreaming. But alright it’s time to go now.” He pulls out a syringe and steps even closer to Zach feeling confident but brought two nurses just in case who are standing right outside the door who are listening carefully and intently.

Zach growls. “ Touch me and die.” Tom moved closer and Zach backed up hitting the wall. “ I will end you. I swear-“Suddenly Zach’s poked with the tip of the syringe and Tom injects it. “AUGH! YOU—“ About to cuss out the doctor and possibly sock him one in the throat Zach suddenly collapsed to the floor with a familiar thud. The fast acting drug took over his body and completely knocked him out with in a matter of seconds.


Zach faded to a dream like state, coming back, in and out now and then looking around seeing the doctor Tom. He looks a little younger. Zach tries to sit up but is held down by something he can't see. his arms tighten and muscles twitch.

“Where am I?” He mumbled. “Who are you?”  He looked directly at the tallest doctor. But none of the doctors or nurses say a thing to him. They only talk and mumble amongst themselves whispering and looking at a currently wingless younger Zach “What are you talking about?” Zach’s words are slurred and vision blurry. The only thing he can remember is going to school the morning before and then suddenly, nothing, and then this. He just realized all his clothing is off and the cold metal table burns his skin on his back. He struggles against the restraints grunting now trying to escape. “Let me go.” He says a bit louder. “Let me go!”

A quiet voice is suddenly in his ear, sounds almost like he was laughing. “Relax Zach. It will be over quickly.” This was a new voice to Zach. His eyes grew wider and wider realizing this is real and something terrible is happening.

“No! Let me go!” he struggles more and more his face turning and frustrated shade of pink.

“Let’s flip him on his stomach now.” The doctor ordered. Suddenly three big male nurses remove his restraints but keep him down and suddenly flips him and puts back on the restraints. Squishing Zach’s face digging it into the metal table. “Thank you. Let’s begin.” The doctor takes out a few surgical tools and syringes. “Can someone still hold him down? He is a bit wiggly.” The nurses’ return and make Zach as still as can be. The doctor takes a syringe with an extremely long needle end and sticks it into his back slowly pushing it in almost all the way and injecting the bright pink fluid. “First one in.” he explained to the other nurses and another female nurse jotted down some observations.

Zach screamed as the glowing liquid is slowly injected into him. “What are you doing to me!? Stop! Please!” His face pushed more down onto the metal table his teeth cutting into his cheeks and lips.

“It’s a gift. To you, from me. “The doctor calmly explained. “ You’ll know soon enough. Don't worry.” He smiled down at Zach and proceeded to stick another three needles into his back in specific places he previously marked.

With ever stick of the needle Zach screams, wailing louder and louder his eyes filling with salty yellow tears. The tears stream down his cheeks and hit the table forming a small mixture of spit, tears and blood from his teeth digging into his cheek and lips.

“Stop!” He begged. “Please!” It takes a lot for Zach to ask nicely.

So confused and in so much pain Zach goes almost limp, just breathing. In and out, in and out. Quickly and then slow, choppy huffing and inhaling the cold air of the operating room. In one last attempt he squirmed and tares at the restraints to get out. Grunting and groaning more and screaming one last time in defeat.

“See, that wasn't too bad now, was it?” The tall doctor said taking off his latex gloves and snapping them into the trash and sliding his coat off his lengthy arms. “The beginning is now over. We have a long road ahead of us though Zach. Get comfortable.” He snickered and leaves the room.

Zach wonders how he even knows his name. Questions hit him like a bus full of people hitting a brick wall, who was he? How did I get here? Where am I? What just happened?  The last thing he can remember is being at school. This isn't school. Trying hard to remember he gets a glimpse of walking home and being jumped by strange men then given an injection in his neck and then nothing but this. This cold room the smell of mold and the bright lights so intense that even if he closes his eyes and is facing the table he can see the light pink of his eyelids.


Zach’s eyes flash open in a panic gasping for air instantly. Pain rushed to his back. Gasping for air again but the thing called breathing never happens. Suddenly there is a pair of hands on his arm. Cold and small hands. His eyes dart and his body squirms in sheer panic, so many things happening at once and who the hell is touching him.

“ Shhhhh.” One of the small hands cover his mouth not knowing he can’t breathe already. Zach’s gaze connects with two eyes made like clocks. Tiny clock hands ticking in his eyes, miniature roman numerals circled around his pupils.“ I’m glad you’re awake finally!”

Zach rips the hand from his mouth and squirms away“Who are you? What are you? My room-ACK!” Suddenly his back arches and a lightning bolt of pain rushes up his back and down his spine. He groans and absently squeezes the stranger’s hand.

“My name is Nick.” His wide eyes stare at Zach and then down at their hands which Zach is gripping tightly. “They just put me in this room. I don’t know if it’s an experiment, or if I am your new roommate. Please don’t eat me if this is an experiment.” He said almost in a panic. Zach just blinks back at him and groans.

‘Eat him?’ Zach thinks, he knows there’s a lot of strange things in this hell hole of a building but does he really look that terrible? Did this experiment make him ugly? “I’m not going to freaking eat you. I’m not a cannibal.” Zach slowly sits up and tossing the new boys hands to the side wondering what they did to him this time the urge to know eating away at him. Maybe he has two sets of wings now. Or maybe they broke them again. Or a beak. He pushes the new kid away more and goes directly to the big mirror in his room. He knows that it’s just one of those fake windows, but he can see what they had done to him. Nick followed him quickly like a lost puppy.  

“Are those, real?” Nick asked almost frightened staring at his wings surprised and very much confused.

Zach stares at Nick. “You must be new here. Yes. They are real. They are a pain in the ass that’s what they are. Mutation. Tch.”

“They are pretty.” The new boy said almost in adoration.

Zach looks into the mirror again twisting his back slowly to see the damage. His eyes widen and spreads his wings out quickly sending feathers everywhere. “No...” His wings got bigger; the wingspan is at least two times the size as before.

“Wow.” nicks mouth hangs open and stares at the wings.

“Wow!? No! No, no, no!” Zach yells freaking out quite a bit his insides feeling like they were just twisted into a knot and then double knoted. “This is bad! They.. they're bigger! I can’t. How?” He falls to his knees and closes his wings back up tight ignoring the familiar pain.

Nick still looking very confused.” Do they hurt?” He frowns. Zach looks like hes about to cry and nods a little staring at the ground.  “I’m sorry. But to answer your question from before, I am kind of new. I don't even know how i got here.I hate it.”

Zach looks at nick and kind of sympathizes for the new kid. “Your eyes, they do that to you?”

“Yeah.” Nick said rubbing one of his eyes. “I don't know how though. I don't understand.”

“And you won't. Ever. We are stuck in here forever.” Zach said in defeat.


Zach looks back at nick. “Yes. There’s no way to escape. No one has, no one will.”

Nick's shoulders slump quickly. “Oh. I’ve heard of people getting out though.”

Zach laughs a little and covers his face more rubbing his face hard. “ Did you talk to Marie? Or her twin brother Frankie? Because they are crazy. So crazy they like it here.”

“Well don’t you think it's maybe possible? To leave?” Nicks eyes grew even more sad.

Zach laughs again and shakes his head. There really is no way out of this place. Everyone is stolen and damned. Tested on and thrown away. Treated like they are insane. And to the outside world they are. Hidden in a small town with a cover up of an insane asylum and run by the government. And all Zach knows is that if there was a way out, he would know about it and already be gone. Long gone.

“So, this is it?” Nick said very torn up.

“Yup.” Zach replied already almost over the fact that there is no way out whatsoever.

“But, it can't be. I mean a loop hole. Something!”

“There isn’t, new kid. Sorry.” Zach got back up and moved back to the bed resting his elbows on his knees and face in his palms.

“What if,” Nick sighed. “never mind.” He falls to the ground bringing his knees to his chest.

“What if what?” Zach asked.

Nick looks at Zach confused and sad as ever. Not too sure if he should tell him. “What if you flew out?” He said sadly.

“Not possible. They’d just shoot me down like a clay pigeon” Zach kind of chuckled. “There would have to be a way to occupy all the staff, or kill them. Some way to make them not see me.”

Nicks eyes brighten up a bit. “Like, stopping time? or slowing it down to the point where they move about one centimeter a second and we move normally?”

Zach scoffed. “Yeah something like that.”

Nick jumped to his feet and over to Zach. “I can do that though!” By this time Zach look extremely confused. Confused and thinking thoughts so quickly his eyes move back and forth so quickly it will probably give him a headache later. Were they really somewhat coming up with a plan to get out? This new kid Nick who he has known only for a few minutes are really scheming up to get the hell out of dodge? Zach stood up and started pacing. “I mean, I can. But I need the key. To wind up the clock.” Nick dug into his shirt and pulled out a stopwatch. The chain ran all the way up to his neck and went right into his skin looking like it is connected to his spine. Maybe even in his spine. “If I twist it backwards and it the top button clicker, it will slow down time for me. Or anyone I touch!”

“You’re lying.” Zach almost laughed. “ If that was possible we would be out of here right now.”

“Yeah. I guess. I would need the key anyway. That doctor named Tom has it.” Nick frowned again and once again both of their chances of getting out shriveled up like a prune.

“Well, it was an idea. But like I said there is no way to get out we are stuck, gone forever from the world. No more walking in parks or movies.” Zach slowly moved back to his hard bed and covered up in the thin sheet closing his eyes.

“Well I’d take you with me. If I ever got the key to do it.” Nick watched Zach with wide eyes still hopeful about that plan. Running it in and out of his mind different ways they could escape. Even if its a long shot. “ You seem nice. Nicer than anyone else in here. Everyone else is selfish and only for themselves. I don’t really know you but you seem like you actually, care.”

“I don’t know about that. But thanks anyway.” Zach was silent. The whole room was silent then suddenly both of them lingering on the tiny thought of the possibility of getting out. “You’re pretty nice too. For a new kid.” Zach almost smiled but the thought of the new kid being tested on more and being tortured till he becomes numb just like himself erased the smile completely.

For the rest of the night both of them talked about how nice it would be to get out. Swapping stories of the outside world. How things have changed, the color of the trees and buildings. Zach couldn’t remember as much because of how long he’s been there. He almost forgot about a few things that Nick reminded him of just increasing the want, the need to escape even more. During that night for the first time in the years of him being there, Zach made a friend. And then for the next few weeks between minutiae tests and free time the two became best friends and inseparable.

Like most of the time both of the boys just sat in their shared room and talked. Nick watched Zach for a while. “Penny for your thoughts?” He finally asked.

“I don’t think you have a penny, but sure.” Zach sat up from laying on his bed. “ I’m thinking about that plan to leave that you came up with when we first met.’

“Yeah? Well its next to impossible. You know that.” Nick kind of laughed. “You’re the one that told me that.

“I know but, what if it is possible?” Zach stared off into the distance daydreaming.

“ If it was possible? It would be amazing, exhilarating.” Nick joined Zach’s daydreaming zone. Suddenly The door slammed open and hitting the wall with a great slam. Both of them jumped and tensed up. Three large nurses waltz in looking like they are on a mission and head directly towards Nick all three armed with syringes filled with glowing liquid. Nick jumped up and backed up to the end of the room and is herded into a corner.

“ What do you want!? Leave him alone!” Zach yelled at the nurses. Another person walks into the room, a strangely tall person draped in a white coat.

“ Now Zach don’t yell at my nurses. They aren't here for you so don’t worry.”  The infamous doctor chuckled. Everyone gaze was suddenly shot to the doctor. “ All we want is Nick. We have breaking knowledge with his gift now and we plan to see if it actually works! He gets to be our lucky first contestant! Isn’t that great Nicky?” He smiled and looked directly at Nick.

“ NO!” Nick screamed terrified by what the doctor had to say now trembling with fear. Zach moved in between Nick and the nurses jutting his arms out to block them from getting him.

“ Pick someone else!” he squawked his voice cracking slightly. Tom laughed even harder at this.

“ So I see you grew to fancy your room mate. I guess I am out of 10 bucks then.” He takes out his wallet and hands 10 dollars to the nurse next to him. “ I bet that you would beat the pulp out of tiny Nick here!”

“ Shut up! I would never!” Zach screamed at the doctor and looked back and a terrified Nick whose eyes are swollen with tears.

“ Shh, Zach inside voices now” The doctor made a small wave at the nurses to signal to not waste anymore time. Suddenly all three nurses close in and pries Zach from in front of Nick and pushes Nick against the wall more trying to stick him with the syringe full of fluid. Nick wouldn’t allow it. He squirmed and kicked until  one was shoved out of the way and Zach jumped him. Wrapping arms around the nurse head and throwing them to the ground knocking the one out cold. The doctor sighed loudly and signaled another nurse to go and help.

“ LEAVE HIM ALONE.” Zach screamed even louder than before not obeying the inside voice rule. Getting angrier and angrier his face turning pink with frustration and furry.

His eyes dilated, squinted and his breathing choppy with jaw clenched tight so that the muscle twitches.

Tom sighed and rubbed his eyes under his glasses. “ Restrain him please.” He demanded. All the nurses then turned their attention to Zach and to pin him down and inject him with whatever concoction they made to calm all the patients down.

“ Get off of me!” He screeched and kicked, punched and thrashed. Nick watched in horror and within a few mins all the nurses are laying on the floor knocked out or dead, no one really knows. Zach stands over one of them still huffing air violently, fists clenched tight. He turns to the doctor and glares at him with such a glare that clearly stated no one was going to hurt his friend.

“ Now Zach,” the doctor sounded worried and backed up a few steps. “ don’t do anything stupid now.”

“ No one is going to hurt me or Nick anymore.” Zach barked at the doctor and stepped closer.  He lunged for the doctor and pinned him to the ground. The doctor squirmed quite helplessly and Zach wrestled the doctor to sit still. with a quiet metal klink a shiny golden key slid across the floor

“ Thats the key!” Nick yelled. “ The key to my clock!” Zach looked at the glistening gold thing laying 2 feet from both him and the doctor and lunged for it at the same time the doctor did.

“ Don’t you dare!” Tom yelled. Zach suddenly stood and held the key in his hand up high and looked at Nick.

“ Lets go!” Nick ran towards Zach grabbing his hand and pulling him out of their room. “ This is our chance!” Nick was quick to react and both of them sprinted down the hallway.

“Here quick use it!” Zach yelled at Nick and shoved the key into his chest to take it.

Nick took the key and quickly took out his clock put it in and twisted it making an unlocking sound. They turned down a hall and stopped. Just as they did, a clan of angry looking nurses started sprinting towards them and alarms sounded red lights buzzed around. He twisted the time backwards. “ Take my hand! Quick!” Nick grabbed Zach’s hand and pressed the top of the clock to activate it. They looked down the hall where the nurses are currently running to get them. But they look like they have stopped, or near to it. Like in a slow motion movie they ran. Even the alarms were slow with their sound.Nick and Zach looked at eachother still very much out of their own breath and  shocked with fear. Both of them smiled quickly.

“ Let’s go before something happens!” Zach said with a small laugh in his words. They started running again but this time down a different hall and towards the exit. They passed many other patients and doctors but they too moved like molasse. Down a few more halls they bursted through two large doors and the sudden gush of fresh air hit them but that didn’t stop them from running. They kept running for what seemed like a good part of an hour until they knew they were far enough from the dreadful place.

Without any words exchanged Zach opened his wings and hugged Nick from behind locking arms with him. “ Hang on.”  He said quickly and as soon as the words left his mouth both of them were off the ground, flying. Just like superman, almost. They flew all through the night only stopping when the sun started to show landing in a cut down cornfield. Both of them collapsed and just layed there for a few good minutes trying to relax from the exhilarating event that just happened. Zach looked at Nick and laughed. Nick joined in a second later

“ We made it.” Nick said between his bursts of laughing. “ You are definitely my hero Zach.”  Nick smiled wide. “ Thank you. for kicking their butts and saving me. They probably would have killed me that test. I don’t think I could take anymore.”

“ Anything for my best friend. You saved me too. It wasn't just me that got us out of there you know.” Zach smiled so wide it hurts just realizing that he’s free. He stands up and looks at the green trees, birds flying by catching mornings breakfast and the building roof tops in the far distance. “ This is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen.”  He looked at Nick then, wanting to go closer to the city. “ Come on, let us enjoy our freedom.” He held his hand out to nick who was still sitting on the ground. Nick took his hand with pride and pulled himself up and they slowly made their way to the city enjoying every bit and taste of sweet freedom.

© Copyright 2020 MisterJennaSir. All rights reserved.

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