Mister True goes to see the FBI guy.

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This is a parody of an encounter that I had with a FBI agent that was unwilling to investigate the illegal activities of two of the wealthiest men in Ventura County Calif.

Who had liability for the longterm, massive, toxic chemical contamination of the ground water in west Oxnard, Calif. That they failed to report. Because they were seeking to avoid paying the tens of millions of dollars that it would cost them to correct the problem.

Submitted: March 24, 2007

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Submitted: March 24, 2007




Mister True went to see the F.B.I. guy.
Who immediately suspects that True is Lie.
Because True was looking kind of rough.
Doing battle with Lie can be pretty tough.

So the F.B.I. guy decides to call up Lie.
To ask if he really did just have a conversation with Mister True.
This evidently being the sort of thing that these F.B.I. guys do.

So Lie is told that the F.B.I. guy isn't quite sold, on what True had said, that he half heard.
To him, it had sounded very absurd.

But, True would expect that he would at least check. And see for himself, if Lie had somehow managed to stack the deck. Or something else equally sly.

Where upon Lie lied. As that is what Lie is best at doing.
Saying; "No! Oh no! What he is saying isn't so."
"You have my word." Lie adds to his un-trueing
"If this was True, I'd tell you so." Said Lie.
reminding the F.B.I. guy how far back that the F.B.I. and Lie go.

At this time, reassured that no crime
or suspects prime, were to be found beside
or around, Lie and his interests.The F.B.I. guy apologizes to Lie. for the trouble that True has caused Lie.
And by and by.

Mister True returned and quickly learned that the F.B.I. thought that True was Lie.
Or at the very least, this was thought by this one F.B.I. guy.

How many more F.B.I. thought it as well?
Not even True could tell.

So Mister True, point by point, without getting his nose out of joint, went from exhibit A, to B, to C, to D. Using logic and reason expertly.
Making it obvious, except to the most oblivious,
that Lie most foul was stinking up the area.

But the F.B.I guy, (don't ask me why)
cannot be unconvinced that True wasn't Lie. But he promises to go see Lie once more. Though he didn't know what for.

So once again, the same as back when this F.B.I guy first went to see Lie.
The fact is, the F.B.I. guy was just a lot more comfortable with Lie than with True.And the F.B.I. guy wondered why he wondered why? When all he had to do was ask Lie, to get any answer he needed to hear. Usually when they were by themselves.
So no one else would hear.

Thats when Lie told the F.B.I. guy:

"I have word on this guy,saying True is his name. It's sad. He's really not to blame.
Poor man's had it rough. His mental stuff has suffered greatly. Mostly lately. From maladies and traumatic extremes. He's not what he seems. But hey! Who is?" Said Lie.
To the F.B.I. guy.

"It's oh so horrible! It really is.
His brain is like a can of soda, that has lost its fizz! His marbles? Lost! His hardwiring? Crossed! His brain salad? Tossed! He's a psych case! And the place for him Jim, is a padded cell. At the "Madness Hotel." http://hotel.It It's even been certified that his mind mush won't gel. This man's not well."

The F.B.I. guy said to Lie; "It was kind of amazing how everything he said, sounded even more true than the straight from the horses mouth info that I get from you.""Yes." Said Lie. "It isn't always easy to tell, who is lying." Said in a rare moment of truth.
The Lie was slick! There's no denying.

Then the Lie followed through. Saying; "Now you know he wasn't True. Like I am with you." "Honestly!" Said Lie.
"Good enough for me!" Said the F.B.I. guy.

Now he can close this case. And he could of.
Except, that he never really opened one.
And probably never would of.

For even if he totally knew, that Mister True was being true.
How would that help him? Or me? Or you?

Nobody ever said the F.B.I guy was dumb. He could tell this mess was a kind called "zero sum."

"No way." Said the F.B.I. guy. "I'm not getting down off this fence, on either side, in any ones defense. Request denied! I'm not gonna get my professional pancakes fried. Just to find out who is True?
That would be a very foolish thing to do."

So Lie, is now known as True.
And True is now known as Lie. And the F.B.I. guy, is still known as the one who doesn't know.
Who is True. Or what to do.

And so it goes.
When lie is believed, confusion grows.

At least around here.
I hope this has helped to make that clear.

This is how it went down.

"Well, pretty close." Said Mister True.

"No it isn't!" Said Lie.
Lying, as lie is want to do.

"Probably not. But maybe so. Hell, I don't know! I gotta go."
Said the F.B.I. guy.

With him, went the chance of helping what was true, make it's way to you.

Now, without Justice;

True gets thinner.
Lie grows fatter.

And the F.B.I. guy will be promoted. (For how quickly he washed his hands of the matter.

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