Discrimination and Free Speech Violation

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Free speech violation, discrimination, censorship and harassment.

Submitted: December 10, 2012

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Submitted: December 10, 2012



I have a blog on gmail and Face Book has been harassing me, disciminating against me, censoring me and violating my freedom of speech. Here is the really good part of all of this and that is Face Book allows treasonour/polictial things to be posted on there, child porn , voilent/sexual content and this is supposed to be a family oriented site as there are many parents and their kids or grandparents and their grandkids who use this iste and Face Book fins violent/sexual content, child porn and treasonous polictal crap totally acceptable but what I write in my opinons or any of my writings is objectionable and unacceptable and in none of my writings have I ever said anything treasonous, pornogrpahic, erotic or threatening. Yet here I am being censored and my right to free speech is being violated unjustly while others including Face Book get away with censoring me and violating my right to free speech. This is also out right discrimination and cace Book has been singling me out and harassing me and threatening me, threatening to shut my account down while allowing disugsting crap such as sexual/violent content, treasonous poilitical crap and child porn on there. I have been violated, harassed, censored, discriminated and threatened by FB. I along with many friends I know have been threatened by FB for simply adding friends. I can understand that for people who are under the age of 18, but this is ridiculous for those of us who are over the gage of 18. Most of use also add friends to network to find work.



Imagine if your local news stations or news papers or magazines were censored you would never be able to read what is going on in the world or in entertainment . 
Our forefathters created the US Constitution to ensure those very rights to us and yet our government is allowing these violations to go on and too many people are being cowards about it and not speaking out against this. Someone who ever is in charge of things like FB shoult either shut them down or enforce our first ammendment rights and also get them on threates as well. We all have a right to our opinions, but things such as treasonous ploitical things, sexual or violent content or child porn should not be allowed on that site or sistes like it. It is to the point that alledgelly people are contacting google saying that what I write is objectionable and I have never written anything with threats, treasonous, pornographic/erotic. Our society is really sick to accept treasonous, violent/sexual content and child porn as acceptable and yet my writings are not. What puzzles me is that people who used to believe in the right to free speech are all for violating it. Imagine if the news papers, or your local news stations, radio stations or magazines were censored or being done like I have been you would never get any information, or be able to listen to your favorite music. Not only has my right to free free speech been violated but my freedom of the press to publish. I am writing this article to edcuate you and show you what is really going on and maybe perhaps you will do something to protect your write to publish and your right to speak and get things such as sexual/violent content, child porn and treasonus political things shut down and to stop place such as FB from bullying and threatening people such as myself. Face Book (FB) has been doing this and getting aways with is and they need to be taught a lesson in free speech, and freedom of the press and they need to be criminally prosecuted for allowing sexual/violent content, treasonous political spoutings and child porn on there. It is no wonder our society is the way it has become and people are complaining about how our kids are growing up as violent, sexual preditors or terrorists. So I call all of you who do not want to be censored or have your rights violated or who do not want sexual/violent content or child porn on places like FB to do soemthing about it like write your congress man/woman. Thanks. Have a happy holiday season and a happy new year.

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