To My Late Mother: Happy Mother's Day

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This is a poetic letter to my late mother who died on 12/10/2011 from heart failure and dementia. She was not only my mother but my very best friend with whom I could talk to about anything. She was a good woman with a beautiful heart and soul. I love and miss her very much and every year her loss doesn't get any easier and her loss has been very hard on me.

Submitted: May 08, 2012

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Submitted: May 08, 2012



I know you had to go, but I miss you so. You were always my hero and I can only hope to be half the mother that you were to me. You mean

the world to me and forever in my herat you will always be. You were sweet and loving with a kind heart, you were patient, tolerant and you never judged.

You loved me unconditionally and you accepted me even though you didn't agree or like some things thta I was into or enjoyed. You let me be me

and many times you told me how very proud you were of me and the woman that I have become. I know we has some really bad fights and

we said some things that we shouldn't have and that we regret, but your death has left a huge hole in my herat. I've lost not only a hero, the

world's greatest mother, but my very best friend and you loved me right up to the very end. I love and miss you so, I'm sad that you had to go.

I wished you were here to be with me when JT and I marry. This Mother's Day is the hardest for me as I'll never again be able to take you out to 

brunch, give you home made cards, or just spend time with you like we used to do or have our tea/coffee clutches like we used to have.


My future children will never meet you or know you the way that I did, Fred will never meet the woman who saved hislife and I know that if you could've you would've stayed here with

me, but the Gods/Goddesses needed you more than me. Mom always remember me and never forget me as I'll never forget you. I always think of you, you'll always remain in my 

#1 with me and in my heart for you were the first and only mother right from the start, from the day I was born. I LOVE YOU MOM hAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

MOM,  My Little Yellow Ducky, The Duchess!!!!!



Love always,

Your daughter,


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