Harry Potter Fanfiction... Requirments

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SO this is one of my first fanfiction and I decided to show you guys. It is about Harry and his friends trapped in a the room of requirments.

Submitted: May 12, 2014

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Submitted: May 12, 2014



"This way", said Harry as he tried to find the passage. "Are you sure Harry? Without your glasses aren't you… well blind isn't the right word… hmm well isn't your
vision blurry?, said Hermione. "Yes I am absolutely sure!", said Harry while his impatience was overwhelming him." Harry there's the door.", said Luna in her
usual dreamy voice. When they came out Hermione reconized where they were." Harry isn't this the-", she was cut off by Collin Creevey. "The Whomping Willow!", exclaimed Collin. "Harry run!", shouted Ron. They ran faster than they ever did before, and found themselves in a dark room without any doors or
windows. "Harry how did we get in if we can't get out?", asked Neville. "This is the room of requirements. We came here to practice defence against the dark arts
with the DA last year remember guys?", said Hermione.
Susan Bones suddenly heard a clicking noise. "Not to alarm you but do you hear that sound? It's coming from over there." She pointed a door that suddenly
appeared. They all gaped it was death eaters followed by "Lord Voldemort. I should have known it was you!", said Harry. If you're going to kill Hrry you have to
go through us.", said Hermione. Voldemort answered with a chuckled and said with a calm voice" No only one will die today." He glared at Harry who was furious
and angry. BANG! There was a loud thud from behind them and there stand Tonks, Lupin, Mad eye and Sirus who was followed by DUmbeldore. "Sorry to
disappoint you but you're the one who is going to die today." , said Dumbeldore.
Lord Voldemort
"Hahaha you think you can beat the dark lord well your wrong." Said Voldemort and disappeared into thin air along with his death eaters. "Where did he go? Where is Voldemort?!", exclaimed Lupin and his temper rising. "Calm down honey.", said Tonks. "This place is a trap, I saw it in one of my dreams.", said Harry.
"How do we get out!", shouted Collin. "COLLIN CALM DOWN!", Ron shouted at Collin. Susan began crying"Oh come on now it's going to be fine we will get out
soon won't we professor?", said Collin while Dumbeldore nodded and Collin brush Susan's hair with affection. "We are going to die.", muttered Luna. Harry went
over to comfort his girlfriend Luna and hugged her tightly. "Well I have a confession to make… I am pregnant.", said Tonks. "Really? Congratulations!", said
Hermione. "I have confession too. Collin I like you.", said Susan and Collin gave her a kiss.
"Wait there's a lock right well move over. Bombarda! The door opened. "Hermione sweetheart why didn't you think of this before.", said Ron. Hermione shrugged.
Then they saw Voldemort standing in front of them. "Well I see you got out now let's so you get killed.", said, Voldemort. He dueled with Dumbeldore while
everyone else took on the death eaters and they killed the all. Fortunately Dumbeldore killed Voldemort.
The End
Afterwards the school had a huge ball and Dumbeldore made sure all the death eaters were in Azkaban or never to be seen again. Harry took Luna to the ball,
Ron took Hermione, Collin took Susan and Neville surprisingly took Pansy Parkinson to the ball. Luna wore a baby blue coloured gown with flowers on them,
Hermione had a bright red gown on with beautiful flowers in her hair, Susan had a green dress on and Pansy had a pretty yellow dress. They danced all night
with relief and happiness. The dance felt endless to them and they all had happy dates to dance with. "Having a great night.", said Ron. "Never better.",
answered Hermione.


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