Character Contest: Laura

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just thought it'd be fun to enter. I have a story behind her, but I'll save that for another day.

A/N: the audio book, is my favorite song ever! Listen if you want. You really don't have to. 
-Misty  :)
Name: Laura Alice Van Trapp
Meaning: In English, the name Laura means- The laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory. It is an old name with many variants.
Origin of Name: English
Age: Will be 16 until her second-death
Sex: Female
Religion: Jewish, which wasn’t too good in Nazi-invaded Austria.
Personality: Outgoing, if she weren’t a ghost she would say hello to everyone she met. She is a true friend; she’ll happily give up her afterlife for anyone. Although she doesn’t live anymore, her spirit is a lively force that you wouldn’t want to mess with. Standing up for anything she believes in, many other ghosts look up to her.
General Looks: light brown hair with streaks of bright gold. Her eyes are bright green. She was slightly tall for her age at death. Toned, but not buff and extremely skinny.
Hobbies: Dancing is her life, from day to night. The only things she stops for are food and family time.
Abilities: As can any ghost, she can go through walls, but be solid when she wants to. And she can only be seen when she wants to be, she is invisible to other ghosts if she has to be. All ghosts have a secret power. They all know of two spirits’ abilities, there owns, and Maximillion’s. Laura’s ability is undiscovered, and she needs to find out before Max does.
Friends: Casper Aarons another ghost, a year older than Laura, their friendship blossoms into a little more than friends. Sophie Morrison, a ghost of only eight, she is one of the first war casualties.
Enemies: Maximillion, known only by his first name, he runs the mansion where Marie lives. He is dedicated to take the secret ability of the young ghosts before they realize it themselves. Katharina Parsons was Laura’s employer before Laura died. Then Laura found out she was a ghost the whole time! Katharina recruits young ghosts for her husband in life, Maximillion.
Date of Birth:June 27, 1924
Date of Death: March 10, 1940
How She Died: her ghost employer slipped her poison in her sleep.
Likes: She is in love with dancing. When she was young, her father taught her swan lake. Even in the lifts, he would hold her high and not drop her. She loved the feeling of his strong arms gently putting her on the ground and then lifting her up again. She spends most of her time dancing outside the mansion. She also has a passion for what we would call human rights.
Dislikes: Hates the war, strongly believes that Hitler’s idea’s and theories are preposterous. She has MAJOR issues with Max. according to her, he’s nothing but bad news. She hates that she can’t find out her own ability, let alone anyone else’s.
Background: She had a good life, a fairly large family. She was never lacking especially in playmates with 4 sisters and 6 brothers, but none of them were spoiled. Her Mother and Father were Jewish, and took their family to Synagogue every Saturday. After the Nazi’s took over Austria, life became miserable. Her Father lost his job, and they struggled to pay rent. When the offer came for Laura to work in a mansion in the countryside, they saw it as an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. They didn’t expect that their oldest child would send home barely enough money, and in the end, wouldn’t come home at all.
Picture: Laura stood a good 5’7” tall. She had a good toned body, not extremely muscular. Her death clothes (the clothes you were wearing when you died i.e. bloodstained, torn to shreds, covered in shrapnel…) were her favorite dancewear. It consisted of a snow white long sleeved leotard, and white tights. they were the most comfortable things she had ever worn. On top of the basics, she had a knee length skirt that was the same hue as the Alps. On top of her leotard she wore a pale blue short sleeved sweater. She had fallen asleep in it when she died. Her dirty blonde hair fell to the middle of her back when she didn’t pull it back into a classic dancers’ bun. Her eyes were such a bright green, that she could blind you when the sun hit them just right.
Family: She has 10 siblings, being the oldest she always had to watch them. Tabatha was 15 when Laura died. She was closest to Laura. Next there was 13-year-old Luke, a complete flirt who liked to try his moves on his sisters first. Tyrell was 12 and was completely absorbed with sports. Jenna and Sara were twins; they were 9 when Laura died. Jacob was a typical 8 year old, running around the house annoying everyone. Samuel was just like his older brothers in the fact that he was a brunette. Other than that, he was painfully shy. The one hit hardest from Laura’s passing, was her 5-year-old sister, Ruth. Ruth looked up to Laura very much, and without her there, Ruth was becoming influenced by the Nazi posters, and began to trash talk Jews in front of her family. It became the one thing that saved her life when the Ghetto officers asked her if her family was Jewish. Lastly, there was three-year-old Dennis, who grew up without a dancing sister. Her parents were desperate when Laura died, they had almost no money for food or rent. What saved them was Tabatha’s marriage to a wealthy German officer, who secretly helped Jews.
Live: Laura first started at the mansion as a maid. Then Katharine realized that she was smarter than the other girls her age. Laura was promoted to an apprentice scientist. All the while she was working there, the other maid girls knew there were ghosts, and Laura thought that there were simply a lot of people who worked at the mansion. She lived there for 6 months and always, sent home steady pay checks. She loved the gardens, and the creeks on the edge of the property when she died, she learned there was much more to the mansion than what was lead on.

Submitted: February 03, 2011

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Ooooh, very interesting! I love reading about WW2, as its heat point was near my country.
I really like how you've thought this through!
A ghost! That's such an original idea! OMG - the things you can do with a ghost! Amazing!
Uh... In case you were wondering, I'm helping kkolivia with ideas for the novel :)
I'm sure this character will fit right in!
xx Paige

Sat, February 5th, 2011 2:32pm


thnx, i really appreciate the comments you leave.
-Misty :)

Sat, February 5th, 2011 8:19am

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