A Love story, that goes wrong.




Part One

Summer Break


Every school days starts off with an alarm clock buzzing, and usually ends with the idea of school the next day, but today is different, it's the last day of Sky’s sophomore year. This school day is ending with the thought of her and Alex spending every moment together this summer.

Sky said goodbye to my mom, and walked outside to catch the bus, but instead, found Alex waiting in his 97' Chevy Blazer. Their song was playing, and as always, Sky had butterflies in her stomach.

"Hey babe?" says Alex. "Are you ready for summer?"
"Of course, I get to spend it with you.” she said with a smile. "Why, are you nervous?"
"Nervous, about what?" Alex said, with a huge grin. "I bet your nervous . . . look up."

They’d been driving the whole time, and reached a destination. When Sky looked up her eyes became huge ,Alex brought her to the spot of their first date. Sky stepped out of the car, and went to sit on the edge of the cliff to look over the city. Alex sat next to her, and it suddenly seemed perfect.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Alex said "But not as beautiful as you." he leaned over and gave Sky a kiss. "There's only one problem," she said, while checking the time. "Were going to be late for school"

Alex stood up, grabbed her hand, and helped her up. They got in the car, and they were off to school. They made it to first period just in time. When lunch time came Sky stood in line for her lunch, and she couldn't find Alex. She went and sat at their lunch table with their friends Lily, Gabe, Ty, and Cheyenne. Sky sat and talked all lunch Period, but couldn't get rid of this strange feeling that something was wrong.

The last bell of the school year rang, and when Sky approached her locker, she found Alex standing there. Sky slowed her walk, and when she reached her locker, she hesitated, thinking of what to say. Then finally Alex says. . .

"I'm sorry about lunch, I got a call in 3rd period, I had to leave and. . ." he hesitated "Pick up my little sister from school, it was an emergency, she ate something she was allergic to."

Sky sat there for a minute wondering why Alex paused in his sentence. Sky knew he was lying, but she wasn't sure if she wanted to know why. Alex never lied to her before, so she knew that there had to be a good reason for him to do it, so Sky ignored her feeling of something being wrong. .

"It's alright, as long as you were thinking of me the whole time" Sky closed her locker and turned to give Alex a kiss, but he was gone. She went out to the parking lot, and found him sitting in his car.

"What took you so long?" he asked as his head stuck out the window.

"I thought you were waiting for me? You were talking to me one minute, and when I replied, you were gone." Sky said this in complete confusion; she couldn’t understand what was going on. "Why'd you leave me at my locker?"

"I told you I was coming to the car and that I'd be in the parking lot waiting for you, didn't you hear me Sky?" she didn’t remember him telling her that he'd be waiting in the car, what was going on?

"Sorry, I must have been zoned out" Sky told him "Are you still taking me home?"
"Yeah, of course" Alex said. "Hop in"

They pulled up to Sky’s house, and he stopped her from getting out.

"Sky, wait, I'm sorry we didn't get to spend our last day of school together. I love you, and I'm gonna make it up to you. In 2 weeks, on Saturday, I’m taking you to dinner"

"Alex, it's fine, I'm fine, you don't have to do that. I know you love me, and I love you too." she said to him, suddenly forgetting the weird day at school.

"Nope. No if's, and's, or but's about it. I'm taking you out."

"Okay, I love you Alex. I have to go now, but I'll see you soon."

She gave Alex a kiss and headed inside.











Part Two

Something Missing



It's been a week since Sky's seen Alex. They use to talk everynight, but since he skipped out on her in school, not so much. She tried to forget that day, but trying to forget is always remembering.

"Hey Sky, can you watch your little brother and his friends for the night? I have a late night at work and I'll very much appreciate it." Sky's mom asked as she hurried to get ready for work.

"Sure mom, it's no problem." Sky told her

She sat in the living room with her brother Josh and his 2 friends. During their movie, her phone rang. It was Alex.

Sky: "Hello"

Alex: "Hey Sky, I have a question..."

Sky: "What's going on Alex?"

Alex: "Just answer this question. . will you always love me?

Sky: "Of course, just tell me what is going on, I can never love anyone more than i love you."

Alex: "it's nothing Sky, I just wanted to hear you say that. I love you more than you can ever imagine....."

He hung up. Sky becomes confused, why has he been acting like that?

 *phone vibrates* New Message.

"Hey I'm sorry I hung up, I'll see you next saturday <3"

She doesn't know what to think. All she knows is that Alex is lying.

Josh: "Whats going on between you and Alex, your always so happy together?"
She didnt know how to answer that, so she went up to her room. She tried to think if she really knew an answer to that question.

Sky woke up to 2 missed calls from her mom. When she called back, her mom told her Alex was in the hospital.

Her heart sank.

Sky: "are you serious?!? no, mom, why? what happened? is he okaay?

Mom: "Sky calm down, he's fine, he's just a little beat up, i think you should come down here as soon as possible"

Sky: "a-alright, I'll be down in a few minutes."

Lily and Ty gave Sky a lift to the hospital, they decided to go see him together. When they reached his room he wouldn't speak of what happened. He kept saying it was no big deal, but Sky could tell he was lying again.

Alex: "Lily, Ty, can I speak to Sky alone?"

Lily & Ty: "Sure, we'll be in the car, okay Sky?"

Sky: "Alright. See you guys inna few."

She was nervous to be alone with Alex, but she was determined to find out what was going on.

Alex: "Listen Sky, I know I've been acting different lately, and i want to tell you why."

Sky couldn't wait to hear his reason for acting different lately.

Sky: "Okaay Alex, I'm Listening."

Alex: " My parents and I. . . were moving."

Sky's heart sank.

Alex: "That's why i had to leave school, and that’s why I haven’t talked to you much, it hurts to think that I will have to leave you, and that’s also why I’m in here, I got into an argument with my stepdad and things went bad. But I want you to know that I'm still taking you on our date Saturday. Okay?"

Sky: "I-I... I umm, I don't know what to say..."

Alex: "don't say anything about me moving; just say you can't wait until Saturday."

Sky: "I can't wait until Saturday. . ."







Part Three

The Date.



"Sky!" her mom yelled from the bottom of the steps "Alex is in the driveway!"

"On my way!" Sky yelled as she finished up her hair and makeup.

She walked down the steps excited to see Alex, things have been going back to normal ever since their talk in the hospital.

When sky walked outside she noticed that Alex looked different, he looked as if something was wrong, way wrong. There was more to his story than she thought.

Once she got into his car she noticed that the well kept car had developed a bad stench, and became very messy. Alex was still wearing the same clothes he was wearing when Sky saw him in the hospital

What was going on?

Sky was staring out the window in silence, when she noticed Alex passed the restaurant.

Sky: "Alex you passed the restaurant."

Alex: "I know"

Sky: "Where are we going?"

Alex: "Listen Sky, these guys were going to kill my family, unless I killed someone for them.. they want me to kill you Sky!"

Sky: "...."

Alex: "I promised them I would, and I keep my promises, but it's hard for me to hurt you... If you die then I have nothing to live for. so....."

At that moment Alex switched over to the other side of the road, car horns beeping, people screaming, and Sky crying.

Alex:"Sky I LOVE YOU" Alex grabbed her hand. "If I have to kill you, then I'm dying with you."

Alex's car hit a ramp, and spun through the air as Alex starred at Sky. Sky's eyes remained closed the whole time, until she felt the car stop, when she opened her eyes she saw Alex unconscious.

Sky smelled gas, and she hoped that it wasn’t what she thought. She looked back, and to her horror she seen the back of the car flowing dark black smoke. Sky’s fingers were still locked between Alex’s. She started to freak out, trying to wake Alex up, but he wouldn’t come through, the smell was getting hurt, and Sky was beginning to feel the heat. When Sky started to see fire, she gave Alex a kiss whispered in his ear that she loved him, and unlocked their fingers. Sky struggle to get out of the car, when she finally got out, she noticed her leg had been cut. Sky limped away from the car as far she could get, and the explosion knocked her to the ground.

Sky: I can never love anyone more than i love you, Alex...

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Sat, April 14th, 2012 5:41pm


i LOVE your story so much, i only read the first part but it was so mysterious and romantic at the same time! i love that, keep it up, and i'll read part 2 as soon as i can

Sat, April 14th, 2012 5:43pm


Thank you. Tell me what you think when you finish it, okaay.?

Sun, April 15th, 2012 10:14pm

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