Where my heart lies

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Tell me your thoughts. This was random improv after nine hours of baby sitting, so it isn't th best of poems, but...yeah.

Submitted: February 02, 2013

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Submitted: February 02, 2013



In my inner eye, I see

Prizmatic skies, A forest green

the sparks shall fly in the nightmare's turf,

And waves fall in at the water type's surf.

the snow spinns round in the ice domain,

in my world there is strength, not pain.

 as air elementals take to the skies, 

I vow to never make another tear cried.

The dawn draws close,but the moon shines bright

an eerie melody sung into the night-

of wolven howls and phoenix cries

the love and hatered, such great divides

Katrasen, where my heart belongs,

I soon join in with they're beautifull calls.


But my eyes snap open, resigned I see

The crulest dream- reality.

Soon shall this path come to an end,

after many 'a turn and bend

A fork to the left, and also to right-

back to the real world, It takes quite a fight.

But now i wish I had stopped at the bend,

Taken the right, and dreamed again.

for in my soul lies this desire,

a shattered peace, a burning fire

I turn around, to fix this hole, 

and now the howls say "welcome home".




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