My Best Friend Is Jesus

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I am trying to live my life right with the Lord. I have been reading my bible and I feel the Lord closer with me
every day. It is true the Lord is our best friend.

Submitted: February 11, 2007

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Submitted: February 11, 2007



Footsteps repeat.
Sin retreats.
Lessons prevail.
Demons seep.
Enemies deceive.
Words, a numb sea
when the ones around
you can't be trusted to

Delicate and warm
inside the beauty.
Love frosts with time's
empty shell.
Voices are heard
but no life to Christ

I read the bible
and I feel God's
Broken and weak
inside I need something
to give me a rush
and not to be afraid
anymore because I can't
be broken again I am
already beyond repair
the soul can't die it
just sheds a lonely tear.

The devil tries to break
you when you get closer
to the Lord he makes you
feel like a dead tree without
rain inside the sad shallow earth.
But you keep going only the Lord
will guide the way to leave you
under the sunset and toward
the eyes for a better day.

We may not have people around
that treats us right leaves us
feeling empty with no wounds left
to fight.
Just ask Jesus to be with you
and don't run away it is his promise
that keeps us alive the tears start
to decay to faith.

Open your heart when
you need a friend the only
one is Jesus with you through
spirit, a guide, and a friend.

Thank you Jesus for loving me!

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