Legend of The Noiraph

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: House of Ghosts
At the age of eleven, Draven became the sole heir to the DuMaurier household when his family was murdered by a renegade angel. That night he swallowed the bloods of a vampire and demon then becomes their disciple in order to avenge his family. Now nineteen, Draven finally takes his place as the young lord of the DuMaurier nobility in daylight while at night, he's an assassin awaiting the day he will face his enemy.

Adelaide Hepburn is a beautiful sixteen year old who spent most of her life learning art and etiquette in preparation for marriage into nobility. But unfortunate for her, Adele has already given her heart to a young man who is rather unwilling to fight for her hand so she is left with two unwanted suitors, one of them wants her to satisfy his greed while the other seeks her to soothe his vanity.

This just the copyright statement, sorry for the misleading summary and title.

Submitted: March 07, 2016

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Submitted: March 07, 2016



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Reasons I won't allow fanfiction based on this work.

1. Inequality

I know that if I do allow fanfics based on my stories, there is bound to be one that will morph only the female characters as the villains/bitches of the story and honestly, I wouldn't be at all happy with the idea that my heroines are in a fanfic in which they are judged and rejected by everyone they loved.

2. Fake Fans and Fanbrats

I would think that if anyone really liked my stories, they wouldn't feel the need to change it. Plus most of fanfictions I came across, had the most hateful authors.

3. Because I'm an asshole

I should mention that there is this part of me that wants to piss off any fangirl (or anybody) who hates my female characters and add fuel to the fire by depriving them of permission to write a fanfiction or should I say hatefiction, about them. :P

I sincerely apologize for the misleading of the this content but I shall make it up to you by writing the prologue script, until then look forward to it. :)

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