my suicide note

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic


To who it may concern hi my name is danny
If you are reading this im dead put plz don't judge me
When you done reading this plz 4 get me
9Now im about 2 give you a lil piece of me
I am unwanted;dead 2 the human eye
Lost my my heart 2 the devilyet
Im still alive
I shout to my self plz plz take away my agany
But how can I leave pain
When pain married me
Trouble followz me
Itz my personal stalker
My blade glued 2 me
My personal lover
Blood drippin; I need it like water
Thinking of a million wayz 2 make my life shorter
Sweat dripz; im not nerveous
Just anxious to get it over with
Imagineing me... laying on the beach,water to my knees with my throt slit
My blood flowz into the ocean
Therefore I create the red sea
So the whole world remembers me
Life raped me; god taped me
.down. 2 a chair as my soul escaped
Im empty
Lost in the valley of death
Fuck the world I have nothing left
But im still stressed;the thoughtz of it consumes me
Family dead 2 me all they did was use me
Friendz lost @ sea all they did waz abuse me
God abandoned me
The devil laughs @ me
Angelz mock me
While demonz cry 4 me
I feel like every one punching bag
Don't feel sad; im happy
I escaped the pain
I cry no more , cuz my tears burn like acid rain
I couldn't take the pain
I coukldnt afford 2 stay
So I woke up 4 10 09 and took my life away
I got pushed to a point I don't wanna stay
I don't wanna run away
I wanna die so I stay away
Because there's been day im so sick I puke up my heart and poke it with a stick
I put it in someonez handz and they run away with it
I got tired of living a life I never wanted
Im tired of living a lie that every 1 took part in
Weed coulnt help it just stalled my pain
Other drugz diddnt matter they all the same
So ima leave you on a note that
I really didn't wanna live
I wanted a kid
But not 2 live in the world im living in
Ppl alwayz gave me a choice between
Life and death
I choose death
Lifechangeing death
Ps I never felt more

Submitted: June 15, 2009

© Copyright 2021 misunderstood child. All rights reserved.

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